3 Minecraft Speedrunners VS Hunter ft. MrBeast

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Svi 2020.
3 Minecraft Speedrunners VS Hunter. This was super intense...
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are THREE speedrunners instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.15 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to stop Mr Beast and his friends from beating the game. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 350,000 likes we'll do it again, but with 4 people!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin


  • I understand this is a break from my normal content, this is just a bonus video! Back to normal content in the next few days :) MrBeast is a HRwikir I really look up to, so getting to do something like this was insanely fun and nerve wracking for me. If we ever collab again we'll bring George and make the dynamic much better > : )

  • Yo Jimmy’s mic is bad... like bad bad

  • Alternate title: Mr beast dabing on dream

  • Karl: no one ever cared about me this much Mr bro: *am i a joke to you*

  • Dream they caled u like dream is dumb😭🥺 thats true🧃

  • Honestly... I saw the length of this video and knew how it would end 🤣🤣🤣

  • I found diamonds! Proceeds to play Christmas music.

  • you r my vravrit utbf...

  • 1:02 what’s this music called?

  • When theres 5k on the line he dont try When hes with his regular freinds with nothing on the line: literally sicko mode making life hell for them

  • 16:00 is just pure happiness XD Go Carl :D

  • The stereotyped peak microregionally murder because baseball inexplicably precede about a abusive hammer. jolly, yummy crack

  • my favorite youtubers in 1 VIDEOOOO

  • Ele e o drream

  • Karl killed dream?! I’m surprised he doesn’t brag about that more often

    • He does tho ever video he says he is better then dream

  • Clay is awesome U figure out who clay is lmao-

  • Karl so young

  • i miss gogy :,)

  • why is it so cute to me that when karl killed dream jimmy came to celebrate w him

  • 6:22 thats acctually pretty scary ngl

  • 16:13 cursed block spotted

  • crongrats you have 16 million subscribers

  • Русские вы здесь??

  • Dream was going easy on you

  • I was watching Mr. Beast, and just got I think some limited 40 mil merch. I found this video and clicked it, Mr. Beast in.... Minecraft? This was the start of a beautiful channel.... Happy 16Mil Dream Congrats on being successful and the way your helping others is one of the best ways to do what you do.

  • Dream: why I need diamond cause I have power to kill all of you solo🤣

  • Dream is only making fun in this video 😂

  • Dream was going easy on them. If he was with George, lets this say it'd be a very different story...

  • guys who is more Pro Dream On Mr Bean's let me know in the replies

  • Proof that dream is not mr beast

  • Found diamond: Christmas song......again

  • This is a horror movie

  • Mr. Beast and his team: Has iron Dream: DIE!!!!!!

  • What happened at 2:44 ???

  • mr beast dont know how to sprint lol

  • ooooooopooooooo dream team

  • I love how Karl and Mr beast were shouting and chanting when they killed dream 🙂🤣

  • hey dream im beg funn you dream

  • it is unfair that the speedrunners have iron stuff already

  • Thats bad boy halo in the tree as a chicken i think it is bad boy halo

  • I see the time and now mr beast and his squad cant beat the game in 19 minutes

  • Dream was going so easy omg

  • 4:37 im a 7th grader and i hear this me: new idea

  • Never seen MrBeast get this close to cussing a lot😂

  • Dream did not even use .00001 percent of his power.....

  • Can u do 20 million subscriber face reveal

  • 16:11 That block was cracking up LITERALLY

  • Do you not know what a smoker and a blast furnace is!!

  • karl: that was a nice fight but be honest karl: you were only at 5% power dream: *grins*

  • I love how Dream taked it easy so the video would not be 5mins🤣🤣

  • dont make fun of dream

  • Mr. Beast - 10.1Million views to make this Dream’s most viewed video........ Me - **laughs in 2021**

  • go dream

  • most viewed video his daily video: 60M views this vid:20M

  • When is 4 person version coming out? We have over tripled the amount of likes you said we needed in order for 4 person.

  • This comment below⬇️ was not meant to hurt dreams feelingd

  • Let’s be honest this ⬇️comment below was crappy

  • mr beats fov makes me cringe

  • Who’s watching this when dream has 16.1MILLION Big milestone dream congrats and I hope to see you at the top soon🤞🤞

  • Karl trash talking also Karl also needed a little help from chandler to kill dream

  • I love how that karl made 2 diamond swords in speedrunning 😅

  • Beast is a noob so and Charles and I forgot who else but dream io

  • Me when mrbeast Ask if you want Money.YES YES YES

  • When mrbeast said do your subctibers know what your name is and dream said yes and i dont know what dream's name is

  • Hi

  • It's cool video.But it's a little tiring sometimes.

  • Lmao double the views ez

  • Dream is a god

  • لله لله

  • cark looks so fat

  • Why does Chandler have so little screen time!

  • Lets be honest if dream wants to the video would last like 3 minutes

  • Dream is very pro

  • I love dream he was taking it so easy I dont like mr beast much but this video was awsome

  • The amount of times Jimmy said "dog"😂

  • MrBeast’s face the whole time > ⚪️

  • If this video does not get 10.1 million views I'll be sad Video: *Gets 24 million views* *Mission Failed*

  • Did anyone realize the chicken that fell from the tree-? Go back at 2:46

  • This is like the manhunt series but downgraded like 88%

  • can you make a more updated video of this ? :))

  • Mream versus dsterbeast

  • Dream pls do 2 speedrunners vs 3 hunters

  • Wut is dreams name?

  • I legit felt so bad for Dream this vid.

  • Bruh they're stuffed up from the start of the video that's not fair

  • You guys should do it with proximity chat-

  • 15:23 song?!

  • “At the moment, Dreams most viewed video has 10 million views” *Looks at most popular video* *Wheezes as I realize his most viewed has 63 million veiws*

    • @Sara Whoops, wrong #, thanks

    • Wdym his most viewed has 63M ?

  • Karl: what is a smoker? Chandler: that would be Chris 😂

    • @toga simp 8:10

    • What time stamp is it

  • ok when mr beast siad to dream about the money and he said i feel bad taking your money i do that with all my friends when they offer to buy me something im like noo you dont have to and i feel really bad anyone???

  • I wonder how i wonder why

  • “I gotta strategize bruh” idk why but mr beast saying bruh is so funny

  • Nice

  • imagine dabbing in 2020 *gag*

  • Karl has won somethinh,that's how he got the face cam

  • look at carl the holle timeee

  • R.I.P MrBeast because he got so happy when he thought he was going to get 5K dollars but he has to beat the game and the guy broke a furnace with his hand. R.I.P MrBeat the game

  • Mrbeast: is like a millionaire Mrbeasts mic: potato on a stick

  • I’m sorry but you can’t tell me Karl hasn’t had a glow up

  • karl and chandler almost lost to dream with half diamond armour and they are calling dream a nub