250,000 Endermen VS 1 Minecraft World

Datum objavljivanja: 21. Lis 2019.
thousands of Endermen picking up block after block to grief and destroy a Minecraft world... This is crazy. We modified Enderman's code to make it so they can pick up ANY block. Watch as they demolish this world...
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Outro Song: A Second Hand by jimbob
We also made it so the enderman drop blocks they pick up, that way they can pick up more blocks, griefing and destroying the Minecraft map even more.
Thank you guys so much for 250,000 subscribers.


  • So guys we did it we reached 250,000 subscribers

  • He technically called us black, so we are his nibas

  • These Kents said they'd find you.

  • Dream : we just hit 250k sub October 2020 : lol he had no idea.

  • Oct 2019: 250k Oct 2020: 11.8 mil

  • Lmao they look like ants taking your food Edit: I wrote this comment before seeing the "they look like ants." part from BBH lol

  • Me : *Scrolls* HRwiki : **Recommending this** Me : "wait, this vids is already 1 year right?" HRwiki *"Just Do It."*

  • 250K to 11.8 M in 1 year!!!!

  • 250 k endermens VS your computer

  • 1 year and 4 days later... 11.7m subscribers.

  • 250k haha 😂 dream has 11million subscribers now, it’s crazy how fast he’s grown :)

  • Was he the one who made this vid I didn’t know that i still remember this vid that’s sick

  • Look how far you’ve come a year later. 11.7 million. Congrats green man

  • Twist: notch used these endermen to create minecraft worlds

  • Dream: "We just hit 250,000 subs" Me, watching this in October 2020: *11.7 million subs*

    • 11.8 now. I subbed last month when he was at 10 m and it's so exciting to watch him get more fans.

  • the fact that now he's on almost 12M and this was one year ago...you truly deserve it Dream, thank you!

  • To think he grew that fast in a year.

  • 1 Year Ago, Dream was at 250k subscribers. 2020, Dream is at 11.7 million

  • Dream u hav quite a few subs now :D

  • this scares me it makes me think black things are going inside my ear

  • Me with Tripofobia Ewwww

  • Hello bad boy halo

  • 1 year and u gained over 10mil. Jesus christ

  • 11mil dragons when???

  • Cough 12mil

  • 250k! now fall 2020 11.6m

  • Fucking 250k subs wtf he has to have the fastest growing channel

  • The hole looks like tnt was there Enderman 250k=250k ntn

  • get to the growned

  • 250k in this vid and now 11.6m like what

  • Congrats on 250k!

  • Anyone watching inn1997?

  • Yooo, it's already a year. Now it's gonna be smth like 11.6 million Endermen))

  • How did dream grow so big he’s now at 11 mill

  • good job on 11 million

  • This was so long ago

  • 1 Year Later And 11,5M allready wow

  • Dream we hit 250k me in October 2020 11.3

  • We love you to dream! :D

  • 1 year and 1 day he is at 11.5 million subs

  • Badboyhalo:it’s like a hot enderman :band’s gf:HOW COULD U BI___

  • One year later you did 10MILLION AND 800K SUBSCRIBERS?

  • imagine even one of these on a Redstone build

  • I made a book about you, Dream!

  • Dream 250k now 11.5m

  • 9:51 don’t dig straight down kidz

  • The enderman take over

  • Wow so meny

  • i don't know why but this triggered my fear of ants

  • is it possible for an enderman to pick up bedrock

  • He said only 12% of people subscribed a year ago. I guess not the other 88% finally subscribed

  • Lol 250k now 11M 1 year later Dream be like We hit 100M subscribers

  • Little did he know he was about to become Trending in 2020

  • This was recommended to me exactly a year from its release

  • for a second, I thought he said "my boyfriend and I are both developers" I had to go back and check😂

  • 11 million subscribers in 11 months that is insane

  • Congrats on 11m Dream :D

  • Not even a year later you reached 11 million subscribers

  • Im commenting at11mil

  • Ight so we just gonna ignore the fact that dream said sum “me I’m a dev” riiighttt. Look, dream. Big fan. But you gotta stop the cap right now

  • ***

  • Lmao 10 mill in less than a year

  • Omg so many enders picking blocks needs to be a phobia, its giving me the ewwwuugghhhh.

  • i love your vids

  • Lol 250 thousand

  • I'm scared of enderman

  • Why this was recommended to me when Dream has 11 millions subs ?

  • What if it was always raining

  • do 11 million endermen lol

  • Crazy how he had 250k subs last year, and within 11 months he gains a total of 10 million 750 thousand subscribers.

  • So he went from 250k to 11 million in one year?


  • this is insane, less than 1 year later, 11.2 MIL! OMG

  • Me who is watching this when he has 11.2 m subs 👁👄👁

  • almost a year later: 11.2M subs

  • Now you have 11.2m :)

  • Who are watching this time 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆

  • Where's our 10 mil special (maybe minecraft speedrunner vs 10 millon hunters)

  • Holy sh approximately a year ago, Dream had 250k subs! And wowie now he's at 11.2 million

  • It's actually insane that only a year ago he was 250k and now he's at 11 mil like what

  • TW: it rly sucks knowing dream will never know that this video was posted at the perfect time and i got the notification at the perfect time and stopped me from doing something rly stupid and instead gave me someone to binge 11 months ago :).

  • Just 1 year for 11million subs??

  • 250k endermen vs your pc

  • 11.2 mill :)

  • 11.2 million

  • Hi

  • Congrats on 250k dream XD

  • Is gorge your beats friend ?

  • HOLY shit 11 months ago u ONLY HAD 250K

  • How did he go from 250k subs like 11 months ago to now in 2020 11 months later having 11 million subs that’s INSANE it shows he really is the best HRwikir I support you dream

  • This is just the end

  • 250,000 less than one year ago. 11 million now What the fuck

  • Not even a year ago this dude was at a few hundred thousand. Now he’s 11 mil. Holy fuck

  • what will you do in 11mil?

  • “a hot endermen”....

  • Love dream he’s the best

  • I’m watching this and dream has 11 million subs

  • Dream 250k dream September 11m

  • Dream:we hit 250k Dream now: we hit 11 M thank q guys

  • 11 million ender dragons you wont