24 Hours With Dixie D’Amelio, From the Recording Studio to Valentino Fittings | Vogue

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Sij 2021.
We follow TikTok superstar Dixie D'Amelio as she heads to the recording studio and bakes cupcakes with her boyfriend, Noah Beck.

Director: Rom Bokobza
Editor: Robby Massey
DP: Diego Cole
Producer: Naomi Nishi
Producer: The D'Amelios: Tommy Burns
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24 Hours With Dixie D’Amelio, From the Recording Studio to Valentino Fittings | Vogue


  • Comentarios en español 😅

  • I died at « sprinkles with a side of cake batter » 😂😂

  • “tHe BeSt CoOk In ThE fAmIlY iS mE, bUt I tRy NoT tO sHoW oFf” Like miss girl you made scrambled eggs ᗯOᗯ! and you can’t even make cupcakes

  • Theres two types of groups Group 1 Vogue worthy Group 1 2. Cringe tik tokers who get famous off of their siblings and think making 15 second tik toks is a full time job

  • girly really threw away college because she was afraid someone would play her song at a frat party... hun... pay for my college then?

  • Bobo


  • There are so many black and other POC creators on TikTok that deserve this treatment and attention; since TikTok only became big off of white tiktokers stealing POC creators content.😐

  • Who the hekk is this girl?. She looks a little like the Famous TikToker Charlie D'amelio.

  • Surprised these comments haven't turned off

  • she has meat in breakfast. *cries in can't afford meat

  • the fact that tiktokers have more salary than doctors and our parents kills me

  • she is so uninteresting i cant

    • gurl it’s been 2 months dont watch it then 😩

  • guys.. i think she wears makeup everyday..

  • The cringes in this video the second hand embarrassment i-💀 and why did valentino even acknowledged her

    • @Uconn 15 I'm pretty sure you support her that's why your acting like that😂

    • @Gail yep, i’m saying u don’t have to comment hate just don’t watch the video if u don’t like the video i’m aware everyone has commented the same thing i said the same thing to everyone else

    • @Uconn 15 so you mean that I shouldn't have just commented/hated on this video?? Miss girl I'm not hating I'm saying the truth you can read the whole comment section and you can see everyone comments the same🙄 it's true it's cringe and it gives almost everyone a second hand embarrassment

    • @Gail i’m not saying u can’t watch it 2 months later hit ur saying it’s cringe but then STILL watching it and ur hating i don’t get u🙄

    • @Uconn 15 so what if I watch the video even tho it's already two months that's none of your business and it's true tho😏

  • in the words of Louise Belcher, "if she was a spice, she'd be flour."

  • 🙄🙄

  • we want zendaya here

  • 3:00 sis u acting like u are beyonce or whatever like paparazzi are looking forward to you like WHAT💀

  • 243

  • why does she look like Kendall Jenner in some angles what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i actually liked her third outfit she tried

  • Dixie- I’m probably running late, I think I’m, I don’t know what time to go in Also Dixie- we are 40 minutes late but it’s not my fault bruhh

  • no one: me: laughing at how many ppl disliked over how many ppl liked


  • This is proof of the fact that you cannot get this famous and rich in the media if you are not dumb enough.

  • The likes-

  • So much dislikes lol

  • This is embarrassing for Vogue. Anna, girl where are you ? Instead of someone that has literally zero benefit like her you can get global artists introducing them to the society. It is embarrassing you get someone with zero impact instead of people who have worked hard to get nowhere near this person gets. Get your act together please.

  • This is so cringe

  • Took me 3 minutes to realize this wasn’t James Charles


  • lmfaoo the ratio i feel bad 💀💀💀

  • why does she thinks we care about the hours she spends on tiktok

  • Sister of charli

  • After this vogue is about to gett👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼👇🏼 👇🏼

  • She has no personality

  • this whole video is just a attempt to be quirky

  • girl you're so much older than me but even I know not to put that many sprinkles in your cupcakes. smh

  • She is the epitome of "privelege is given to the wrong people."

  • The dislikes are more than the likes 🤣

  • Vogue... I have no words to why you asked this girl to make a 24 hr video

  • Harry styles deserved this more than she did

  • im embarassed to be the same species as her lol 💀

  • 7:21 no you arent sis

  • Dixie: “ we’re hanging out tonight” Me;😏😏

  • i accidentally clicked on this i do not understand shes contradicting her own statements

  • Guys pls stop hating on dixie... its hard to like them all


  • she tries to be sarcastic but it never hits & it ends up tasteless..

  • Idk why everyones so hateful in the comments Dixie worked for what she has, she deserves it as much as the next person.

    • she dont worked for what she has the whole family didnt worked for what they have

    • Explain “worked” lol

  • who let vogue lower their standards like that ? Throw the whole yt channel away.


  • Why is this even a thing

    • bc u keep watching it 2 months later😩

  • doctors need more pay then people making videos of them dancing

  • Okay but can we talk about the subtle zoom ins whenever she says something incredibly stupid... props to the cameraman and editor.

  • “I don’t like eggs or cheese but I’m going to make eggs and cheese”

  • Stop hating on her you need to know that whatever you do to make her feel horrible and sad all that's going to happen I'd that she's gonna try and make more music (which apparently annoys you guys) and more videos just to try and prove you wrong ... So y'all just waisting time trying to make nobody anxiety... Get lives .

  • Imma start using this video to go to sleep at night

  • the best cook in my family, is probably me 0:52 also this happens 9:57

  • Hai

  • She said that she supposed to go to collage at 2019 but she choose not to did it because she is embarrass if they play her song. And her song is release at late 2020 so. Is she lying or she just cant make any good excuses?

  • She sounds so dumb.

  • the fact that the dislikes are more then the likes oml-

  • It’s not like we are against her having a whole career is just that what’s she’s choosing rn is not for her and everyone hate it she could’ve done something different she’s just like any other girls-

  • She got the iq of a spoon

  • “I’m really good”

  • seriously vogue, and yet ive not seen lucy lawless on here

  • “i do not do my makeup everyday but everyday i don’t DO my makeup always is the day..” girl go to school please

  • “i fully got into college of august of 2019” i can’t


    • SUPERSTAR? ☠️

  • "Wow I'm amazing"

  • 10:09 - NOOOO

  • She’s so spoiled I can’t-

  • She's famous because of Charlie otherwise she doesn't deserve the place she's right now

  • “I just have my mom do things for me. But that’s what moms are for, right?” DIXIE NOOOOO

  • she just is pretty stuck up ngl

  • vogue is taking risk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “i don’t really like eggs and cheese but i’m gonna make this with both eggs and cheese”

  • That Batik outfit tho 👌

  • mhhhmm yes eggs with egg shells me gusta

    • I’m 13 and I can make way better eggs than that 😭 No drugas

  • I do not do my makeup everyday but everyday I don’t do my makeup is always the day the paparazzi find me

  • She’s prolly going to lose all her fame in 6 years, TikTok won’t be here forever.

  • She has no self awareness

  • “but I still go back to my parents house everyday and have my mom do things for me because I mean, that’s what moms are for” I’M SORRY?! ISN’T SHE 19 OR SOMETHING?? my goodness she’s so spoiled..

  • How did she mess up a cake mix??? Best chef in the family

  • “that’s what moms are for” Wha- 👊🏼

  • “The best cooking in my family is probably me” 10:14...

  • That face and attitude at 0:05 is as fake as barbies hair...

  • Why do so many people dislike her? Have something happened? I'm not really a big fan of tiktokers so idk

  • I am so embarrassed. We got Dixie ruining muffins in a messy bun before ARIANA GRANDE or HARRY STYLES, I-...image showing this to the vogue models in the 90s or 00s, they would be HORRIFIED. I'm sorry to say this but that's a fact.

  • Dixie is beautiful She does NOT need makeup everyday

  • 2:37 Oh honey, then I think it would be better not to be in the music.

  • I find the ads more interesting than this video.

    • gurl don’t watch the vid 2 months later then

  • love that there's more dislikes than likes

  • They put too much sprinkles that’s what made it bake badly

    • i think that’s what the mixture was like in the package

  • there are so many people out there who miss out on all of these opportunities and that Dixie has and there she is leaving eggshells in the bowl, and taking everything around her for granted.

  • the announcer of dislikes this video has. wow. I love it 😻

  • I love your Music dixe

  • Bold of them to not disable the comments