2 Minecraft Speedrunners VS Terminator

Datum objavljivanja: 8. Tra 2020.
2 Minecraft Speedrunners VS Terminator. This was actually insane. What if herobrine is like this...
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This is a 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge using baritone, impact, and a custom server plugin. A terminator, which is a minecraft bot, tries to prevent me and my friend from beating the game. The bot is extremely good and can use diamond tools and blocks to help it. It also has infinite health.
Can we beat the enderdragon?
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Minecraft But challenge


  • When dream's so smart he makes a player smarter than him.

  • Oof the robot won

  • george hes coming hes coming ahhhhhhhh!!!!

  • Wait couldn't they have broken the nether portal after they got back to overworld?

  • It’s booga booga

  • I mean, I love the Manhunts... But this was cool too

  • Dream dead and George is getting gay with the terminator

  • Robot:Invencible 99999 Hp?

  • I want to start doing stuff like this but I don't have the courage to ask my dad and the money

  • This is actually scary

  • No one not even a soul. Me: imagine THE BOT not beeing a bot and just a better tehnoblade

  • Notice how dream at 16:14 was about to say you smoke food to George



  • What if they go to the nether and then break the portal? Huh🤔🤔

  • It calculates the shorest path but it should calculate your moves too


  • Hello

  • "Ooga booga made the achivement Eye Spy" Dream: Oh God *terrified* Me:Oh... Anyway

  • I know this was a long time ago.. but was there any way to get the video view from the terminator? Nevermind.. it is wisely in the EXTRA SCENES video

  • New title Grown men cry and play kids game

  • Dream: Im the best Minecraft player Terminator: Not anymore

  • Why u no unlit the portal

  • 3:19 are we just gonna ignore the fact that dream was (I'm pretty sure) in creative

  • 5 Minecraft speedrunners vs 2 terminators

  • No I never saw dream die just died cuz this hunter is an exterminator

  • He doesn't have a diamond pick u could trap him with obsidian

  • you guys are really great congratulations on your talent

  • Fun Fact: Auto clicker does nothing because of the attack delay. Also, "OogaBooga made the achievement Eye Spy" is actually very creepy when my friend was spying on me.

  • try 4 terminator vs 1 speed runner

  • TechnoBlade vs terminator.

  • AI is just smart metal, prove me wrong

  • At 17:27 he speaks in autotune

  • do a sequel but with Shitass instead of Terminator

  • Tecnoblade vs dream

  • I searched up “I like ya cut g” and I got a dream video 😂

  • You the best dremm

  • Dude imagine OogaBooga is just Technoblade on a different account.

  • 12:07 dream small brain

  • Do this again but with 5 people

  • it's funny that this AI is coded better than any actual AI in minecraft

    • ​@deeenis Денис Well I 100% agree with what you're saying about it being made that way... I understand all that, especially for balance reasons, I meant things like the fact that this is programmed to be able to actually jump gaps, it would be cool if all mobs could at least jump 1 block, because in most cases they can't, they'll just stand there, it's also interesting how this AI can easily calculate the fastest path to take... Side note: I was thinking about how cool it would be if mojang added certain mobs that can jump further or even build, just some thoughts, considering it's totally a possibility and could add for some more interesting combat situations... There's a point in the game where the combat is just mind numbingly easy, the "hardest" common mob being, i don't know, Wither skeletons, and that's not even "hard" It would be great to have some more challenging enemies Imagine how cool it would be to have some sort of enemy that hunts you down, for, lets say killing villagers... like an assassin of sorts, so many possibilities...

    • It's coded for a specific purpose with specific properties. Skeletons aren't programmed to know where you are at all times and to have incredible speed and agility, it's made that way so that the game wouldn't be impossible

  • Dream: HES BREAKING MY SHIELD Shield at 99%hp, am I a joke to you?

  • mincraft speedrunner againts 5 robot hunters

  • Just use TNT what's so hard about that?

  • Yo, they just played the Minecraft version of it follows

  • you should do this but its only chasing one player and the other have to protect the player being chased

  • Why does the chicken sounds different when it died @18:39

  • Name one person you'd want to be quarantined with right now.

  • OMG 25:18

  • I can’t believe that George and Dream call the Nether Fortress a dungeon and the dungeon an End fortress

  • Everyone’s gangsta till OogaBooga gets ‘eye spy’

  • 5 speed runners vs 5 terminators

  • They should've blocked the portal at 20:47

    • Terminator automatically spawns next to them when they enter a new dimension, so that would be pointless

  • George is the king of stating the most obvious fucking shit.

  • Axe is powerful than sword use the axe.

  • Every dream video ever: *We coded it-*

  • Descobri que o dream morre!

  • How did I unsubscribe????

  • If terminator have techno gun then it will turn out different.

  • I dont want to do that cuz im a baby

  • Gets my

  • *Fun fact: Get wool before wood*

  • Dream be like: 1v4 Easy 2v1 Ultra Hard

  • *I love how George actually screams like he's being hurt in real life*

  • 15:30 GoatNotFound at it again

  • Anyone here wanna subscribe to me and i subscribe back

  • Dream next time don't make a infinite lives terminator

  • I m a o

  • It’s great to see that there’s no hard feelings between dream and George after dream annihilated George and the rest of the dream team in the latest manhunt vid

    • Why would there be hard feelings? They're friends and they don't have the emotional maturity of a 10 year old

  • So...i wonder on how george's neighbors be doing while he making vids

  • Stronghold! In the nether that’s a nether fortress

  • Hi

  • Do Mincraft manhunt with technoblade

  • Dream at manhaunt: Does a 10000000000000 IQ Dream at this video:12 IQ JK DREAM LUV YA

  • "Oh I see you. Oh he's right behind you. Oh he's *right* behind you." *w h a t . . . ?*

  • Just kill lol lol

  • I can't stop laughing when George screamed! 🤣 here is the part 4:36

  • I am so happy that there is a guy named dream always make me happy when I watch his vids

  • This gave me a cool video idea. He could do a 1v1 against "the terminator" and see who the real best pvper is

  • 21:36 Dream: *places a crafting table to jump across the lake* Me: CRIIIIIINGE!

  • Hmmmm i just asking if the terminator kan swim to bellow so why don't you make place under water?😂

  • hey u should of made a underwater base:)))

  • 04:38 he hit an Ariana Grande note

  • Stronghold? 14:15 😂 a stronghold in the nether

  • So Dream who made that robot

  • 😄😂😝🙂🙂

  • You know what would’ve been awesome? A Terminator pov.

  • XDDD

  • Could you trap it in the nether?

    • Terminator automatically spawns next to them when they enter a new dimension, so that would be impossible

  • They need to do this again with more people

  • Everybody gangsta until you find ooga booga in your minecraft world

  • George's scream scared me lol. 4:38

  • Plot twist: the terminator is really karl

  • its kinda dumb how the bot cant die

    • @deeenis Денис because he has unlimited dirt and an iron sword right off the bat and if they killed him they would be able to some blocks and materials.

    • Why?

  • This is the most stressful 4AM for me by just watching this-

  • It would have been much easier if it was able to die

  • If he watched the Terminator he wod brabli push hum in the lava

  • Eu rindo msm sem entender nd ;----;

    • É a vida dos Br kkkkkkk

  • “ Ge-*WHEEZE*”

  • "we need to find the stronghold" Even though they have to find the nether fortress lol