10 New Games November (3 FREE GAMES!)

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Lis 2020.
November is here! Check out some of these....
Cyberpunk 2077 - open world RPG
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War - First person shooter - November 19th
Assassin's Creed Valhalla - RPG - November 12th
Spider-Man Miles Morales - Action adventure - November 12th
Vigor - FREE TO PLAY - Survival - November 25th
Operation 7 Showdown - FREE TO PLAY - 3rd person shooter - OUT NOW
-----Rogue Company - FREE TO PLAY - 3rd person team shooter - OUT NOW
-----Genshin Impact - FREE TO PLAY - RPG - OUT NOW
Bless Unleashes (rerelease) - FREE TO PLAY - MMORPG - OUT NOW
Destruction Allstars - vehicular combat -DELAYED FEB 21
Godfall - hack and slash rpg - November 12th
Demons Souls - game for hardcore maniacs November 12th


  • so, i went on playstation store, i searched up Vigor. BUT WHERE TF IS IT????

  • 3:39 Xbox _ONE_

  • The only free game that looks good in my opinion is vigor i will definently be getting that

  • Wheres vigor

  • Did anyone get Vigor ? I don’t think it dropped and if it did I missed it smh

  • Why there isn't vigor on playstation

  • Elder Scrolls 6: the revenge of the Cyberpunk

  • I don’t think vigor is on ps4 yet

  • Vigor is so much fun Also watch dogs leigon

  • Assassin creed odysey was a dissapointment hope the best for Vallhala

  • enlisted?

  • Where is vigor

  • Has anyone been able to get VIGOR on PlayStation? He said it would come out the 25 can’t find it

    • I haven’t been able to get it. It says on a website that it is supposed to come out

  • Vigor is still not on the shop:(

  • So when is vigor coming out because it ain't out yet

  • Wait isn’t vigor meant to be out?

  • Does anyone know why i cant find vigor on ps 4 im in uk btw and ive been trying to find it for a long time

  • Its November 27th when I'm typing this and vigor still isnt out

  • So make sure to get your facts straight

  • Vigor is not out on ps4 for free

    • It’s been delayed 2 weeks. I’ll be making a video. 👍 I never lie.

  • You lied

  • you forgot one game NFS HOT PURSUIT REMASTERED

  • Lol imagine cyberpunk 2077 comes out in the 21 century

  • I searched for vigor and there are no results

    • Yeah it has sadly been delayed, the developers need more time with it. We are expecting it to come out anytime in December😊

  • Hay it’s the 25th of November and vigor hasn’t came out yet

  • Vigor isn't out

  • Dude it's the 26th and vigor hasn't come out yet

    • I heard that the free release got delayed and it will be releasing in the holidays this year, so we have to wait and see

  • Vilgor didn't came out

  • When it hasn’t come out yet but it’s the 25th

  • Vigor isn’t out wtf

  • Vigor bin delayed rip 😭

  • When is vigor coming out?

  • Where is vigor

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  • Vigor still not available on PlayStation

    • @Gang Tale idk

    • yea by 12 pm prolly i checked but i can’t find it

    • When is gonna by ?

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  • did he say "asscreed"

  • Vigor is really fun it's free on almost all consoles

  • Don't ever download operation 7 showdown *EVER*

  • Vigor and operation looks amazig thanks for letting me know

  • Me: WAIT SPIDER MAN MILES MORALES IS GONNA BE FREE (or plus ) (or premium payment) Realized it’s not free well it’s a releasing game...

  • 3 free games Heheh same word

  • Broo vigor isnt coming on pc?m

  • What about horizon

  • Anyone else waiting for vigor to drop for ps4? If so hmu on ps4 my psn is (fossbyte) looking for partner

    • @GEN Z3R0 yh me too thooo 🙇🙇

    • @Gang Tale Damn i was so hyped to try n play it now its back to grinding warzone

    • @GEN Z3R0 go to insta they said at holidays 2020 😭😢

    • @Gang Tale been waiting for it also said ps store updates at 9am or 7pm

    • Yh when is gonna comet outttt

  • Spider man miles morales is not a free game

  • sadly vigor is an xbox exclusive i hope it comes to pc tho...

  • Are all these only available for PlayStation or are some available for pc

  • People that already had rogue company

  • Vigor is fire on Xbox it was amazing I’m just imagining what it’s gonna be like on the next gen

  • First step to play these games : Have a playstation (or) Xbox (or) a PC...😔

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  • thanks i just got vigor on my switch

  • The free games are the only games no one knows about

  • Thanks for the upload but I rather focus on the Infamous series.

  • Do you need ps plus for this

  • 2:40 thats wrong (kinda) there were no mainline assassins creed game in 2016 (the only games from that year were the "Chronicles" games and a mobile game=

  • Just finished miles morales such a good game although i recommend not to rush take your time it’s pretty short but it was definitely worth it

  • Bless unleashed

  • Vigor , operation 7 showdown and rogue company

  • What’s vigor rated?

  • These are free games

  • Man that's such bullshit that every free game either sucks or is Internet only like not everybody can afford Xbox Live, bummer🙁

  • If you wish to play Operation7 Showdown but you can’t download it yet then here is a solution: make a whole new psn account and set the country to USA, once done search and download the game and then you can play it on you’re main account!

  • this is on my Christmas list

  • What if CyberFunk Got Delayed and came out in 2077

  • Is spider man free on the digital version of the ps5

  • Do current ps plus customers get access to free 18 game collection out this month? Anybody know?🤔

  • Cyberpunk 2077 is just called cyberpunk ,2077 is the release date

  • Meanwhile the games I like are niche they weren't even listed. The only game I bought this month from this list was AC Valhalla but I also got trails of cold steel iv which I recently beat and I got yakuza like a dragon. I'm not really a fan of very many mainstream games.

  • miles in the spider verse

  • The vigor game is realeassed on my b day

  • the lack of pc games annoys me

  • Vigor= rust

  • Cyber punk is going to come out in 2077

  • i played vigor a while ago... got boring quick

  • Is virgo free on PC?

  • Does bless unleashed need ps plus?

  • wait cyberpunk 2077 has been developed for 8 years?

  • Spiderman

  • free free games

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  • ادخل شوف القناة .

  • Bruh Cyberpunk will be coming out in 2077

  • Can't wait for vigor tbh

  • Cyberpunk released 12/10/2020 when I'm typing this

  • Dang

  • not gonna lie, Godfall looks pretty good

  • Bro my birthday is on the 19th lol

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  • bru i been playing vigor

  • Anyone wanna team up on vigor imma get addicted to that when it comes out

  • Something is different Peter I can't tell what it is

  • Is vigor available now cuz I can’t seem to find it

    • well i guess we'll have to wait hope you find it

    • @Bahaa Lazkani yea maybe it’s not available in the region or something but if anyone knows why pls tell us

    • same also didnt find it

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  • I’m getting 3-4 of all these games! November is a good month! So much is gonna happen November 12th. My brother’s birthday, PS5 release, a Spider-Man Miles Morales release and maybe even more!

  • I feel lied to

  • Rogue Company is being ruined by cheaters, if the devs don't start banning them the game will be dead in a months time.

  • This month is my birthday month so I am going pick these games up

  • Assassin creed is a scam franchise