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Jennifer Lopez on Vevo - Official Music Videos, Live Performances, Interviews and more...


4:22Maluma, Jennifer Lopez - Lonely (Official Video)
4:34Jennifer Lopez, Maluma - Pa Ti (Official Video)
3:05Jennifer Lopez, Ozuna - El Anillo (Remix - Audio)
3:37Jennifer Lopez - Dinero ft. DJ Khaled, Cardi B
Jennifer Lopez - Dinero ft. DJ Khaled, Cardi BPregleda 125 mil.Prije 2 godina
4:18Jennifer Lopez - El Anillo (Official Video)
Jennifer Lopez - El Anillo (Official Video)Pregleda 346 mil.Prije 2 godina
4:18Jennifer Lopez - Alive
Jennifer Lopez - AlivePregleda 3,4 mil.Prije 2 godina
3:58Roberto Carlos, Jennifer Lopez - Chegaste (Audio)
4:49Jennifer Lopez - No Me Ames
Jennifer Lopez - No Me AmesPregleda 129 mil.Prije 4 godina
6:44Jennifer Lopez - Cariño (from Let's Get Loud)
Jennifer Lopez - Cariño (from Let's Get Loud)Pregleda 1,4 mil.Prije 4 godina
4:53Jennifer Lopez - Play (from Let's Get Loud)
Jennifer Lopez - Play (from Let's Get Loud)Pregleda 639 tis.Prije 4 godina
4:19Jennifer Lopez - I'm Real (from Let's Get Loud)
5:09Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama
Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your MamaPregleda 764 mil.Prije 4 godina
3:32Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny
Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It FunnyPregleda 1,2 mil.Prije 5 godina
2:54Jennifer Lopez - Jenny From The Block (Live)
Jennifer Lopez - Jenny From The Block (Live)Pregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 6 godina
1:59Jennifer Lopez - J Lo Speaks: Booty ft. Pitbull
0:49Jennifer Lopez - J Lo Speaks: Acting Like That
Jennifer Lopez - J Lo Speaks: Acting Like ThatPregleda 500 tis.Prije 6 godina
1:11Jennifer Lopez - J Lo Speaks: A.K.A. ft. T.I.
Jennifer Lopez - J Lo Speaks: A.K.A. ft. T.I.Pregleda 722 tis.Prije 6 godina
2:18Jennifer Lopez - J Lo Speaks: Let It Be Me
Jennifer Lopez - J Lo Speaks: Let It Be MePregleda 457 tis.Prije 6 godina
1:03Jennifer Lopez - J Lo Speaks: Never Satisfied
Jennifer Lopez - J Lo Speaks: Never SatisfiedPregleda 367 tis.Prije 6 godina
1:24Jennifer Lopez - J Lo Speaks: First Love
Jennifer Lopez - J Lo Speaks: First LovePregleda 265 tis.Prije 6 godina
1:43Jennifer Lopez - A.K.A. Album Trailer
Jennifer Lopez - A.K.A. Album TrailerPregleda 771 tis.Prije 6 godina
1:07Jennifer Lopez - A.K.A. Album Teaser: Emotions
Jennifer Lopez - A.K.A. Album Teaser: EmotionsPregleda 1,3 mil.Prije 6 godina
5:03Jennifer Lopez - First Love (Official Video)
Jennifer Lopez - First Love (Official Video)Pregleda 41 mil.Prije 6 godina
3:33Jennifer Lopez - First Love
Jennifer Lopez - First LovePregleda 6 mil.Prije 6 godina
3:39Jennifer Lopez - Love Don't Cost A Thing
Jennifer Lopez - Love Don't Cost A ThingPregleda 931 tis.Prije 6 godina
3:33Jennifer Lopez - Same Girl (Official Video)
Jennifer Lopez - Same Girl (Official Video)Pregleda 27 mil.Prije 6 godina
4:31Jennifer Lopez - Live It Up ft. Pitbull
Jennifer Lopez - Live It Up ft. PitbullPregleda 262 mil.Prije 7 godina
4:09Jennifer Lopez - Goin' In ft. Flo Rida
Jennifer Lopez - Goin' In ft. Flo RidaPregleda 254 mil.Prije 8 godina
4:27Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again ft. Pitbull
Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again ft. PitbullPregleda 511 mil.Prije 8 godina
5:26Jennifer Lopez - Papi (Official Video)
Jennifer Lopez - Papi (Official Video)Pregleda 425 mil.Prije 9 godina
4:12I'm Into You (Lil Wayne Version)
I'm Into You (Lil Wayne Version)Pregleda 35 mil.Prije 9 godina
4:20Jennifer Lopez - I'm Into You ft. Lil Wayne
Jennifer Lopez - I'm Into You ft. Lil WaynePregleda 301 mil.Prije 9 godina
4:28Jennifer Lopez - I'm Glad (Official Video)
Jennifer Lopez - I'm Glad (Official Video)Pregleda 26 mil.Prije 9 godina
4:52Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight (Remix)
4:44Jennifer Lopez - I'm Real (Official Video)
Jennifer Lopez - I'm Real (Official Video)Pregleda 4,6 mil.Prije 9 godina
4:27Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor ft. Pitbull
Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor ft. PitbullPregleda 1,6 tis.Prije 9 godina
4:10Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight
Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For TonightPregleda 69 mil.Prije 11 godina
4:19Jennifer Lopez - Qué Hiciste (Video)
Jennifer Lopez - Qué Hiciste (Video)Pregleda 56 mil.Prije 11 godina
4:18Jennifer Lopez - All I Have (Video) ft. LL Cool J
3:55Jennifer Lopez - Hold It Don't Drop It
Jennifer Lopez - Hold It Don't Drop ItPregleda 16 mil.Prije 11 godina
4:18Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny (Alt Version)
Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny (Alt Version)Pregleda 117 mil.Prije 11 godina
5:04Jennifer Lopez - Get Right (Official Video)
Jennifer Lopez - Get Right (Official Video)Pregleda 135 mil.Prije 11 godina
4:30Jennifer Lopez - Baby I Love U!
Jennifer Lopez - Baby I Love U!Pregleda 8 mil.Prije 11 godina
3:34Jennifer Lopez - Me Haces Falta (Video)
Jennifer Lopez - Me Haces Falta (Video)Pregleda 15 mil.Prije 11 godina
3:18Jennifer Lopez - Do It Well (Video)
Jennifer Lopez - Do It Well (Video)Pregleda 28 mil.Prije 11 godina
3:25Jennifer Lopez - Let's Get Loud
Jennifer Lopez - Let's Get LoudPregleda 110 mil.Prije 11 godina
5:30Jennifer Lopez - If You Had My Love (Official Video)


  • Only 4 millions? Strange

  • Still listening in the 2020

  • damn JA was trash. bad vocals and stuff, jlo carried this song. they don't make hits anymore just bullshit for 12 year olds and the 12 year olds today have no life in them.

  • Ein B<ro job findet sitzend, stehend, gehend statt. Diese Para Olympics regen mich auf.

  • The sounds is like a LIBERIAN GIRL MJ jajaja is cool

  • 💖💖💖💖

  • aah yes, the early 2000 aesthetics. Good times

  • A qué responden emocionalmente las mujeres 💕(La verdad y sus secretos) ♡♥💕😘 #RelacionesDeParejaPolaridad #RelacionesdePareja ¤¤¤¤

  • A qué responden emocionalmente las mujeres 💕(La verdad y sus secretos) ♡♥💕😘 #RelacionesDeParejaPolaridad #RelacionesdePareja

  • I love this song so......... much, never gets old

  • Music happy

  • Who listening Oct. 28, 2020 ? 6 days to election day. God bless America 🇺🇸. Land of the free and brave

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  • my vibe tonight drinking a lil

  • Oooooooooooooooooooo

  • I search iceJJfish and this shit came up

  • Anyone where born was born in 1994 or 1995 or 1996 and knew this by 1999 or 2000¿

  • Para grandes amores..para toda la vida💔💔💔

  • Alguien que hable español aquí? Xd

  • 𝑼𝒏𝒂 𝒄𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒊𝒐́𝒏 𝒎𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒔𝒊𝒎𝒂𝒂𝒂𝒂𝒂𝒂

  • 28/10/2020 vẫn thích

  • I like a this video projection due to Australia content

  • This song get right jennifer lopez off 2006

  • I miss this kind of pop music.

  • That’s that Latina Spice

  • Damn, this sound like Sole and Ginuwine's "It Wasn't Me."

  • Abimuhammed

  • When the air was crisp and the days were good 😔❤️

  • Гулназ Чыныбек кызы кармалдыңбы😂

  • The technology in this video brings me back to being 18

  • this is why im a sapphic now

  • Love you, jlo! ❤️

  • Love you, @jlo ! ❤️

  • Brazil

  • This sounds sooooo simular to now united's paradise

  • Сваровский

  • Vine por Charli jiji

  • I was always surprised that Rock never hooked up with JLo. They would look great together.

  • Do you still love me.??? turn it up..............

  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • 9 yrs later huh? I guess the party people never left the cluuuuub🤷

  • ❤️❤️😍

  • Mi ex murió en cuarentena Siempre la escucho Lo recuerdo mucho Se la dedique cuando esta enfermo No me ames No me dejes Que no puedo ! Oh me llenare de días grises...... no me ames me ames....ohme llenare de días grises .....

  • I’m sorry but jlo is the definition of glamorous, classy and sexy

  • I’m such a different artist then you and my 1st son, just that your deep connection similarly in rap hip hop. I as an artist am pure lucid creative, I can just focus by myself and create for a long time alone, then go into a social gathering and be okay, a little shy but okay. I can also run a household and raise 2 of my 3 boys on my own so I love kids, do art with them when I’ve had every opportunity. My personal creativity has no limits, be it family or a community or global situation, I create flowing from my life force energy as I’ve done since a child. I don’t have yours and my sons unstoppable confidence, I think JK Rawlings explanation of her self is similar that way. I feel I’m just meant to help and heal people threw my art and love, and that’s me. Your songs, you Jennifer open me up, it’s lovely and I’m blessed to hear your song and feel your feelings. Thank you I love you sweety ♥️✨Kisses millions

  • To the person that is reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine 🌈 ☁️ My dream is 6k subs. I been struggling to get there any help is appreciated😎❤

  • Jennifer López impresses me, she speaks Spanish very well as her original language, English, a complete artist 🤣👍

  • Still love this song ❤ good old days of music ❤

  • Who listens to this song in October 2020 👍🤣

  • I like the SONG of Jennifer López and MALUMA is my favorite song since it came out 🤣👍

  • Man.. never actually knew how amazing this song really was! To bad times have changed.. things use to be awesome!!!

  • Si senor pittbullo

  • 9 years ago?! :O where did my childhood go?

  • Octubre 2020 aún te escucho.....

  • Si no es el mejor video que he visto le pega en el palo ...

  • O que dizer onde o que já não se tenha dito de uma linda mulher sensual, sexy , sensual , talentosa. Charmosa e insaciável venha. Descobri o seu verdadeiro amor?

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  • Ruyalama takipedum

  • Yo escuchando la canción para ver a charli cuando terminó 🤡🤡

  • 9ans après elle ambiance toujours cette musique 🙌🏻😁

  • O olhar

  • Like from srilanka

  • This was my childhood song but I never knew what this song was called I was looking for it for so long omg-

  • Y el osteoporosis de j lo🤣

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  • How is watching it in 2022?

  • If you are watching this on 2020 during corona you are Mr. Perfect or Mrs. Perfect

  • Shortland street

  • Bob money

  • Super !!!!!!!!!

  • Love, Victor pre-'prom' vibes :)

  • I would just like to point out that all the girls are singing songs about girl power, gender equality, body positivity, and just equality well boys are just over there singing songs about their breakups... just saying.

  • La casa de taylor swift en el video black spaces

  • Meghan sounds so good here!

  • Oct 2020, who else?

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  • They make a cute couple fr