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This channel brings you the Guides for Weekly Challenges, Limited-Time Challenges, Secret Challenges, XP Coins, Skins, Emotes \u0026 Other cosmetics Leaks and more in the Fortnite Battle Royale.

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  • Thank you i got it

  • I auto runned the whole thing but don’t get after 30 minutes

  • Yeah we got a

  • This how to unlock or how to get free skin?please tell me iam a forntine new player

  • Ball shit

  • i have seen over 10 videos about this quest and every time i go there i find nothing thats why ignite all the houses

  • Can I get this skin because I'm 27 level

  • Bro i love your hard work keep it up can you add me i really like ur channel if you want to add then my username is Shayan_8080

  • Thank you bro

  • Bro tysm

  • Thx now i am tier 100

  • I got a skin idea its called coral fish stick ! If your wondering what are in the skin I tell you right now it has coral shoulder pads,coral knee pads , coral helmet ! His back bling is a a flopper

  • I Completed All Quests But Sadly I Didn't Retrieve The Skin :( Apparently You Need The Battle Pass To Get It Which Sucks. All Hard Work For Nothing.

  • I havent got this guests man. Because i am from greece?

    • You need to complete Dance at Durrr Burger to get this quest.

  • Bro i love you man you make everything much Easier i self promo your channel and got or 50 of my friends to sub I'm not sure if they did but ik most of them did have a great night

  • thanksss you are so coll

  • I don't have this quest

  • I had a more noob-based solution here.... I run to pizza pit, killed two guys and picked up their loot, including fire flys :-D

  • how to get the alt style? The yellow version

    • I already made a video about it.

  • Didn’t work

    • You should do exactly Iike i did.

  • Thx I needed help

  • Top 10 fortnite videos

  • When I did the quest and finished it it got glitch and stuck need help

  • تسلم يا غالي يا ميدل east حبيبي i love u

  • What rarity does the orb count as?

    • I thought it count as Mythic but unfortunately it didn't count as Mythic.

  • Idk it came late for me like i was waiting in the whole lobby

  • Weird I went to Durr Burger with a car from the gas station near Weeping and I went from Durr Burger to Pizza Pit without getting out it’s glitched for me

    • Did you come out of the car and get in when you reached Durrr Burger?

    • Same, I did what he did but it did not count,

  • It’s been a while since I’ve been here hope you hit 150 K tomorrow I was here when you were around 20 K subs it’s been about a month or two and you grown about 120 K subs congrats and can I add you maybe?

  • Thai help led me do the quest I love you as a HRwiki

  • This is helpful

  • It’s not really free cus u have to buy the batte pass

  • I love your videos and your great HRwikir

  • Thanks for doing this I had a long time searching for these

  • Uh fortnite changed it so now I can't put the message at the gaurdion towers so uhh maybe can you make a new vid on how to do the new thing?

  • Tysm I couldn't find the books

  • I don’t have the jonesy challenge help

  • Thank you 👍

  • Reese is bruh

  • You helped me thx

  • i had to hear lets get down to business the entire time

  • Thxxx

  • Bro what you running Pc Xbox Ps5.? Because your play looks pimp.

  • Thanks I’ll be back next week

  • Can u Tell Me Where Are You From And BTW Thanks For The Challenges

  • Your videos are the best 💯💯👍👍👍

  • DOES IT STILL WORK? also do u have to win to get it? or is it a participation thing?

  • Thank you

  • This didn't work for me.. I mean I didn't do this exact thing but still I got a vehicle from another area went to whatever it's called and drove all the way to pizza place parking lot... This type of challenge always sucks in my opinion... Nevermind took 2 trys to get it finished. Guess first time didn't count

  • Yea i really needed this

  • You are so nice ❤❤

  • Ty big help

  • Tysm❤️

  • nicely done !

  • thanks bro

  • less go this guy hepled me so much keep up the great wrok man thank you im going to tell all my firnd sto sub helping people out im sub to he channl what a legend for helping me out and other people

  • What should u do after completing the legendary and epic quests? Like to earn big XP for the remaining week? And only 7 epic quests a week right?

  • ❤️👍🏻

  • Thnk you so much for helpingg me I didnt know what to do

  • Thank you this was really helpful!👍🔥🔥🔥

  • Thanks 🤟🏼😍

  • Rachel Roth next week let’s GO!!!

  • Please I need battle pass epic name Abelwatchdogs

  • Thanks

  • Thank you so much god bless you

  • Nice vidiò

  • Nice vivio