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10:03Warzone what the HELL is this?!
Warzone what the HELL is this?!Pregleda 352 tis.Prije dan
8:39Battlefield Firestorm is back...
Battlefield Firestorm is back...Pregleda 470 tis.Prije 23 sati
10:28The XM4 is GODLIKE now in Warzone! ( Diamond Lobby )
9:03Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer in June!
Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer in June!Pregleda 352 tis.Prije 7 dana
14:24Using the UNBEATABLE M13 in COD Warzone...
Using the UNBEATABLE M13 in COD Warzone...Pregleda 542 tis.Prije 7 dana
1:03:20Resident Evil Village Full Walkthrough Part 1
8:20Warzone World War 2 in COD 2021...
Warzone World War 2 in COD 2021...Pregleda 435 tis.Prije 7 dana
10:26Warzone Solos are stupid but I love them...
Warzone Solos are stupid but I love them...Pregleda 334 tis.Prije 7 dana
9:37Warzone with SBMM turned OFF is Weird...
Warzone with SBMM turned OFF is Weird...Pregleda 601 tis.Prije 14 dana
8:40Everyone is THIRSTY for Battlefield...
Everyone is THIRSTY for Battlefield...Pregleda 469 tis.Prije 14 dana
13:18Warzone please don't do this...
Warzone please don't do this...Pregleda 486 tis.Prije 14 dana
9:38They made my perfect game...
They made my perfect game...Pregleda 336 tis.Prije 14 dana
11:55The AK47 is GODLIKE now in Warzone...
The AK47 is GODLIKE now in Warzone...Pregleda 604 tis.Prije 14 dana
11:23Call of Duty Warzone has a New GOD GUN!
Call of Duty Warzone has a New GOD GUN!Pregleda 482 tis.Prije 21 dan
19:03Resident Evil 8 Village - NEW 4K Gameplay is CRAZY!
9:47Next Gen Battlefield gets a HUGE Boost!
Next Gen Battlefield gets a HUGE Boost!Pregleda 470 tis.Prije 21 dan
24:06This KAR98 DOMINATES the New Warzone Map
This KAR98 DOMINATES the New Warzone MapPregleda 596 tis.Prije 21 dan
2:29:52COD Warzone NEW MAP Gameplay! ( PPSH + K31 Sniper )
2:51:20Warzone NUKE Event * LIVE * ( OMG... New Map?! )
11:49Battlefield 1 Martini Henry is STUPID Fun!
Battlefield 1 Martini Henry is STUPID Fun!Pregleda 374 tis.Prije 28 dana


  • I can't find games lol

  • This video is such a vibe

  • 7:00 well frick you,its not an advantage to pc players to have headphones

  • This is one of the best frags videos in a while. Fucking hilarious.

  • Field of view is such an advantage. You will get to see the enemy faster and mote easily.

  • Almost pissed myself with the invisible string talk there 😂

  • What's the best way to level up cold war weapons?

  • Let me guess, the weapon is for Cold War.

  • Lmao

  • Bloody ridiculous

  • 2:09 hahaha that scream tho

  • What gun

  • How can you confuse a paino with a guitar

  • if you think this gun is weird, you guys should check out the Italian Breda M30 "LMG" with its permanently attached magazine

  • I wish they still played this on console

  • Sulis, was to deal with the German weather tech. They deployed weather stations in Canada and Greenland and in America during the war, the generator you showed was similar to the one in eastern Canada discovered years after the war

  • Fortnite 2.0

  • This title is what I would have said. Whisky tango foxtrot

  • PC firestorm still dead

  • It really isn’t guitar god……..

  • Biggest cash grab ever ... who ever buys this is pathetic 🙄


  • That Tomlinson bit was so genuine and hilarious 😂

  • The baby Yoda 😂😂

  • ok that pistol parachute shot was sick ^^

  • I'm here just to see Jack's reaction to the baby. 😁

  • I personally hope they make another vr if they would have kept at it this game had great potential

  • Why no streaming nowadays..???

  • Imagine if it was a rickroll

  • MW 2019 : omg the guns feel so realistic and cool 2021:

  • Lmfao just gaslighting tomo so hard

  • Coming back to this video 4 years later and getting confused by Jacks voice forgetting he got dental work done its been so long

  • Trying to pick up that sponsorship there Jack?

  • Whats the beat name

  • 9/10 video needs more piano tunes

  • Fortnite of duty


  • 15:24 Is where the audio is gold 😂💀😂💀

  • Still playing it to this day, what a game

  • i agree dispite its problems fire storm was cool AF thats for sure.....i loved the multi crew tanks great fun we had working together too move these steel beasts and fight well in them

  • I feel like Jackie boi has had a couple of drinks on this one, my god this video was fun!

  • whats the damage model like for firestorm these days or TTK....it got really bullet sponge and put me off

  • Hackers should get arrested.

  • Best BR to date , had some issues like loot system etc , but enjoyed the small time i played in it , yet still can hop on sometimes!

  • Pc: AMD ryzen 5800H, 128gb ram, 8Tb ssd gen.4x4 NVMe, Dual RTX 3090 sli can do max setting this game???👉👍😀

  • Anyone on Ps4/Xbox one want to squad up and play this?

  • Don't get any ideas Battlefield 6, no thanks.

  • Anyone else here after Aculites video and now understands the invisible string context? Love these guys

  • This is my favourite squad!

  • Me: Playing like my life depends on it and get absolutely ruined. Jack: Hold my meme!!

  • It is shit

  • Bf4 is the best battlefield ever created . change my mind

  • After watching this video and setting the NVIDIA filter, The Mini Royal, who never won, won three times in half a day. I'm Japanese and used translation. Thank you.

  • i want it. but what weapon is this blueprint for?

  • secret reload here?on the pistol 6:40

  • It plays a part of alone a zombies song

  • This is one for the history books

  • Late again lol who cares

  • What about the Type 99 Arisaka? Theoretically, it has bigger damage than Kar98, right? And I don't find those specialisations you're talking about Jack?

  • 1:36 wow

  • Not as hard as the bf1 Easter Egg to get the peacekeeper

  • That was my favorite map for rush. Starting with m1a1 tanks and pushing forward was awesome

  • with all respect, that's the ugliest guitar neck I've ever seen

  • Funny how they are all talking shit about Venom 2 and tom hardy but they probably will see the film as soon as it comes out, and have seen many of tom's films too...

  • 2021 and they never touched it

  • Seeing this makes me excited for the next battlefield

  • Yup... That's raven. Killing COD one day at a time with all this fortnight crap.

  • So this is Fortnite now?

  • warzone not leaving any option to competitions

  • Does me , or everytime i hear a german language give me chills. that i want the way they talk? haha

  • This was entertaining and i loved every second of it

  • Tom killed by an invisible bullet

  • Its Just "Heroes & Generals" in Ultra Graphics

  • This video was such a meme

  • The weapon inspection. It’s one of the zombies songs.

  • The devs must have finished reading Ready Player Two! 😂🎸

  • О! Кому то наконец занесли, а то столько тишины касаемо батлы

  • Honestly, Oasis from BC / BC2 is one of my favorite BF maps in terms of memories.

  • Love your storied gameplay been a long time fan love it

  • Lol did no one notice it's the song from die machine 😂