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Welcome to my League of Legends Channel, I give champions weird nicknames and provide a unique commentary experience for my viewers.

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LoL Server: NA
IGN: Its Rav


14:56Rav Hires A Pro LoL Coach (Neace) To Help Him Climb
IS YOUR GAME WINNABLE? | TOXIC EDITIONPregleda 121 tis.Prije 23 sati
11:31Who's That? Its Roaming AP Twitch!
Who's That? Its Roaming AP Twitch!Pregleda 94 tis.Prije 23 sati
8:31Out of Context Gamer: Minecraft
Out of Context Gamer: MinecraftPregleda 60 tis.Prije 14 dana
17:16Ninja Reacts to My "Ninja Syndrome" Video
Ninja Reacts to My "Ninja Syndrome" VideoPregleda 359 tis.Prije 21 dan
11:58Urgot Syndrome
Urgot SyndromePregleda 170 tis.Prije mjesec
10:50Jayce Syndrome
Jayce SyndromePregleda 137 tis.Prije mjesec
10:16Jhin Syndrome
Jhin SyndromePregleda 180 tis.Prije mjesec
9:23League's Most Viewed Video Ever Is About Quitting
12:52Zed Syndrome
Zed SyndromePregleda 215 tis.Prije mjesec
11:20Its Always Jungle Diff....
Its Always Jungle Diff....Pregleda 174 tis.Prije mjesec
POG'MAW! AP KOG IS POGPregleda 127 tis.Prije mjesec
10:54Why League of Legends Is So Hard To Enjoy Anymore
10:22Cringey Caitlyn
Cringey CaitlynPregleda 146 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
11:51Why Playing League Wrong, Feels So Right.....
Why Playing League Wrong, Feels So Right.....Pregleda 207 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
11:29Irelia Syndrome
Irelia SyndromePregleda 212 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
10:28Can You Beat A Bot Diff in League Of Legends
Can You Beat A Bot Diff in League Of LegendsPregleda 147 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
10:49Korean Builds Are Just Built Different
Korean Builds Are Just Built DifferentPregleda 165 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
11:03Double Jungle + Double Stealth + Double Predator = ??
12:55Why Tyler1's Pocket Pick Has Always Been Quinn...
12:03Illaoi Syndrome
Illaoi SyndromePregleda 269 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
9:04Rav - I Took The Riot Tilt Test
Rav - I Took The Riot Tilt TestPregleda 178 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
8:48Tristana Syndrome - There's No Stopping the Hopping


  • It's infuriating when people tell you: "yeah well, the main reason you didn't win is bc you didn't carry hard enough. If you had been better, you wouldn't have lost. This is why you're (bronze, silver, gold)" Absolutely the worst logic ever. It doesn't matter if you have a 3v5 on your hands, there will be people saying this. Main reason why the summoner's school subreddit is trash. Everyone seems to think this is the case.

  • Bro i saw u on neace channel and u were fuckin slaying man, good job.

  • We need sustain, cc, dps, tankiness, split push ? So you just need a Sett x)

  • Its like have Chris heria as your personal treiner

  • Great collab right here

  • Anyone know why at 9:40 he says they get more gold when you take inhib, is it because the minions push in and makes cs’ing for the enemy more accessible or do super minions spawn every wave while siege minions before 25 minutes only spawn every 2 waves?

  • next video: lol coach syndrome

  • Let's get this video to 12k likes boys💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • He knows something, we do not He applies his way through us Reminds me awfully lot of God and Jesus... Niece is the coach god confirmed

  • The introduction was like watching a manga series with a happy ending xD came to watch this after my daily routine of watching neace's coachings and that shit was fun AF xD


  • When you're so bad, Rav doesn't even need to trash talk you

  • But the real challange van he teach you how to play bot lane 🤔

  • Ahaha, I just saw that brilliant outplay into Tower today.


  • I'm glad you are sponsored by skillshare now. Raid is kind of trash.

  • That man is a gennius

  • i came from neaces video but god if im not gonna watch this masterpiece twice.

  • I got diamond in 70 games 70% winrate lmao... like come on man you've been playing since season 1.

    • @Rav ur my hero but still. gotta get that plat up

    • what can I say, I am challenged rfitically

  • Get camped by your jungler and never fight with your team got it. I can totally climb in solo queue now.

  • Only thing better than NEACE's coaching is having a comedian edit the vid afterwards

  • “I turned funniest LoL player into a SMURF” best clickbait ever, also sounds like Rav was iron or smth lmao

  • Rip the morde and brand just trying to play a normal league game

  • me, watching this on my second screen while playing lord of the rings online on the first seeing the character creation: pure joy

  • My dyslexic ass read it as "Niece"... It was for a while...

  • I love u Rav but how is this Platinum actually...

    • no, the end goal is platinum

  • im so happy this collab is finally happening. you are both an inspiration to me!

  • When neace voice was speed up did anyone else thought he sounded like ben shapiro?

  • Wow me and my frend tried this like before 2 or 3 months


  • Neace's vid was 45 min long, just saying

  • Rav. Neaces teaching isn't meant for everyone. People who go to Neace for coaching are there to play at a high level. He doesn't like to sugar coat which is a good thing to look at if you really want to climb. His style is direct and if you don't listen to him he won't scream help just look at you wondering why you bothered asking for help if your ego is too big for him to help. Good to see you at least listened XD

  • Kraken Slayer

  • First time I've ever watched a whole skill share ad lmao.

  • Seeing how this channel keeps growing is so nice. You deserve it.

  • Glad I could actually contribute to a goal. Every video I've watched I've been late. I need episode 2.

  • I know nobody cares about this comment but here goes my 2 cents on NEACE. He's the guy that called _videogamedunkey_ out for his *I'm done with League of Legends* video, saying that he would come back to the game, that he was just a fraud riding the *League is bad* train. Why does this matter? because when Fortnite came out as a success, guess who made a video about quitting League of Legends for good in favor of playing Fortnite? NEACE. And guess who came back to playing League of Legends? NEACE. TL;DR: I have no respect for the man as an entertainer nor as a human being. PS: Nice video Rav!

  • Please tell me neace streamed this. And someone slap me for missing it...SMH

  • You Said fake wife

  • well, i went to try this. 6-1 and they ff'ed at 15 : 40. Silver 2 btw


  • Did rav's gf leave??

  • 6:29 Yall got caught in 4k

  • Now let an unranked draft player coach you

  • Neace is a good guy man

  • this was awesome

  • "Rav have my babies" I smell E-Boys

  • wow thats so cool to see the difference when you have someone teaching :o

  • This coach is very noob, wait...

    • Dopa wouldnt do that

    • U are checked.....and approved chief!💪🏼

    • Neace, now be honest here, are you a wizard?

    • I came to the comment section specifically looking for ya 😆😆

    • This was some of the best content from both of you. Loved the systematic approach.

  • Love Neace, Love Rav, Love the Collab.

  • My 2 favorite youtubers colide. Rav for the laughs neace for improvement. LOVELY VIDEO!

  • I just love how that garen was in piantas vid

  • relatable af

  • Very nice!

  • Let’s get that 12 k bois

  • Is xayah any good right now?

  • nice

  • the language that you are using in this vid would get you banned before this ashe...

    • is that not the sad truth or what!!

  • Cool stuff, loving your content overall

    • @Rav keep it up, hope the channels growth and everything helps you, since it must be a lot of work to pump out the content.

    • thanks!! definitely appreciate the feedback

  • Rav is pretty

    • you are chad and I love chad

  • Poggers video B)

  • "Rav stay on topic"....OMG that ad was funny as hell.

  • We need more syndromes ...

  • About damn time rav gets a coach

  • well the reason you got elo for sure was the coaching but a lot of it was the otp tris pick, tris is one of the strongest mid laner atm so you basicly abuse the meta and if you wana climb you always should do that and never go bot, sadly it is only easy to climb as supp its hell as adc

  • Isn’t this just boosted with extra steps?

    • give in to my peer pressure !

    • @Rav no

    • edit this comment to say "i love rav he has big pp" I can not have any more hoops to jump through to be classified as "not boosted" or I will sit in bronze for life

  • Get this video to 12000 likes i need a part 2

  • An ad that was not raid well i see the frogs from the sky are coming

  • In season 12 they’re being back the runes you gotta buy lmfao

  • I have that keyboard!!!

  • Great video!! You are awesome! Thanks for making league fun.

  • as a jungle main i would be so pissed if you took my camps ngl

  • Just realized I haven’t been subbed, and I’ve been watching your videos for 2 months. Please forgive me.

    • fine, only this time though

  • Rav and Neace the most unlikely collab

  • 12k likes let's goooooooooo!

  • spoiled little youtuber bought himself a tesla yesterday! :P sorry dude, i had to :D love your content!

    • @Rav haters gonne hate. idc where you get your money from myself. you doing well for yourself is nothing to be embarrassed about. or apologetic for that matter. like i said, love your content and im calling every yas and yone windshitter aswell eversince ive heared that xD keep it up!!

    • lol You a funny man, some ppl prob gonna come at me not jokingly though. Tesla is not from youtube income, I work a full time job 9-5 as a software engineer, thats where Tesla came from like a normal adult with normal grindy adult job. HRwiki is just how I vent about bad games and try to make people laugh!

  • Nice video Rav! I hope you get plat on Boosted Betty! I began today to seriously take ranked to try to climb! 😄

  • keep posting man love ur content

  • 2:52 this is why we say NA sucks; I'm bronze 4 in eune and even I know that's what to normally do

  • Rav trying to chill out, and Neace showing him how Jungling works. 50% speedrunning, 50% seeing into the future.