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12:41I Need Your Help...
I Need Your Help...Pregleda 100 tis.Prije dan
13:05DOGEcoin is Going Insane Right Now...
DOGEcoin is Going Insane Right Now...Pregleda 193 tis.Prije dan
19:41Is Canada Going To "Censor" Me?
Is Canada Going To "Censor" Me?Pregleda 299 tis.Prije dan
10:49Returnal Is An Amazing Game...
Returnal Is An Amazing Game...Pregleda 142 tis.Prije dan
11:26YouTube Removed EDP445...
YouTube Removed EDP445...Pregleda 506 tis.Prije dan
23:47I Made My Own VPN...
I Made My Own VPN...Pregleda 408 tis.Prije dan
15:17Gamers Did Something Awful...
Gamers Did Something Awful...Pregleda 697 tis.Prije 8 dana
15:08Nvidia Did The Bare Minimum They Could...
Nvidia Did The Bare Minimum They Could...Pregleda 248 tis.Prije 8 dana
13:40I've Lost Faith In Humanity...
I've Lost Faith In Humanity...Pregleda 941 tis.Prije 8 dana
15:13NFT's Are Really Weird...
NFT's Are Really Weird...Pregleda 275 tis.Prije 8 dana
7:30The Great Internet "Josh" Fight of 2021...
The Great Internet "Josh" Fight of 2021...Pregleda 523 tis.Prije 8 dana
20:02Running Away From Hot Vampire Girls...
Running Away From Hot Vampire Girls...Pregleda 236 tis.Prije 8 dana
20:58Is Bitclout The Dumbest Scam...?
Is Bitclout The Dumbest Scam...?Pregleda 282 tis.Prije 8 dana
53:13The Deep Web Iceberg Explained
The Deep Web Iceberg ExplainedPregleda 695 tis.Prije 15 dana
9:51EDP445 Needs To Be Arrested Immediately...
EDP445 Needs To Be Arrested Immediately...Pregleda 1,4 mil.Prije 15 dana
11:40Playstation Actually Listened To Us...
Playstation Actually Listened To Us...Pregleda 317 tis.Prije 15 dana
5:52Twitter Is Too Dumb To Do Math...
Twitter Is Too Dumb To Do Math...Pregleda 677 tis.Prije 15 dana
13:03Jake Paul Owes Me $50...
Jake Paul Owes Me $50...Pregleda 315 tis.Prije 15 dana
30:17Resident Evil Village PS5 Demo...
Resident Evil Village PS5 Demo...Pregleda 294 tis.Prije 15 dana
11:00KFC Tweeted My Laugh...
KFC Tweeted My Laugh...Pregleda 602 tis.Prije 15 dana
20:49TikTok Trended a Dangerous Conspiracy Theory...
25:29Installing Discord "Viruses"...
Installing Discord "Viruses"...Pregleda 545 tis.Prije 22 dana
17:00Playstation Keeps Making Mistakes...
Playstation Keeps Making Mistakes...Pregleda 427 tis.Prije 22 dana
39:01Weird Things On The Deep Web #2...
Weird Things On The Deep Web #2...Pregleda 585 tis.Prije 22 dana
9:51I'm Becoming Addicted To MMO's Again...
I'm Becoming Addicted To MMO's Again...Pregleda 199 tis.Prije 22 dana
12:20Intel's Racism Sliders...
Intel's Racism Sliders...Pregleda 376 tis.Prije 22 dana
13:50Twitter Cancels Genshin Impact...
Twitter Cancels Genshin Impact...Pregleda 566 tis.Prije 29 dana
6:30very disappointed
very disappointedPregleda 645 tis.Prije 29 dana
20:35Facebook Made a Big Mistake...
Facebook Made a Big Mistake...Pregleda 453 tis.Prije 29 dana
17:41I'm Scared of My Own Subreddit...
I'm Scared of My Own Subreddit...Pregleda 379 tis.Prije mjesec


  • Muta is lowkey gonna come out one day and say he is actually a federal agent that was undercover.

  • Help muta with the muta coin :v

  • 8-9 billion? Have I missed a recent billion births?

  • Lmao basically do FBI's work for them FOR FREE... hahahah no thanks

  • even if youre not 100% sure that youve seen one, should you submit a tip? dont want to lead them wrong

  • Gotta appreciate this guys bravery! This will piss a lot of ppl off on the dark web!

  • ok so the red hat is actually a red cincinnati baseball hat, the other i cant identify

    • and if i'm not mistaken the red hat is a very old version of the cincinnati baseball hat

  • Stop virtual matchine addiction today, for a doller.

  • muta need help, muta gets help. simple

  • ._.

  • There are someordinarygamer watchers from Kazakhstan :D ✨✨✨. Thanks for the videos. U r awesome <3

  • Helping Muta save the world?! *Count me in*

  • They better sponser muta


    • with the FNAF cap it sounds like even copyright material is what they want sounds to me they cant do there job at all any more "HELP HELP HELP" sounds to me its like a store clerk that hates there job they suck at there job cause they thought it would be a easy job and now they don't wanna do it.

  • looks like the Cleveland Indians cap with a ring

  • Did Muta just mention Lithuania? Are we finally getting noticed?

  • Uh isn't interpol the world wide variant of europol?

  • Yooo Lithuania let's goo 🇱🇹🇱🇹 Linkėjimai iš Lietuvos, Muta! ❤️

  • Okay

  • Make sure you don't leave a link in the description...

  • How did you get to the hats thing? I don't seem to be able to find it

  • Bro can you start a podcast please

  • I can't help out in anyway shape or form since I don't know the website. And I certainly didn't visit those websites that are illegal material on the dark web. How would I have any info on this including others?

  • would have been wild if he was flipping through and he saw a pic of his hat that said "Muta" on it lol

  • A lot of rappers eCap as well.

  • Get em boys!


  • Papa Muta needs OUR help.

  • Let's be honest here, consumer grade OCR usually sucks, I was considering using an OCR to read images for a client project, but even a clear text can be misread.

  • That glass dolphin in the window looks like one that a local decrative glass shop makes regularly in Minnesota but i can't really be sure thats could be it

  • U got all of the fanafs right

  • Muta : I need your help Viewer #1: have my wallet Viewer #2: and my shovel Viewer #3: here, take this half of a grilled cheese

  • How you know muta needs us: His thumbnail is glitched

  • proud to be a part in the Muta Army <3

  • 10:07 you did

  • lol, the FBI should go to 4Chan... Those crazy bastards were able to REPEATEDLY find Shia LeCryBaby's goofy little flag, using the most insane methods imaginable. if anyone could track down the shit in the images, i think it would be that den of weaponized autism.


  • I know it's not related but Because of the hairstyle in the "Chicken noodle soup" Jhope's hairstyle was consider racist and one wrote in an article "J-Hope is a racist and he needs to be educated blah blah" I just don't get it I feels wrong why do people still live in the past bruh? I don't care I will defend him.Also the controversy was unecessary to ruin his name just because of a hairstyle and say whatever you want he looks good I everything including this hairstyle fits him well his hair looked cute.

  • the c red hat design stands for child/star.. the sick fucks use it as there call sign very similar too blood and crips collored bandanas.


  • better world

  • Can someone link this site with the pdf

  • We can tell the FBI about EDP445 too.

  • trolled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4Chan: Alright boys, we are back in action!

  • For viewers who can't find the PDF 1. Go to the URL Muta gives you around at 2:28 2. Click "I agree" (but make sure you agree) 3. The link for ECAP is near the bottom-right of the page. 4. There will be pictures of people who the FBI is looking for information on in connection to these heinous crimes. Some of them are believed by the FBI to have information on the "health or welfare of a child" but aren't suspects. 5. The last entry is "Seeking information", which leads to the page with the poster PDF of objects shown in the video. Hope this is helpful.

  • "Attention all gamers. mutahar needs YOUR help, he wants to help arrest these sickos. All he needs is your credit card number and the three digits on the back." -VoiceOverPete

  • I swear I've seen that hat somewhere, I don't remember where, but it could just be my brain telling me I have seen it.

  • When you said you needed help and stressed the seriousness I thought you were trying to help DSP raise money since he lost his Twitch partnership. Poor fella

  • hmmm

  • I'll go check it out.

  • Feds in the chat

  • If you really needed my help you wouldn't use a clickbait vague-as-shit title that doesn't explain anything. Skipped the vid and downvoted. Next time make a proper fucking title.

  • "i need your help" john wick is in trouble send you credi-

  • Ngl the online FBI tips form is straight up the easiest US federal form to fill out. Depending on the level of detail, it could be time consuming, but still super easy.

  • man summoned like 4 demons trying to read "this is wisdom"

  • The newspaper seems to be written in spanish

  • I'm going to spread the word muta I'm glad you're talking about this

  • Foot soldiers of wikifeet assemble

  • This whole thing is just another example of confirmation bias. If you start by making an assumption and working backwards to prove yourself right you will make up explanations with little to no evidence and they'll sound fine because they fit into your little theory. But the truth is often mundane and saying out loud that they are selling kids with their real names on under the guise of expensive cabinets should snap you back into reality. Maybe there is something shady like money laundering or maybe they're just jacking up the price so they don't have to take the listing down when it goes out of stock. We shouldn't presume that not knowing what the answer is means there isn't one.

  • Remember guys.... Just the tips

  • We have to get this trending.

  • 8:06 Anime girl with blue hair with korean or chinese characters it looks like. looks vintage.

  • Can someone explain wtf are we even worried about I have 0 clue of what is happening

  • Could of used this for views❌ spread good awareness to a serious crime ✅

  • Consider the view - that you are 40+ and do not wish to see your daughters/spouses in a similar position. Abuse is it. Anyone - with an eye - and some memory - can recognize a label - picture -design and contribute to this. Vigilanty antics on YT only makes those targets harder to access. They now know they are too exposed. Like the cockroaches they scurry away.

  • FBI does this shit all the time, the take control of websites by hacking them then they run them for years... Not sure how that is legal for them to do because they are literally spearing the images from their own servers, but whatever.

  • SOG-six going dark

  • my time has come. I've been training my whole life for this

  • jeez sounds like real daisy's destruction type shit god when you talk about illegal stuff like this it means 1 thing to me cp fuck.

  • i havent watched the video, but before doing so im guessing you need help regarding the stack of g-fuel containers behind you

  • The text in the newspaper at 8:30 looks like it's spanish.

  • yeah thats cool and all but Europe isn't a country.

    • @Wizard alright.

    • @DefeatedMelon yea but muta said "These are the only 3 countries I know of that are doing this" so I was just reminding people that Europe is a continent with multiple countries instead of yknow, a single country.

    • *cough cough* continent with same currency.

    • *cough cough* euros

  • Yo, Muta, try to get in contact with Jim Browning, he might be able to help you.

  • I often feel like mutahar is a glowie

  • you need my help well you said you love us and I love you so yes without a doubt I will help if I can.