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14:50Testing VIRAL Minecraft Mods So You Don't Have To!
13:09100 Things You Should ALWAYS Do In Minecraft
13:13Testing Minecraft Block Facts So You Don't Have To!
13:09Minecraft, But I'll Give You $1,000 To Dig Here!
14:48This Minecraft Idea Is Worth $10,000,000 | E32
13:38Testing VIRAL Minecraft Hacks To See If They Work
14:13Minecraft Base Defense Hacks From Level 1 to 100
20:38Minecraft, But Every Minute I Unlock A NEW Block
13:08Testing Minecraft Traps That Feel Illegal!
Testing Minecraft Traps That Feel Illegal!Pregleda 1,4 mil.Prije 21 dan
16:47Only 1% Of Minecraft Have Ever Seen This | E30
13:54Guess What's In My Inventory \u0026 Win A Tesla!
15:09Testing VIRAL Minecraft Traps To See If They Work!
15:07My New 2000IQ Minecraft Build!! | E29
My New 2000IQ Minecraft Build!! | E29Pregleda 612 tis.Prije 21 dan
14:35Minecraft, But Everyday Gets More CURSED
Minecraft, But Everyday Gets More CURSEDPregleda 731 tis.Prije mjesec


  • 2:24 I think I have heard this background music before, it was in a timelapse, oh yeah, it's from Grain

  • Hello


  • Clicked faster than a Karen could complain

  • He's becoming MrBeast lol

  • I'm So Sorry For Your Loss But I'm SO Glad You Pushed Through

  • That dupe glitch is in earlier versions but minecraft patched it I could tell because of The obsidian

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥😅

  • sign: barrel zach: bell

  • 8:32 An Indian flag 🇮🇳

  • Hui

  • can i ask why does ocean sword have fire aspect if its a water sword?

  • Loverfella: looking at skins “ooh a cute teddy bear” Me that’s wallibear

  • Wold Eadit

  • What are the cords

  • get your here before one hour ticket here

  • Kargidile

  • Are u ⁿűţ$

  • "Don't build a house with slabs" Me: BUT WHAT IF I MAKE IT WITH SIDEWAYS SLABS (try it. Place glass next to a wall or let tnt ignite using redstone blocks on both sides of the wall. Let it fall in water under the tnt

  • The Australia thing is because the electricity is stronger so it make it dangerous


  • Your video make me very happy

  • Hi

  • Hey zack how can I become a moderator?

  • Pilgrims but you can use any block 2021

  • he said its elegal to name your pet PIG in france and he put the picture of italy xD

  • Bruh he deleted my clip form the video but I was building the rocket lmao

  • I laughed too many times watching this

  • how do i get in your server bud

  • Only do trade up series

  • I feel like this video was already uploaded, but I guess this is part2?

  • Im pretty sure human pets are called slaves

  • You are good

  • Hi

  • Is this video illegal

  • "what even is that flag??" It-it's the french flag... uhhhhhh

  • I am not going in this challenge because I do not want to build my houses in there if there’s no diamond 💎

  • The law that said you can not Wear camouflage pants in jamaica is a lie ! I live in Kingston and that is not true I wear it all the time and I am friknig 10 😠

  • 20 min gang

  • I missed event. I was literally waiting for it. Then it didn't let me in...

  • hi!

  • 2:10 sad turtle 3:30 me who a rainamator fan: sad 4:52 um 5:11 this man is a legend

  • Solar eclipse

  • Builds a nuke under the ground Loverfella : It's legal :D

  • Pls shout out

  • Hello

  • I have a zombie skin

  • LoverFella please make an smp

  • at 4:00 you lost alot of subscribers for supporting terrorists who are killing kids everyday

  • Me when lover fella says ‘Fill this empty chest with stacks of the chests with the chests in the chests’: bwhahahahahahahshahahahahahbahahahahabahahahahahahahahahah

  • wow im early

  • Bruh why people so noty

  • Belgium

  • 420th

  • Belgium vs netherland

  • Turnip

  • i was in this video this was my first event woooooooo

  • Me when he says rainimator’s skin has a ugly face Angry Korean Gamer Activated

  • That was a epic youtuber

  • That person you sent to jail for being ugly

  • Loverfella ❤ absolutely messed up on the slurrrrp before stopping the recording 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • And like also

  • Early

  • Omg youy so pro I wish I have minecraft ;(((((

  • Its true illegal to name a pig napoleon

  • When you did that voice chancher at th end i couldn't stop laughing 🤣

  • him saying that those types of dreams are sinister me: uhhhhhhhhhh u call that sinister

  • Belgium 🇧🇪 🇧🇪🇧🇪 ik ben van België

  • Loverfella pls pin my comment its my birthday!

  • Lovers idea to make this video: it’s illegal to change ur lightbulb in that state. what if I make a video on that

  • My favourite HRwikir. Btw don’t do sugar cane kids

  • When he sent him to jail i laughed

  • don't disrespect reanimator

  • Me: uuugh I am bored Also me: remembers that lover fella posted 12 minutes ago


  • Ooh, early

  • My game fros in front of him 😕

  • Hi

  • Your the best youtuber ever