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20:09The 2021 Audi RS7 Is a $120,000 Luxury Monster
23:13The 2021 BMW M440i Is the New Big-Nosed BMW Coupe
27:36The Polestar 1 Is the World's Coolest $150,000 Volvo
25:05This Honda S2000 Is a "Fast and the Furious" Movie Icon
28:43Here’s a Tour of the New McLaren 765LT Supercar
22:59The 2021 Jaguar F-Type R Is a 575-Horsepower Monster
23:45The E39 BMW M5 Is BMW’s Best Sport Sedan Ever
The E39 BMW M5 Is BMW’s Best Sport Sedan EverPregleda 790 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
26:10The Cadillac Allante Was a Quirky, Interesting Failure
25:24The McLaren 675LT Is an Ultra-Rare McLaren Supercar
24:23The 1991 Honda Civic Si Was an Early Hot Hatchback
22:06Here’s Why the 2021 Kia K5 Is a Cool Midsize Sedan
22:14The 2021 Toyota Venza Is a New Hybrid Family SUV
The 2021 Toyota Venza Is a New Hybrid Family SUVPregleda 698 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
35:01The Ferrari F50 Is a $3 Million Supercar Icon
The Ferrari F50 Is a $3 Million Supercar IconPregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 4 mjeseci
23:46Here’s Why the BMW M3 E30 Is My All-Time Favorite BMW
26:48The Buick Reatta Was a 1980s High-Tech Marvel
The Buick Reatta Was a 1980s High-Tech MarvelPregleda 797 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
26:28The 1991 BMW M5 (E34) Was a 1990s Sport Sedan Icon
22:16The 2020 Audi RSQ8 Is a $140,000 Super SUV
The 2020 Audi RSQ8 Is a $140,000 Super SUVPregleda 1,4 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci
24:12The 2020 Porsche Cayman GT4 Is My Favorite New Porsche
23:41The 2020 Audi S8 Is Audi’s Ultra-Fast Flagship Sedan
19:06I Bought a Kia Stinger GT! (And Here's Why)
I Bought a Kia Stinger GT! (And Here's Why)Pregleda 2,9 mil.Prije 6 mjeseci
9:04I'm Launching a Car Auction Website!
I'm Launching a Car Auction Website!Pregleda 441 tis.Prije 6 mjeseci
25:38The Mazda RX-8 Is a Fun Car You Probably Shouldn't Buy
25:38Here’s Why the 1996 Chevy Impala SS Was Really Cool
31:38The New Porsche 935 Is an Insane $1 Million Track Car
21:49The Maserati Coupe Is a Sub-$20,000 Exotic Car Bargain
22:46The Dodge Neon SRT-4 Was a Cheap, Fast 2000s Icon
24:56The 2020 Lincoln Corsair Is a Baby Navigator
The 2020 Lincoln Corsair Is a Baby NavigatorPregleda 671 tis.Prije 9 mjeseci
24:14Here’s Why the New Mercedes-AMG G63 Is Worth $200,000
22:41The 2020 Toyota Highlander Is On Top Of Its Game
The 2020 Toyota Highlander Is On Top Of Its GamePregleda 1,4 mil.Prije 9 mjeseci
22:44The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB Is a Small Family Luxury SUV
22:38The 2020 Mazda CX-30 Is Mazda's New Fun Small Crossover
24:30The 2020 Lamborghini Huracan Evo Is an Improved Huracan
26:35Here's Why the 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Is an Icon
24:17The 2020 Genesis G90 Ultimate Is a Bargain Luxury Sedan
20:43This 6-Wheeled Jeep Wrangler Is the Craziest Jeep Ever
23:40Here's Why the 2020 Ford Escape Is a Huge Improvement
22:27The Mercedes-Benz 500E Is the Original Porsche Sedan
24:46The Bentley Turbo R Was the Flagship Bentley 30 Years Ago
26:50Here Are the 2019 Doug Car Awards!
Here Are the 2019 Doug Car Awards!Pregleda 824 tis.Prije 11 mjeseci
24:36Here's Why the BMW M3 E92 Was the Craziest BMW M3
22:38The Ford F-650 Is a $150,000 Super Truck
The Ford F-650 Is a $150,000 Super TruckPregleda 11 mil.Prije 11 mjeseci
33:27The Pagani Zonda Is an Insane $6 Million Supercar
The Pagani Zonda Is an Insane $6 Million SupercarPregleda 1,8 mil.Prije 11 mjeseci


  • Even with the open trunk?

  • It's amazing that there is a bigger car than Durg

  • Doug never shows what lights look like at night smh

  • I’ve been waiting for this video

  • The tailgate light is to light up the hitch so you can hook up a trailer in the dark. Not a flashlight 😆

  • The corvette beats the crap out of it....this car is a misfit

  • This is the remote control car which Elon Musk will give to his child when he turns 3 year old.

  • You forgot the tailgate can be raised with touch of button.

  • You're exceptionally happy today

  • I saw the review of the F150 3.5 eco-boost hybrid with the generator today on another channel and it looked awesome especially for those with RV's

  • Ayo I got a sprite cranberry ad


  • There are hundreds of thousands of Yugos still on the streets in Europe, which is more than we can say about many US car models. For Christ sake.

  • What an idiot.

  • They just added all the Lincoln features

  • I thought he had all of these cars when I watched these in the earlier days,


  • 6:45 is when he starts talking about why he bought a stinger

  • Can we say GM MultiPro Tailgate with rulers🧐

  • Lets review the king ranch trim 😒 wonder how many people wanna spend 60+k

  • Looks like Ford is beating Chevy this year

  • I'm a ford guy but something is kinda weird about this one... Idk why but it looks like a ram to me

  • speakers in the head rests make for the worst sound stage possible

  • Drama abound

  • Looks like they took a step back in design. I liked the Atlas design Much more

  • All these features seem pretty cool but all I see is more $$$$$

  • Doug is wrong about the look. A million trucks every year. Pretty sure people like the look dont wanna get to drastic and lose their people.

  • Still waiting for fart removing vented seats.....

  • Please tell me if I’m wrong, but now it REALLY looks like the Nissan Titan Platinum from the side lol. And I hate that truck.

  • Seems like a weird question but i'm wondering why you can't get any tinted Windows in Station Wagons(at least not from factory) and nearly every SUV in North America has them as Standard In Europe it's an optional extra on nearly every SUV and Wagon

  • New??? Looks like a car from 2004 from the outside...

  • If you fold the back seats up, the front seats fold down even flatter (completely flat).

  • 8:00 The circle is used for handwriting input

  • I'm excited!

  • Nothing can replace 458 and 488. Rear side of f8 is just awful when compared with 458s and 488s.

  • Beautiful truck. That stuff looks better than any BMW or Mercedes. Truly functional and luxurious instead of just glass panels for everything embedded in the,.

  • 10mpg damn... I have a 17 f350 and I get 14mpg with a 48 gallon tank

  • "it's just so damn hot because of uuhhh... the THING!"

  • It has things no other vehicle has in the market and only gets a 7 in features? You spent 90% of the video talking about features.

    • And an 8 in practicality it offers more than all competitors....and I'm not a truck guy

  • Fact This New Model Still Has the Death wobble.

  • Doug you have to tell us how the speakers sound.

  • Haha man great review, as always, but of all the appliances you could have in the back, haha man a washing machine? You could have gone for like air-compressor or even fridge sir!

  • Not better then a Phantom

  • Why did he didn't mention active aero.

  • Lotsa cool features✔️. Lotsa things to break and maintain✖️.

  • new everything...except look

  • Doug, I love your reviews but your auction site is just too expensive for what you provide.

  • RAM 1500 id much better

  • My work mate has a 2020 Lariat with the eco boost and it can go 740 miles to a tank (36 gallon tank). This is a great new truck for sure!!!

  • I think at least 90% of people buying a truck in the U.S really appreciate that American flag. Merica is king when it comes to trucks!

  • Side sunshades in first generation Škoda Fabia >>> side sunshades in Aston Martin Lagonda X-DDD

  • They give all these features to help workers yet workers cant afford these higher trim models where the features are available

  • voi americani ve li sognate di fare certi capolavori purtroppo, fun factor 7 ma stiamo scherzando ma rkba da pazzi tenetevi le vostre macchine del cazzo che pesano 2500 chili ala, agli Terni gli dai un 3 ma su una macchina del genere non servono gli interni belli porco dio che deficienti che siete

  • This is my favourite car. that i can never own.

  • 13:36 I wonder what will be there on the Australian model. Our flag or no flag?

  • “Small V6” in the Netherlands a 4cilinder 2L is a big engine😅

  • 90 percent of those gadgets I can live without. I don't use a pickup for a daily driver, just to haul stuff. MY 2011 GMC WT has only 26,000 miles on it...and I'll probably keep it at least another 10 years. I doubt many of those electronic goodies on that F150 will be working 10 let alone 20 years from now.

  • Is it electric?

  • I have a 2012 white FJ. It’s my favorite car ever. Unstoppable in the snow and drives like a Toyota. Love this car. Blind spots are brutal tho.

  • So you can. Measure stuff while your tail gate is down.....🤔

  • Doug the sassy car reviewer XD I love it

  • Shifter folds down so you can have a larger consol work space for your most owners would use a truck of that price with tools in the cab

  • Too bad it's a Ford and still so ugly and boring especially the exterior.

  • big flat front grills kill more pedestrians.

  • Doug you got a little weird on this one.

  • My parents had one when I was a kid. We would pile 2 adults and 5 children in this and drive 16 hours to see family several times a year.

  • Turn on rainy day? Not when you live in Northern Europe...

  • Yeah that is about $100K screw that and screw ford that’s coming from a ford guy :/ I’m just lot waisting my money to much trucks these days to get a one

  • 4:50 Amber turn signals!!!! Yay!!!

  • Should review a limited 🤔

  • Another dinosaur...ugly too. Designed by Homer Simpson?

  • doug is the type of guy to sponser himself.

  • Is Doug ever gonna buy shorts that actually come to his knees??

  • this truck is fantasticly ugly

  • 70k for an F-150!? It'd better be good! (oh, ok... that's pretty cool. But, still...) I DO like how trucks that are mostly meant for work have those flat surfaces to work on- I've found those usefu, not only for laptops, but as a desk, etc. (And, the 'nylon and glass' thing: what that means is that it's not just plastic, but, rather, its glass-reinforced nylon, which is a lot tougher than just plastic- it's the same stuff (PA-6?) that most power tool exteriors are made of, so it can take a bit off a beating, instead of cracking. ...though, the rulers are a bit gimmicky, imho, unlike the absolutely sweet bottle openers!)

  • 9:33 sometimes i worry about you Karen

  • Beautiful truck. Would like to see all the lights on at night or the drl bar lights , not really feeling the new tail light look. Wouldn’t wanna off road it too hard with that huge glass roof. Man 60k pretty good deal then I realize that’s 80k Canadian

  • So American until you see that v6 smh

  • I love how when it is approaching you, all you can see is just a gigantic flat wall like if a house was moving towards you :D

  • This is the best 🦾 If you have no idea about Lexus visit some arab countries