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23:58The 2022 Kia Carnival Is a High-Tech Luxury Minivan
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29:33The 2021 BMW M3 Is a Fantastic Sport Sedan
22:27The Ford Focus ST Is a Great Bargain Hot Hatchback


  • I've always wondered what Doug's going to do when he's reviewed all the cool cars out there. Simple answer: He does them again!

  • Never knew doug was a sixers fan

  • Doug's the type of guy to chase thieves and yell "Wait, you forgot the remote!" after they break in and steak his TV

  • Doug cut back some on the coffee LOL

  • its the only 2021 car I would buy, i hate all the other styling of cars atm

  • I like how Doug mentions 'some benefits' in regards to price...not going to mention the $10,000 back you get if you live in California? ($7,500 federal tax credit, $1,000 cal rebate, $1,500 cal clean fuel rebate). This makes it similar in cost to the Rav4 hybrid (though you have more tax and cost on the front-end when buying). Doesn't make it any cooler though. That's what the red color is for. 😂

  • Omg it’s tiny

  • I hope their all covering their lugnuts🤣🤣😉 Nothing like catching a case for automobile indecent exposure🤣

  • Doug: the Chiron has a lot of storage. It's surprising. Me: it's a luxury car...

  • Sort of a pumpy battery stuff thingie. Yes.

  • The rpm's are still showing the speed of the motor. Just like any automatic it's useless but fun to watch

  • Junk

  • Land cruise interior much better than the lexus gx460

  • This Dealership looks like the stands you buy lemonade from at the state fair

  • I am literally doing a research paper on Tesla as a brand just got to this car as soon as the video aired

  • 0:07 Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y.

  • How much is it worth today?

  • 21:50 Soooo...Doug has never charged a Tesla I see

  • I’d do anything on earth to drive one To drive one for a few days without spending a single penny

  • Did he not reverse in this car that's the biggest quirk that sound

  • “MNU. That means menu.” Me: OOOOOOOOHHHHH

  • I’m convinced Doug advertises CarsAndBids to his wife before they have sex.

  • I just have to know what happened to that A in the Tesla logo

  • 9:34 yo what that tongue do tho

  • 24:33 : Doug sounding like a dad on a roller coaster with his kids.

  • that's the ROOT tesla before tesla became NUTELLA

  • Please tell me that I'm not the only person who says "Cars and BIds" along with Doug...

  • Lock is one syllable, un-lock is two syllables. Thus, the beep count :)

  • The 400Z will be our very soon

  • I gotta call BS on these electric vehicles "saving the environment". Getting lithium out of the ground is not a clean process and the batteries are not easily recyclable.

  • Doug the type of guy to review a car twice

  • Doug's the type of guy to shave his face but leave his neck untouched

  • I sat in one once. That is all.

  • That instrument cluster screen seems to be the 2021 version of the Uniscope that Nash used in its cars of the late 40s and early 50s. And interestingly enough, if I remember correctly, Nash also had no starter button, as other cars did, using the transmission selector level to start the car instead.

  • Saw this on the 5-South in San Diego a few weeks ago, sooo cool!

  • I’m guessing the beeps have to do with the syllables. Lock (1 beep) un-lock (2 beeps)

  • I wonder why you call it the only good Maserati as you don't like anything about it except the sound and the half price...

  • Take a shot each time he says "Lotus" or "Elise"

  • it was in fast in furious

  • Rpm is motor rpm x1000 and will depend on vehicle speed unless it's a two-gear model


  • I’m curious to know if the car sells for more if Doug has driven it

  • But where are the switches frommmmmm

  • "Caaaaaarrrrs and Bids"

  • These will be worth a million dollars in fifty years

    • In fifty years, a million dollars will be $25,000 in today’s money. 😅

  • Doug's the type of guy who puts a ruler under his pillow to see how long he's slept

  • "Everyone knows the Tesla S, 3, X, Y." I see what you did there 😉

  • YES

  • Where this car was familiar to him it made this review so much better and more in depth! Great video

  • Can I put my Bid in with DogeCoin ? 🐶

  • dude this looks like a toy car next to him LMAO @22:40

  • Love that you put them in the proper order!

  • Seriously, what is with the two tee-shirts?

  • Disabled airbags for track use maybe?

  • I always think of the TV show Chuck with this car. They drove one of these cars in that show, and I always thought it looked really cool.

  • @ 7:45 many innocent childrens last memory. Doug

  • I have a model y and my small dog likes to climb underneath the seats to get from the back row to the front

  • The RAV4 is a midsize SUV, at least everywhere but the US.

  • Hey there Dougster. As far as the lock/unlock button's really really simple. Lock is one syllable, unlock is two syllables. Beep/ beep,beep. One for lock and two for unlock.

  • Uh electric motors still rotate Doug, so you can measure Revolutions Per Minute.

  • Geez, how tall is this guy???

  • I have watched quite a few of your reviews Doug and I only just realised your surname isn't DeMuNro. I need glasses. /Subscribed.

  • Doug you could have at least changed clothes for this skit that is supposed to happen on different days.

  • Doug is the type of guy to praise a car for being incredibly simple for weight reduction then complain about how uneventful the interior is.

  • I didn't know there was a tesla like this.

  • i could swear he had reviewed it earlier

  • Or you could buy a corvette

  • does it cam with free next day delivery too?

  • Doug, Toyota really doesn’t sell them, they’re great at marketing them but apparently can not deliver the product.

  • b u n t a

  • toy oh tuh (or toy yoda) sarah?

  • You forgot the air suspension

  • You failed to mention one of these is floating around space!!

  • Only the real ones know this car from gta v

  • Me: oh wow that looks cool.... And stupid actually... Yeah it looks stupid

  • This is my favorite minivan

  • I’d say window switches are from ford🤨working on an 08? Fusion and that’s the first thing I thought of

  • This car is the shiniest thing I have seen in my life...

  • omfg. you actualy covered the keyblade so no one could make a duplicate of it.. you are a legend man. very foward thinking.