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Buckle up and grab your unicycle, we're hitting the road less travelled.


15:31Fallout 4 Randomized is a terrifying masterpiece
0:17So Cyberpunk is pretty solid now
So Cyberpunk is pretty solid nowPregleda 1,7 mil.Prije 7 dana
17:42Basically Resident Evil Village
Basically Resident Evil VillagePregleda 46 tis.Prije 7 dana
10:12I forced my friends to play BLEEDING EDGE
I forced my friends to play BLEEDING EDGEPregleda 95 tis.Prije 14 dana
8:26So I tried Fallout LOCKED AND LOADED
So I tried Fallout LOCKED AND LOADEDPregleda 234 tis.Prije 14 dana
10:59BASICALLY Enlisted
BASICALLY EnlistedPregleda 79 tis.Prije 21 dan
0:16So Cyberpunk fixed the cops
So Cyberpunk fixed the copsPregleda 2,9 mil.Prije 21 dan
8:29CURSED Fallout 3
CURSED Fallout 3Pregleda 97 tis.Prije 21 dan
0:18So Cyberpunk FINALLY got fixed
So Cyberpunk FINALLY got fixedPregleda 2 mil.Prije mjesec
13:05The Skyrim Randomizer is a Broken Masterpiece
11:28How you're ACTUALLY supposed to play Legion
1:13Every Outriders review
Every Outriders reviewPregleda 74 tis.Prije mjesec
3:57So I tried the new Cyberpunk Update
So I tried the new Cyberpunk UpdatePregleda 945 tis.Prije mjesec
8:41I made the WORST Fallout Weapon OP
I made the WORST Fallout Weapon OPPregleda 206 tis.Prije mjesec
10:03CURSED Fallout 4
CURSED Fallout 4Pregleda 321 tis.Prije mjesec
0:16"Make Me"
"Make Me"Pregleda 141 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
12:38I forced my friends to play GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTERS
5:22Valheim but it's a Mountain of Pain
Valheim but it's a Mountain of PainPregleda 96 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
10:14So I modded MORROWIND
So I modded MORROWINDPregleda 94 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
13:17Valheim EXTREME Boat Sledding
Valheim EXTREME Boat SleddingPregleda 148 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
10:29100 Hours of Valheim
100 Hours of ValheimPregleda 546 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
9:13Fallout 76 Grenades are BALANCED and FUN
Fallout 76 Grenades are BALANCED and FUNPregleda 152 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
6:16Valheim is INSANE
Valheim is INSANEPregleda 206 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
11:48So I tried Fallout 76 again
So I tried Fallout 76 againPregleda 297 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
6:32BASICALLY Valheim
BASICALLY ValheimPregleda 254 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
6:03FUSE IS OP | APEX Legends.exe
FUSE IS OP | APEX Legends.exePregleda 77 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
18:16SO I tried Fallout 4 Horror Mods in VR
SO I tried Fallout 4 Horror Mods in VRPregleda 215 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
9:20Fallout Tactics broke my mortal soul
Fallout Tactics broke my mortal soulPregleda 69 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
33:40Can you beat Cyberpunk 2077 NAKED with GRENADES only?


  • This game with all those mods was scary but not that scary then you run into the regenerator at the end, terrified me

  • ur beyond hilarious, this chanel surely deserves millions of subs

  • Bang fixed

  • I just got a free vbucks during a touching moment. Thanks youtube.

  • “I told you.” “No swearing,” “At my birthday party!!1,1!1!” *kills a bald man with a nerf gun*

  • The game has just had tons of bad luck to be honest, having to re write all of the game 2 years before realise and being hacked just after realise is a lot to take in but even as a mainly console player the game isn’t horrible it doesn’t look to bad either at points but the game as a whole was really enjoyable, after the last update I have full confidence the game will get much much better.

  • Apb reloaded please

  • Only you could do this bro lol

  • Cyberpunk hasn't fixed *shit* and your channel is full of *crap* okay?

  • This game is for morons even without a bugs.

  • "Amata? YOU'RE the Crimson Chin??" Best quote of the stream

  • its haaaaaappeniiiinnngg

  • HOW DID YOU SPAWN THE SHip on the moauntain =?

  • Is that a NZ 20 doller note?

  • Yo play SpaceLords

  • I'm italian

  • Is initalian

  • You think that’s dumb I made a mini gun shoot mirv mini nukes my poor Xbox

  • Amazing how the "critics" gave this game 85% on metacritic...wonder how much CDPR paid for the reviews


  • Hey! I was wondering what campaign you prefer, because I didn't even know you could change campaigns, and I was getting a bit bored of Normandy. Thanks!

  • It's cyberpunk 2077 .... U should play it on the year of 2077 .....

  • I am honeslty interested if there are active servers with players, because I'd go back to playing this game.

  • is he the brother of callmeKevin? Also, a video with "mean-psycho" answers to Panam&Judy is in order.

  • I hate driving in this game

  • Wait! You're playing this game too early, it's a "pre-alpha" version, what did you expected? Release version will be available in 2077.

  • I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • ah, the joys of rapid fire pew~ 13:52

  • the problem of guys like you, that showing "BUG" compilation is that you only play this game to find this bugs. i have ended this game TWICE and i had only 1 situation like this. all i wanted to say it is RPG game nto GTA V when you drive and kill people to find for bugs.

  • This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen

  • Those Italian coughs hit different

  • holy fuck i totally forgot that this game exists

  • That chair swarm scared me

  • "You should really go see a chiropractor" Kevduit: "no no he has a point"

  • Kevduit lost his hands in war

  • I feel like this exudes the same emotional pain as an attempt to play through the story of Skyrim on Skyrim Together

    • the difference is this looks like it actually works well

  • Sheogorath works in mysterious ways!

  • Fallout 76 is pretty solid. At Least i think so

  • I think you might be able to kill preston Garvey with that rainbow dolphin gun. I'm not sure if its possible but hey if chocolate crazed chairs is possible then anything's possible lol


  • I remember buying this as a kid on release and being so hyped and then hating it

  • people still play this

    • made it 3 minutes proud of myself

  • So it's still hot trash then? Shame, maybe in 5 years time it'll be half decent and I'll have forgotten enough of the linear story to play it again and enjoy it.

  • I still find this entertaining 2 years later

  • The chaos in this is so funny! I hope he makes another episode of it :0

  • this game is a fucking joke. I am ashamed as a Pole. Sorry for cyberpunk

  • Team fortress 1. Not 2, 1.

  • lol wtf whats wrong with this game

  • i came with my doubts, i must apologise.

  • Vale, entendemos que el arco es una mierda.. pues me hacia ilusion ir con un arma diferente tipo arco en walking death :p.. tendre que buscarme una tesla o algo asi porque mi rifle gauss no da para mucho T_T

  • 2:11 dad's got an eyepatch after getting shot in the face with a BB gun

  • If they did it to me I would not care

  • i love the night city but i hate cyberpunk 2077, this should have been a comic or been on some good compony's hand, maybe if rockstar made this game it would be fucking nuts, cuz the concept is great its just the... the fucking developers

  • Wish I had a ps5

  • If the servers didn't just completely suck when this game launched , it would have been such an amazing game


  • 7:50 is that a slipknot instrumental in the backround?

  • "you cant make that jump" *chair walks across rebar covering the hole* "OOoH"

  • E lui arrivo...... l'italiano senza sottotitoli.

  • good game! XD

  • this game was epic

  • Not gonna lie, thought that was Markiplier in the thumbnail...

  • it was at this moment he knew, it was not solid at all

  • i redownloaded it for the new update, game is still shite.

  • lol just infinite memes.

  • The child of god

  • GTA: gave us an ultracop CP2077 cop: "Father, I won't disappoint you" (already in a vehicle)

  • I would only buy this game if its free.

  • I can't tell if it's the youtube video that is skipping or the game. That's how Crisp and CClean Cyberpunk is.

  • The Chocolate Guy Chairs are the Terminators of this game, they absolutely will not stop EVER until you are dead

  • Bro is that the ace of spades from destiny lol

  • its still not working for me, its like a free country

  • The way you move your mouse makes it look like you're playing on a phone.

  • 100% not cod

  • Childhood ruined

  • This is heven

  • You killed an anti vaxx mom.. with a baby..

  • They really added a 10 g update just to add thomas the train🙄

  • When the ad is longer than the video