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10:45among us NEW VENOM ROLE (mods)
among us NEW VENOM ROLE (mods)Pregleda 792 tis.Prije 2 dana
10:35minecraft manhunt vs a TERMINATOR
minecraft manhunt vs a TERMINATORPregleda 636 tis.Prije 2 dana
10:31among us NEW ALIEN ROLE (mods)
among us NEW ALIEN ROLE (mods)Pregleda 862 tis.Prije 2 dana
10:53among us NEW TRANSFORMER ROLE (mods)
among us NEW TRANSFORMER ROLE (mods)Pregleda 912 tis.Prije 8 dana
12:28minecraft but you can MINE MOBS
minecraft but you can MINE MOBSPregleda 1 mil.Prije 15 dana
14:18among us new MR BEAST role (mods)
among us new MR BEAST role (mods)Pregleda 2,1 mil.Prije 15 dana
11:37among us new FLASH impostor role (mod)
among us new FLASH impostor role (mod)Pregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 15 dana
12:50Minecraft manhunt but its in the END
Minecraft manhunt but its in the ENDPregleda 917 tis.Prije 15 dana
10:09among us new King Kong vs Godzilla (mods)
among us new King Kong vs Godzilla (mods)Pregleda 1,2 mil.Prije 22 dana
10:47among us new NOVISOR role (mods)
among us new NOVISOR role (mods)Pregleda 1,3 mil.Prije 29 dana
13:05among us new Five Night at Freddy Roles (mods)
10:31among us 100 PLAYERS on the NEW AIRSHIP MAP
among us 100 PLAYERS on the NEW AIRSHIP MAPPregleda 963 tis.Prije mjesec
10:31among us NEW DABABY ROLE (mods)
among us NEW DABABY ROLE (mods)Pregleda 2,2 mil.Prije mjesec
10:16among us NEW GODZILLA role (mods)
among us NEW GODZILLA role (mods)Pregleda 2,2 mil.Prije mjesec
12:38among us NEW BRAWL STAR MAP (new roles)
among us NEW BRAWL STAR MAP (new roles)Pregleda 1,4 mil.Prije mjesec
12:40among us NEW STORE mod (BUY NUKES)
among us NEW STORE mod (BUY NUKES)Pregleda 2,3 mil.Prije mjesec
16:35I found a SECRET ROOM in minecraft on the SOCK SMP
11:50among us NEW HULK MODE (mods)
among us NEW HULK MODE (mods)Pregleda 1,3 mil.Prije mjesec
10:19among us NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA ROLE (mods)
among us NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA ROLE (mods)Pregleda 1,2 mil.Prije mjesec
13:20Minecraft Manhunt but you SHAPESHIFT Every Minute
11:01among us NEW BABY YODA and DARTH VADER role (mods)


  • Hahahahahah its just like terraria but 3d

  • Hold on... is that a tattoo under your eye?!

  • so we're just gonna ignore the chat messages at 1:12?

  • And a mod legend was born keep going socks

  • This is like the best HRwiki video ever

  • make a beanos mod

  • When socks said orange juice is better than apple juice 🤬

  • Socks you such i hope you get banned from doing dad jokes hope your channel lives forever

  • Am I the only one who wants to see 2,000 day in modded hardcore?

  • You’re the best you tuber

  • The best socks for one I amBest HRwiki or ever met

  • I beat the wall of flesh 5 times

  • Copy right copy right

  • Miy nem is Camila 7 yers old i love your vis


  • It plays in the right ear than the left next at the start

  • where is your largest mod pack series

  • tomminnit

  • This makes me want to play

  • Can you share your mods

  • Also on chapter 2

  • Socks: I don’t wanna kill my best friend. Literally threatened to burn his medical degree.

  • Boxing say hey American make stuff from Avatar earthbender teacher who teach it in I mean Avatar

  • Socks why do you just do raft do 64 hours straight raft ok

  • MORE!

  • I love venom so I clicked on this faster than mnm the rapper could say superhuman

  • Among is bad content

  • I'm flexible lol

  • Sequel to this plz

    • maybe with 16 gold blocks laff and joocie and socks has at least 1 ally to help him?

  • YES

  • yesterday beat moon and surfer cat

  • Tell manwe I will take it Everybody hello in the world enemy of

  • When he going to play subnatica below zero for 24 hours

  • Is socks best(yes he is)

  • Ye

  • Wow he really is a space man (a bad one)

  • We’re you going meme

  • I’m not on memes side nor socks or laff I’m on Blazas. Blaza is the only normal one in the amp blaza is cool

  • This is sad they think they more know about Pokemon than me I started in gen one fire red

  • 4:00 murder documentaries be like: tb was the impostor *until he wasnt*

  • Alternatively title: making cacti useful

  • Hi Karen :)

  • 010 what's that mean ???

  • can you do a 24 hour stranded deep

  • I like the seven deadly sins music econor prais the sun

  • I am so surprised george from DREAM is friends with socks

  • Day 1 of asking socks for more modded hardcore


  • Lol

  • 5:16 WHAT DID HE SAY?!

  • why doesnt youtube want me to sub to socks literally i subbed so many times but i look and im not subbed

  • Play subnautica bilow zero

  • 3:08

  • Play subNautica below zero

  • pls make a music chaneel

  • Hhhh

  • 😒

  • I’ll make 100 days in Minecraft

  • For one episodes of raft

  • 12:45

  • 10:21 your mom

  • Socksfor1 got exposed rip:[

  • bye bye memegod

  • HEY SOCKS, make among us but everyone is dummy THICC

  • Sockfor1 how about all of your friend and you see what under the water on Minecraft

  • “And I’m pulling out the lightsaber. I’m pulling it out.” Words from an impostor Kinda sus bro 12:03

  • Isaac Newton is not sure what to think

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  • I remember when this channel made good content

  • I haven't watched star wars too

  • 4:51-4:53 Um...Nadwa are you ok?

  • Cheap Attack titan : *I AM THE TITAN LORD ALL SHALL RESPECT MEEEEE* Anime AttackTitan : *I'm not bad...HmMMmMm **-Dramatic crying-I SWEAR TO GOD..... I WILL KILL EVERY TITAN EXISTING I DONT CARE AHHH -transforms into 15 Meter titan-** /starts to kill titans/* Among us Attack titan :* -Turns into a titan- THAT'S NOT FUNNY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH -kills-*

  • compared to his other vids



  • this mod pack is literally size of like 200 or idk random mods

  • this video is awsome

  • Wow Socksfor1 really is the real monke