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10:33VALKYRIE ... For Noobs
VALKYRIE ... For NoobsPregleda 1,2 mil.Prije 8 dana
8:46ARENAS ... For Noobs
ARENAS ... For NoobsPregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 15 dana
8:46CAPTAIN FALCON ... For Noobs
CAPTAIN FALCON ... For NoobsPregleda 185 tis.Prije mjesec
8:03CUSTOM MAPS: Where Did They Go?
CUSTOM MAPS: Where Did They Go?Pregleda 280 tis.Prije mjesec
3:45L-STAR (All Star Parody)
L-STAR (All Star Parody)Pregleda 1,2 mil.Prije mjesec
8:13KINGDOM HEARTS: What Went Wrong?
KINGDOM HEARTS: What Went Wrong?Pregleda 147 tis.Prije mjesec
14:33TITANFALL 2 ... For Noobs
TITANFALL 2 ... For NoobsPregleda 1,2 mil.Prije mjesec
10:40PYRA \u0026 MYTHRA ... For Noobs
PYRA \u0026 MYTHRA ... For NoobsPregleda 277 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
2:25MACRO ... For Noobs (Channel Trailer)
MACRO ... For Noobs (Channel Trailer)Pregleda 397 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
WARZONE MAKES NO SENSE 2Pregleda 949 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
11:40The Apex Legends Weapon Tier List (Season 8)
The Apex Legends Weapon Tier List (Season 8)Pregleda 2,2 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
9:25FUSE ... For Noobs
FUSE ... For NoobsPregleda 1,7 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
2:1750 Tips for Becoming a Billionaire
50 Tips for Becoming a BillionairePregleda 173 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
9:05VIDEO GAME MUSIC: Why It's Underrated
VIDEO GAME MUSIC: Why It's UnderratedPregleda 297 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
TOP 100 LEGENDS OF APEX LEGENDSPregleda 908 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
10:31ZENYATTA ... For Noobs
ZENYATTA ... For NoobsPregleda 629 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
1:00:08Best of Macro 2020
Best of Macro 2020Pregleda 337 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
9:13SEPHIROTH ... For Noobs
SEPHIROTH ... For NoobsPregleda 384 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
10:14CYBERPUNK 2077 ... For Noobs
CYBERPUNK 2077 ... For NoobsPregleda 699 tis.Prije 5 mjeseci
10:15BLACK OPS COLD WAR ... For Noobs
BLACK OPS COLD WAR ... For NoobsPregleda 850 tis.Prije 5 mjeseci
POKÉMON MAKES NO SENSEPregleda 392 tis.Prije 5 mjeseci
MAKING CURSED ART WITH THE BOYSPregleda 146 tis.Prije 5 mjeseci
8:28DEAD GAMES: What Went Wrong?
DEAD GAMES: What Went Wrong?Pregleda 1,4 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci
10:12HORIZON ... For Noobs
HORIZON ... For NoobsPregleda 1,7 mil.Prije 6 mjeseci
FIRST LOOK AT SEASON 7Pregleda 729 tis.Prije 6 mjeseci
9:23REAPER ... For Noobs
REAPER ... For NoobsPregleda 882 tis.Prije 6 mjeseci
9:33STEVE ... For Noobs
STEVE ... For NoobsPregleda 742 tis.Prije 6 mjeseci
8:4050 Tips for Among Us
50 Tips for Among UsPregleda 4,3 mil.Prije 7 mjeseci
11:48SPELLBREAK ... For Noobs
SPELLBREAK ... For NoobsPregleda 766 tis.Prije 7 mjeseci


  • #FortnitesDumXD!!!!!!

  • i got a 16 kill win on my second game

  • f

  • Let’s be honest Bt-7274, Jack Cooper, and Nessie are all the 3 main characters bro the 3 amigos

  • Beats headphones are better than Sony headphones you can’t compare

  • I used the L Star in Arenas and my god its fucking perfect

  • halo's custom games are why it is my favorite game and my go to argument when I'm debating what game is best. "Does your game have fat kid? No, it doesn't."

  • I wonder what genjis blades are made out of that they can just reflect everything thing out breaking or melting

  • Pro tip: with blood hound use the little markers it makes it easier to find enemies

  • The map is only a mile and a half across. That’s why we don’t run out of gas. And the helicopters simply don’t have enough time to run out of gas even if you land on one and use it until the endgame.

  • Hey among us is allso dying becuz the updated sucks

  • spooky scary revenant, send shivers down your spine

  • Me: I feel like playing Warzone! Warzone: *I SAID WE UPDATING TODAY*

  • Can someone pls suggest me what to pick octane or reveanent

  • hear me out when you lock yas something takes over you and you must be toxic

  • this is why you should have waited for season 9 everyone knows the bowcek is the best shotgun

  • Man, glitch with no wall running

  • She’s great and balanced now

  • 7:40 “The fact that Apex feels like titanfall but isn’t anything like it, that’s what’s wild to me!” Me who’s watching this when Vipers Daughter, Valkyrie is added to the game: STONKS

  • This legend is actually cracked. I haven’t lost an arena game in a week just because of this character alone .

  • cool

  • "Gravity? Who gives a crap about gravity!" "ME!" "oh no AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

  • well if it was not from riot i would say its a shitty csgo clone xD

  • Arceus isn't that good clearly you haven't met the Extreme Killer Arceus

  • Can you do Valorant Agents for Noobs?

  • One is it possible that a box of ARMOR explodes when you shoot it?🤔

  • L star is the best like the beek

  • I like xbox because halo infinite

  • I don’t scream

  • I think that wingman, R301, and the volt. Should be in the care package

  • .....i think making charizard a dragon type is just will make it an op almost all dragon types are pseudo its so unfair for the other starter..

  • POV: how I became a L-star main

  • "Team Based Game" My Team: Teamwork is nonexistent.

  • actually smoke shouldnt get from black hole it should suck it in

  • Mirage WAS perfect for his mode bec he could be invis

  • She needs buffs

  • been here since 50k subs glad you blew up

  • everybody gangsta till ps1000 gets released

  • L-star stands for L-Low-Stars-turbo-always-redflame.

  • You do know she's Scandinavian

  • Yes your right

  • It would’ve been cool if respawn made valkyrie the antagonist of Titanfall 3

  • imagine if a toxic pushed u out of the map in reality he laugh and reaper teleported to him and kill him and the toxic jusr rage quit smash his Pc with matter and he burn it XD

  • titanfall is not alive but not dead either

  • Please do a arena’s tierlist on macro-live

  • Hey Macro does it mean that Horizon is obsolete now? views-

  • Funny thing is that there is a minecraft thing in the game

  • No the jetpack is from titanfall2 it is a jump kit it prevents fall damage happening

  • I’ve only just heard about this game

  • Ha I’m in New Zealand 🇳🇿

  • Macro is like my mon she always says eat your vegetables lmfao

  • Also mrvn best legend

  • 5:28 the best legend:bionicle am I a joke to you

  • 1:11 song?

  • I masterd them in like 3 days its not that hard...well for me lol

  • the true sequel.

  • your lyrics should have been "I'm only seeing stars, cause there's no reload."

  • For the recent nerfs and buff do a new one for season 9

  • wheres mirage 2.0????

  • Macro ma bro i got a series idea but it would be pretty long one ...... Yeah it's every six siege(dunno if i spelled it right) operator for noobs INDIVIDUALLY

  • I can’t believe I have to say this, That skit at the beginning was better than the movie

    • Ik this is over spammed, but why not 🤷

  • actualy there a pro hack if you got swpe card everyone must do swipe card but if you doont have the swipe card task but the other crewmate still do it thats means he/she is the imposter

  • Marco u are the best trie list and I tried it and it was useful thx 🦊💙

  • I wish i have a good pc and a good connection to play apex legends😔

  • Mirage should have a buff to his tactical that turns him invisible for a couple of seconds. That would make him good.

  • 7:11 little did he know about masks

  • Guys he left rampart out for a reason

  • Macro: you can’t fly Season 9: yo let’s make that a thing

  • In my opinion I think bo2 was the best game of the decade but that’s my opinion

  • I she tried to kill jack I think shed die instead

  • 4:18 Thank you for the nostalgia of my elementary school days Macro. :)

  • "hey can you light the ARSINAL,WARZONE,VALORNT,FORTNITEfire." "do you mean CAMPfire?" "thats what i said"

  • this is awesome

  • Whoever came up with that thread never heard Thanos rap.

  • How is ghost still alive: because he is ghost...

  • I just wanna get all the consoles/PC cause I want to play everything 😅


    • @yasio bolo i littarly bought apex coins to buy tieard in battle pass also like this comment of ur parents die

    • I bought valk today and it was insaen

  • “Hey can’t we all just be friends “

  • The HIMYM reference really got me into this channel XD (ended up watching all of you 'xxx for Noobs' series)