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19:38The Video Ends When I Say THIS Word
The Video Ends When I Say THIS WordPregleda 416 tis.Prije dan
31:42Can 3 Gamers Beat 1 Speedrunner?
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14:06Ludwig Forgets to Turn Off Stream
Ludwig Forgets to Turn Off StreamPregleda 593 tis.Prije 2 dana
8:18How I Trolled a Scammer Out of $1,500
How I Trolled a Scammer Out of $1,500Pregleda 422 tis.Prije 2 dana
31:29What Can $30 Million Buy You Around the World?
17:05Saying YES to whatever stream tells me to do.
21:54I Made My Girlfriend Play Siblings or Dating...
19:51I Challenged 20,000 People to a Game of Pictionary
31:04The Human Benchmark Test is CRAZY
The Human Benchmark Test is CRAZYPregleda 587 tis.Prije 8 dana
15:23My New Tattoo
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20:54Can An American Find More Pubs Than a British Man?
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29:34Twitch Streamers Try Family Feud
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15:11Finding the Value of my Pokémon Collection
Finding the Value of my Pokémon CollectionPregleda 423 tis.Prije 15 dana
19:03Why Online Arcades are a Scam.
Why Online Arcades are a Scam.Pregleda 519 tis.Prije 15 dana
16:53I Found the CRAZIEST Ludwig Viewer
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17:52My New Best Friend.
My New Best Friend.Pregleda 394 tis.Prije 15 dana
19:24My Arch Rival...
My Arch Rival...Pregleda 426 tis.Prije 22 dana
19:12Disguised Toast Calls Ludwig the Smartest Streamer
20:01How Much Money I Made From the Subathon.
How Much Money I Made From the Subathon.Pregleda 524 tis.Prije 22 dana
19:49Ludwig Reveals What He Did After the Subathon
Ludwig Reveals What He Did After the SubathonPregleda 428 tis.Prije 22 dana
28:05Using Magnus Carlsen to CHEAT in Chess
Using Magnus Carlsen to CHEAT in ChessPregleda 1 mil.Prije 22 dana
18:09The NEW Biggest Streamer on Twitch
The NEW Biggest Streamer on TwitchPregleda 616 tis.Prije 22 dana


  • id get the japan. id love to live in japan

  • love your house tours !!! keep doing more

  • "You gotta look at the positives, you're moving into NYC and renting your first apartment". I visited Tokyo once, and Ive seen many New York apartments in media. I'm glad 300k USD in my country gets me ( 20 mins drive from capital city) 3 rooms, 2 balconies and a maid's quarters which I turned into a computer room. ( Near the city) An hour's drive from the city, 400k USD gets you the same residence as the Phillipines one in this video but we call it the "Dry Kitchen" not the "dirty Kitchen". Malaysia. Then again, in the middle of Kuala Lumpur we are looking at something in between Tokyo and New York levels of real estate prices.

  • Today i found out floor heating is rich shit, mom wtf what you makin?

  • why did the first narrator sound like slime lol

  • Not even close

  • QT lowkey getting that good good for that save 💀

  • All houses in sweden have floor heating lol

  • this man has gone crazy no chance cow is 50/50 half of the animals should be far left

  • Wtf ludwig lived in W6 😂 I can't believe that tbh

  • Yes, more please

  • You have not seen good prices till you go to rural America bud

  • i hate that these mfs are saying the smallest room possible is "pretty good" and that a bathroom is a fucken "luxury"

  • I can't believe you didn't show smallant completing several more lines before you finally completing your only line on the second round

  • 10:17 purpled in ludwig chat

  • new york's apartments are fucking comical

  • Nobody: The neighbors legs together in the backyard: 🪢

  • Wtf my country is in a Ludwig video

  • wow, chat is dumb.

  • Lud took the bait on the outrageously small nyc apartments vid. Most people in nyc have roommates or live in other boroughs in normal sized apartments. And people don't actually buy these tiny apartments, they're constantly turned over to renters as their "first apartment" like the realtors said...aka suckers

  • i cant even be mad at the fact the the philippines is in the title as clickbait bc i clicked on it 😭

  • ludwig can deflower me. love his energy.


  • Gonna be completely honest here, if I was dead set on living in NYC I wouldn't mind that first apartment at all.

  • 16:57 i mean u could make oatmeal with the water sooooo

  • Bro just go outside, here in the philippines, you can smell all the shit you want xd

  • Lud, your former apartment is stupidly nice. Also amenities are so important and it looks like it had everything. Damn. Basically this is partially why people hate living in New York. Also the guy showing the apartment makes me feeling like we're watching Punk'd. Philippines - I'd use the shower as a panic room if I was rich 💜. That's definitely Tagalog; my ex-bf was Philippino.

  • Apartment 2 is like the door ringer person from Jessie his apartment I swear

  • she is extremely gorgeous

  • I hate the floors in the 3rd house

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  • For practicality, I'm gonna choose the last one. You can buy or add those gadgets/items later but not an additional space. Cause the last house was Huuuuuuuge.

  • 6:00 that aged perfectly

  • Ludwig every video: BOYS!

  • Hmm

  • Lud be like owww why is it hot Like vruh its been in a pan

  • Imagine bringing a girl back from the club or bar to those New York places

  • 13:54 Man tells me to understand the differences in the English language then screams.

  • Lud : puts Philippines on title Filipinos : *INSTA CLICK*

  • Create #HRwiki Video intro #ANIMATION for your #Logo!

  • I loved this video🤣🤣

  • they really ordered every single topping you could possibly get on a five guys burger and said "it's too much"

  • You're a heck of an entertainer bud. I don't even play these games.

  • How is this on trending for gaming 🤨

  • how to get views: step 1: put “Philippines” in your title. step 2: wait for all the Filipinos to click your video. step 3: don’t mispronouce tagalog...

  • hearing ludwig say “Tagalog” is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard him say

  • Anyone realize that that box cost the company like 5 bucks to make

  • just look at a house in texas lol

  • These New York apartments look like something I would build in prison architect

  • yo that speedrun was as fast as tardigrades finance will blow up. get in now new doge speedrun edition

  • I can't believe Slime still had hair 1 year ago I'm already so used to bald Slime.

  • id have to choose house 3 because im 6' 7" and wouldn't fit in japan

  • So, are we not talking about who's making the merch


  • my last name is ortiz :P

  • my mans out here criticizing the stay at home mom life, forgetting that QT cooks every single one of his meals

  • I GOT FOOD 😂

  • 20:14 what song is this also love the transition

  • That NYC apartment is insane. I live in NYC and would never live there for that.

  • Is it just me or does New York City suck shit?

  • Just check out a $500,000 house in Texas.

  • He used the sacred word to summon the Filipinos XD

  • Imagine how many pokemon cards one may get for 80k

  • No snow room. Not interested

  • CODY KO, shme

  • I'm drunk asf right now. Let's see if I remember this. I might if I remember this. If I don't respond, I'm black out drunk. We will see.

  • Wholesome streamer takes on three brutish gamers.

  • E

  • I had so many of these mega ex cards thinking I was the coolest kid in the playground LULW

  • 9:15 thats how the japenese are. When you check into a hotel they show you everythingggggggg.

  • The David Dobrick shit didn't age well


  • I feel like only chads fuck with atrioc heavy


  • When you don’t do the fallen kingdom series. :( *Also I know that CaptainSparklez didn’t sing it*

  • 21:07 IS THAT ANIME MUSIC????

  • this is just flirting but ludwigs tryna hold back cuz he wants to stay faithful to QT till he officially breaks it off