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  • I think it's disappointing that the theories about what was happening or to come were much better than the series. It didn't live up to the hype and there was no Like Skywalker moment, period. All hype, no follow through.

  • I'm not disappointed in the show. It had a slow start but I enjoyed it in the end

  • so far, there're only three marvel instalments that have ever made me cry every time i watch/rewatch them: guardians of the galaxy 2 -- when yondu dies; avengers endgame -- when tony dies; wandavision -- when wanda and vision are saying goodbye to their twins, and when wanda and vision are saying goodbye

  • I hope there a season 2

  • i think they did well with the final and i think we have to consider that they can’t do to much that reveals a lot about the mcu and introduce long time villians(like possibly mafisto) bc not everyone has disney+ and they still want the timeline to make sense to those who only watch the movies

  • What, why is everyone hating the finale, the whole series is about grief, the conclusion and finale should be about accepting grief and persevering, not doctor strange cameos and crazy fighting scenes (although that happened) And this is what happened and it was in a satisfactory manner.

  • What if Pietro is Ralph Bohner bc he is the one under witness protection and has some sort of amnesia? Idk I didn’t watch it yet lol

  • what happened to white vision after get his memories back?

  • My thoughts, Agatha is Married to Ralph. Which means he MUST become the speedster again and with the knowledge previously. Hes going to free Agatha. The d joke is watch this. Its trying to be a throw off, but Scarlet just thinks it, not the indepth knowledge of her spells. Agatha once free will make something for mutants to happen. Just a thought.

  • Ralph Bohner is Noobmaster69

  • (Excuse ma French....)🗣”I fuckin love the finale!!!!!!!” The MCU is Golden🙏🏾

  • IT WAS BETTANY ALL ALONG. I want that shirt. 👍 (what happened to a secret 10th episode, or the last ep. will be 90 mins.? Ohh you Fan dream leaks.) 🤘🤠

  • I was slightly disappointed that this finale left many things unanswered such as Agatha and White Visions fates, as well as what you pointed out about the person who was in witness protection but the show forgot about. But as you said they will hopefully be expanded more on as more of the story is developed.

  • Good ending but I think too much was going on. There were three or four villains. The supporting good characters each had one cool moment. I also think many fans imagined a different story due to set up and “leaks”. Unanswered questions: what happened to the beekeeper? Who was the missing person? Is Ralph his real name considering others had to pretend to be someone else? Why change decades?

  • I think fietro/ralph is the one in witness protection.

  • So two nicely well dress Black American dress as who they are is stereotypical ? One is a cheff, the other is a Jazz player they have jobs they are dress as who they are in every day work clothes not off day clothes.Other then that everthing is fine it

  • BOOOOOOOORING, dude you gotta throw us a bone, first 10 min and you didnt say anything intresting, just repeating that you watched the show, ohh wow, well good for you but im not here for that. here to learn something new not just rewatch the whole show, bleeeeh man, you are just disguisting like hunter and views for long video with no content at all

  • Pretty sure Evan peters character Ralph Bohner was the person in witness protection, those files were his cover story. Why on earth do you have a stack of files on yourself otherwise?

  • Given the townsfolk don't seem to know him, and the name being a little odd, I assumed 'Ralph Bohner' was the person in witness protection? And if so there could be more to that character, given there'll be questions about why he is in witness protection (i.e. been drawn through the multiverse)

  • Ppl really thought a high priced actor like Benedict was going to make a guest appearance lol

  • tbh I wasn't a big fan of wanda and vision before the series, but now i'm in love with them. i guess that's the power of the mcu, they get you fall in love with the characters after giving you the chance to understand them better. god i'm so looking forward to the falcon and the winter soldier

  • The Armie Hammer joke! 😭

  • Why isn't anybodu talking about how did thw white vision get inside the hex?!! Surprised.

  • 15:16 this shit?

  • But what happened with white vision? Did I miss something?

  • The Darkhold looking like that in Wandavision doesn't contradict AOS since it appeared in a different form in an earlier scene of AOS season 4 iirc.

  • couldn't wanda just wipe their memories before press get there wtf

  • theory i heard, ralph IS the person in witness protection. that's totally a fake name.

  • Ending sucked.

  • I don’t think you have enough ads in your video.

  • No MEPHISTO, No Nightmare, No Reed Richards, No Hank McCoy, No Blue Marvel, No Magneto, No Professor X, No use of Nanotech, No Ultron, No Dottie reveal, No Dr Strange. This was all about the Scarlet Witch. But Fietro.. now that's interesting. He is Ralph, which is a fake name, which suggests he is the one in witness protection Jimmy Woo was looking for. And Jimmy only deals with the weird stuff from the FBI like people with powers, which Ralph has, as Agatha explains she only possessed him, she did not give him his powers. so Quicksilver is real? Also Agatha retains some magic. if Wanda had taken it all Agatha would have mummified as she is centuries old and the magic keeps her alive... this also means that her last line to Wanda, not if I see you first, is an Easter egg for Agatha either breaking out independently or Dr strange releasing her because he needs her help with Wanda. remember Agatha did say the scarlet witch's power exceeds the sorcerer supreme.

  • So I was thinking and it does seem like a very thought out decision to cast Evan peters as (seemingly) quicksilver for them to cast him aside as a dud character but like...what if he was the person in witness protection and Agatha took him (to control him) and the reason his name is bohner is because it’s a funny name he made up as his false persona because he’s in witness protection???!!!!!!!

  • I think people are struggling because they didn't view this show as it was intended to be viewed. It is about Wanda's arch after all of the pain she's suffered. It was about giving some closure to old Vision while introducing a new one. It was also about planting the seeds for the next Marvel phase. We got the tie in to multiverse of magic with Wanda's son calling her. Remember Billy(?) has similar powers to Wanda and I'm pretty sure he was the one calling out to her. We got the distrust of people who are different which will play into the mutants arcs I think. We also got the seeds for Monica's story with the Skrulls and most likely Captain Marvel. Being able to accept this series for what it is hopefully helps those who are disappointed.

  • But who was “the messenger” really? It’s these kinds of things that the MCU will completely shock you with. Someone you think is just some random person turns out to be either a spy for someone more powerful or someone hiding their own powers. Watch that mailman turn out to be working for someone. He looked sus. 😄 Wanda is completely too powerful to go up against Dr Strange at this point, so they’ll probably be facing off against someone that can match her, that is if she even plays a major role in that movie. And now I’m wondering where White Vision shows up. He’s the one to be worried about. A completely emotionless Vision could be extremely dangerous. And I believe that could actually be Quicksilver from the X-Men using an alias. He’s another one that could’ve been sent from say, Xavier bc he felt someone’s power growing. Just a theory but it’d be a subtle way to start bringing in the Mutants. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Pardon my spelling, I have to dictate to my phone. However, while I don’t think this show was complete trash, I do think that we have to in admit that they failed to stick the landing. It is not the fault of Sam theories, all of which were built on Easter eggs and cheeses that they seated themselves. The biggest disappointment is the way they’ve wasted Evan peters. And now I’m hearing that we’re not getting the X-Men at all, But a movie called the mutants. Because Disney. You’ll have to understand some of us fans feel extremely let down by this. They promised the universe is expanding, it didn’t. They seeded the potential for mutants, they seated important characters, the aerospace engineer, they seated Doctor Strange, they delivered none of it. In a vacuum this was a great story, but they set up a bunch of mystery boxes, aired the episodes one at a time, allowed expectations to bloom from their seeds, and now people want to gripe that there’s some of us that are disappointed with the way they ended it.

  • Massive fail not having Dr. Strange show up. Apparently being the sorcerer supreme is more like a part time gig. Gj marvel...

  • Kinda bullshit that they made this mythical witch lore to not make Wanda a mutant lol

  • Did anyone else notice the glowing face reflected in Wanda's eyes in the very last shot as she hears her children's voices? Still could be Metephisto being teased for Dr Strange 2! 😃

  • How exactly does this retcon agents of shield?

  • Its a shame I’m really disappointed but the ending was good if it wasn’t for the fan theory’s and the creators indulging them I would feel fine right now

  • We will see later that Dr Strange WAS there! He just wasn't seen/recognised!!

  • I haven’t finished watching this yet but I hope someone tells me what happened to senor scratch lol

  • I think Monica in general was a flat character. When Darcy warned that the hex was changing Monica's DNA, she was like "oh that's ok, anything for Wanda". When monica stepped into the hex a second time and started seeing the electromagnetic spectrum, she didn't freak out or look worried at all. When Wanda was attacking Monica and she was absorbing all the attacks, she didn't look surprised or shocked that she gained superpowers. And when director hayward insulted her by saying she wouldn't be able to handle her mother's death (I thought she'd get really angry from this), she just kinda shrugged it off.

  • Enjoyed Wanda vision very much. I felt a bit disappointed with some of the pay offs like Ralph lol so my question is where is Agatha? Wanda said you live here now so Agatha is just roaming west view now?

  • We definitely got ourselves overhyped for the series finally. But I also feel this had a very strong comic book ending. As badly as I wanted more from this show, I'm still struggling to accept that Wanda let her children go... and that she tucked them into bed before they "died"... I haven't felt this kind of grief since I read Of Mice and Men, and that is something incredibly special.

  • Least we met Ralph

  • Ralph could still be a doppelgänger

  • Does anyone find Drax in episode? No? He was there!

  • “Just as big as the Luke Skywalker cameo”

  • The real Mephisto was the friends we made along the way

  • They are currently in London shooting Dr Strange.

  • You weren't much into this series after Episode 1. Glad you finally came around. This series has been the golden goose for reactors, reviewers and Easter egg hunters.

  • what an ending... as a whole this series was pretty much perfect and if anyone is disappointed its because they expected things that werent even close to being promised

  • “You’re a witch Wanda” I said that in Hagrid’s voice lol

  • And!! We find out she has been keeping all the town children in their rooms!!

  • I wanted the kids to live to be honest they should of though

  • I think there is an actual purpose for Marvel to cast Evans Peter as the fake quicksilver . They don’t want us to realise that he was fake all along until the last episode . They succeed. But at the cost of thousands of shattered hearts

  • I was confused when hex Vision, unlocked the memories of White Vision and he just flew off after saying "I'm Vision". If he got his memory back wouldn't the first thing he would want to do be talk to Wanda? My dude BOLTED after the memory flash......Like, where did he go? If I died, was resurrected without memory, then got my memory back and my wife was within 100 yard.....I would probably go see her first but VISION flew away as fast as possible lol 😆

  • To be honest this is the shittiest marvel thing I have watched till date (that I have watched) Looks like some 5th grader wrote the script and dialogues.

  • Monica will join Fury. White vision will find his way to the avengers

  • Most definitely satisfying, I definitely got swept up in Mephisto and X-men madness, but it’s still really early in Phase 4

  • So where's Vision and Darcy???

  • The current lack of infinity stones means Dr. Strange is running all over the place fighting every enemy that just realized that earth is undefended so it makes sense that he might be too busy to drop what he was doing to stop Wanda.

  • The complaining about Hayward's pun followed immediately by "unable to woo Jimmy" was poetic, bravo.

  • Show was great marvel always doing amazing with the character development can’t wait for multi verse of maddness

  • I still think Quicksilver is in this universe. Using the same actor for the role is too much of a red-herring. Ralph Bohner is the name Quicksilver picked because his characters personality is a bit juvenile and would think the d-joke was funny. In Multi-verse of madness they will reveal that there have been cross-overs with augmented people from other Universes, and SWORD has been hiding them in the prime Universe. This will tie into No Way Home with the other iterations of Spiderman living under witness protection in New York.

  • We may have seen the big bad in Dr Strange. It’s scarlet witch

  • Idk... Ralph bohner is definitely a witness protection name quicksilver would choose for himself...

  • This was a great series and really brought me back into the mcu after a break with end game. Now I'm rdy to see the new twists and turns and excited for the future

  • white vision is now normal vision but dont know where is he

  • Bro that show was great the character development for Wanda is great marvel always doing gray

  • Everyone's talking about Quicksilver being a red herring and no one is talking about Dottie and her husband being WORSE red herrings. Like, they were even given Marvel character names, in Wanda's reality.

  • i think Wanda accidentally took pieces of Mephisto soul to create Billy and Tommy. And the 2nd post-credit scene show's that Wanda hear their voices to be save from Mephisto because his soul is full of horrors, so probably she will try to save them

  • idk sandwich

  • Lol really looking forward to seeing al Pacino😅🤦‍♂️

  • Hex Vision didn’t give White Vision the memories. He said “you have the data, it’s just being kept from you.” Hex Vision just unlocked the memories within White Vision. No way Vision could’ve restored the memories within White Vision with the limited amount of info Darcy gave him. It was already inside White Vision and hex Vision unlocked it.

  • Nooo, now I have to wait 2 weeks with boring fridays!

  • Riddle me this: why would Fietro have a picture of himself with his name on it ? Could he be in the witness protection program and hence Jimmy Woo’s missing person 😁

  • Also why did they just ignore white vision after he got all of his memories back

  • In my opinion WandaVision episode 9 was amazing and i can’t wait for Multiverse of Madness!