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I'm KairosTime, and it's TIME to BRAWL! I Freaking LOVE Brawl Stars and I want to share my love for the game with YOU! Come join the fun and check out my content!

Brawl Stars is an EXTREMELY entertaining game! It requires fast reflexes, solid strategy, and a love for fun! If you have these things, you're definitely going to want to play Brawl Stars!

Here is some of my Brawl Stars Content:
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If you like to play Clash Royale, I'm a HUGE Clash fan as well! Check out some of my Clash Royale content here:
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If you're ready to Brawl, the Time is now!

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24:04Can You Beat Brawl Stars WITHOUT Dying?!
5:38The ULTIMATE 3rd Person Shooter on Mobile!
The ULTIMATE 3rd Person Shooter on Mobile!Pregleda 37 tis.Prije 15 dana
13:01I became what I was meant to destroy....
I became what I was meant to destroy....Pregleda 114 tis.Prije 15 dana
16:38Single BEST Skin for EVERY Brawler in 2021!
Single BEST Skin for EVERY Brawler in 2021!Pregleda 339 tis.Prije mjesec
14:27Brawl Theory: The Origin of EVERY Brawler!
Brawl Theory: The Origin of EVERY Brawler!Pregleda 508 tis.Prije mjesec
28:59The most important video I'll make in 2021
The most important video I'll make in 2021Pregleda 214 tis.Prije mjesec
16:13I was SO WRONG!
I was SO WRONG!Pregleda 354 tis.Prije mjesec
16:41STU OLYMPICS + 19 BALANCE CHANGES! | Early Update Info!


  • Everybody in the game is a reference to a fairy tail lol

  • Do you miss something Mr. P & gale trio from New brawler Lou

  • R.I.P. jack son

  • R.I.P. bushs 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Omg I got it

  • Mortis

  • Spike

  • Bruh I’ve died one shot by colt so many times😑

  • #KairosForever I know I’m late to watching the video but I just came back from a break from the game and noticed the video. Great content as all ways and keep up the amazing work. As long as I am playing I will continue to watch all your content.

  • First time watching and what getting is that collette is great

  • Please do this again

  • Let's revisit this video to see how many more skins are yet to come

  • At tick u forgot to use his gadget last hurrah

  • Part 2 plz!

  • U noob man sorry very bad game

  • “Im going to go with Michael Jackson because hes dead”

  • u forgot spike

  • 9:52 player 666

  • You ur pretty close Kairos it’s a fire brawler and it’s a legendary and the name starts with A

  • 14:35 wide putin walks

  • naruto misic in beetwen video

  • RIP:Bushes, Moustaches, Baby Bear, Good Lookin, The Rock, Jerk, Piranha, James, Milly Micheal Jackson, Miguel, Thicco, and Rachel they will be deadly missed.

  • CRINGE,!!!

  • Why did you pick The PSG skin to be the worst skin i personally disagree

  • 2:24 primo not rock

  • 2:08 he said shelly not bushes

  • U have the voice of Edgar

  • Short answer: NO, unless you spend a lot of money on the game, don't gem the pass.


  • thicco : dies me :_)

  • Gonna need another episode

  • Bro why did he say why am I doing so well with Shelly come on like he wanted to lose her


  • Squeak release 2 days

  • I did 7/10

  • I just unlocked Mr,p

  • Ypu are noob😑

  • chasl mini is like team fight tactics (Leauge of legends) and chasl heroes is like minecraft dungeons

  • For squrt you can just drink water lol

  • Contiunue this as i really found it entairtaning watched it all the way to the end

  • Remember when Jessie did no damage? Pepperidge Farm Remembers

  • Uhhh Zooba was the original brawl stars BROOOO

  • trippy

  • The Pam from the title looks like medic from TF2

  • OP Shelly: hrwiki.info/plane/video/p66FkrmvnXKEt6A Gaming (Playlist): hrwiki.info/zone/PLUwl4Pi2uJYSxd6eO-Bj-YAYjFI6ICFwa See

  • OP Shelly: hrwiki.info/plane/video/p66FkrmvnXKEt6A Gaming (Playlist): hrwiki.info/zone/PLUwl4Pi2uJYSxd6eO-Bj-YAYjFI6ICFwa

  • 11:05 what is this music

  • Emz in emz means

  • 2:05 ASMR

  • Anyone else get Deadpool vibes from the inner monologue

  • She -struggles me-what the

  • Primo should have been the boulder

  • Nice vidio we want more vidios like this plese🙏

  • 1:00

  • Kairos probably trained us even if we didn’t know. I sit on the couch on my living room like 15 hours and then go to my bed and sleep. Or when Im in school Im on a bed and then go to the couch and then my bed :trol:

  • 10:25 you finally feel our pain 😢

  • Do you feel me know kairos

  • OMG him at starr park

  • I have 7000 trophy’s can I have 70 mega boxes

  • This is just scary

  • o

  • #starpark

  • Rip-off

  • Michael Jackson ROCKS!!

  • Yessy is not called scrappy

  • that Michael Jackson hit me in the face... I miss him #MJinnocent #DontTalkStupidAboutMichaelJackson. I miss MJ :(

  • Shiba Nita is the worst skin

  • Shiba Nita is the worst skin