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Sabaton are a five-piece metal band from Falun, Sweden.

Combining soaring power riffs with distinctive deep vocals, their lyrics focus on the exploits of war, from ancient historical battles to modern acts of heroism.

Their electrifying live show - which features a full-sized and firing tank - has won numerous industry accolades, while two of their eight studio albums are certified platinum sellers.

Their most recent album, The Great War, reached #1 position in the charts in several countries including Germany and Sweden.

The band, who are signed to the worlds biggest metal label Nuclear Blast are doing over 100 shows every year all around the world.


4:43SABATON - The Royal Guard (Official Lyric Video)
4:46SABATON - The Royal Guard (Official Music Video)
4:43SABATON - Livgardet (Official Lyric Video)
SABATON - Livgardet (Official Lyric Video)Pregleda 483 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
5:03SABATON - Livgardet (Official Music Video)
SABATON - Livgardet (Official Music Video)Pregleda 2,5 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
5:25SABATON - Bismarck (Live at Wacken World Wide)
SABATON - Bismarck (Live at Wacken World Wide)Pregleda 209 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
6:29SABATON - Panzerkampf (Live at Wacken World Wide)
0:36Sabaton Wishes \u0026 Exclusive News for 2021
Sabaton Wishes \u0026 Exclusive News for 2021Pregleda 114 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
0:48Sabaton New Music Teaser
Sabaton New Music TeaserPregleda 351 tis.Prije 4 mjeseci
8:47SABATON - No Bullets Fly (Animated Story Video)
SABATON - No Bullets Fly (Animated Story Video)Pregleda 2,4 mil.Prije 4 mjeseci
4:55SABATON - The Final Solution (Official Lyric Video)
3:08SABATON - Night Witches (Animated Music Video)
SABATON - Night Witches (Animated Music Video)Pregleda 1000 tis.Prije 6 mjeseci
7:22SABATON - Night Witches (Animated Story Video)
SABATON - Night Witches (Animated Story Video)Pregleda 744 tis.Prije 7 mjeseci
3:40SABATON - Saboteurs (Live - The Great Tour - Oslo)
4:45SABATON - Uprising (Live - The Great Tour - Warsaw)
5:26SABATON - Bismarck (Live - The Great Tour - Hamburg)


  • The swedish version of this song is just the same guys coming back from a good fight, blood still on them. Fighting makes you hungry.

  • nice music my mom really likes it

  • трек говно

  • KMS Bismarck God level 🔥

  • I don't understand what the video is about. I'm Turkish and as far as I know the Ottomans got along well with Sweden. The Ottomans even protected the swedish king who sought protection against the russians. You can look up the Battle of Prut. Can you guys inform me which historical event the clip is based on?

  • Why hasn't Sabaton made a song about this battle yet?


  • War to end all wars... More like a war to start all the wars that *might* end the wars at some point in far future.

  • And yet people say Sabaton glorifies the war by their songs. What the actual big F. They haven't even listened for their songs, then.

  • I look at this song and think 'you had WAY too much fun making the video for this version'

  • Сегодня 9 мая... Всех с праздником победы!!!! Мы дошли!, Наша победа! И мы помним!!!!


  • Best song ever1111!!!!!!

  • HRwiki: „music” Me: „no youtube, this is not music. This is *ART”*

  • Love this man

  • Me and the bois when its velantines day: (Bismarck was launched on the valentines day)

  • Лаааааайкккккк!!!!!!!!

  • Напалм музыка и песня!!!!

  • Из какого фильма кадры с треком????

  • Is there any German still alive with Nazi Aproach ?

  • I played this for my kitten, now he is man of the house

  • The Final Solution is a lie hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

  • Titanic: I've seen guys cry to this movie too. Bismarck: Seriously! This joke is so old.

  • Май 2021 год...война и сейчас идёт...." Великая война! Война, которая положит конец всем войнам!!!!"

  • Story of honor, bravery, and humanity

  • It always sounds off live

  • Honestly, Sabaton is the sole reason why I became interested in History

  • Once you hear that whistling. You know it’ll be a good time

  • WW2: Starts Red Baron in the afterlife: its a shame that we lost but my god was i really going to fight for this idiot. Also why does he have a trapezium moustache?

  • Okay. Amazing song and all but where the hell came those janissaries from in sweden?!


  • I can't believe sabaton forgot about sam the unsinkable

  • I can't even say his name yet Sabaton makes it work pega I'll leave the spelling of the name there

  • 🇪🇬🇬🇧

  • Song Idea for History Events a Song Called Pearl Harbor ;)

  • This one so powerful I became an arab

  • epic

  • I have a confession... I was only listening to “Great War” Before any other sabaton song i am a disappointment

  • 0:40 "You got a hole in your left äääh right wing"

  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Make one about YAMATO!

  • I've only just found the winged hussar in the video

  • No video clip for Defence of Moscow? :/ its sad

  • Нифига у тесака песни классные

  • I love Sabaton ❤️❤️

  • More people would be Christian if all Christian rock bands were this cool.

  • Around 5:00 -> amazing!!!!!!!!

  • well thx history teacher i now know ww1 and ww2


  • We Arabs hate Lawrence

  • Ahh, history trough music more entertaining than the books, and lectures

  • Always a banger and the best history teacher or me still like my teacher I showed it to him and asked him to use it for his class now we good friends !

  • I mean, imagine thinking that you've won after dropping biogas on the enemy and they start getting up and charging towards you with deteriorating faces.. I'd surrender ngl

  • 1:46 look they made a ship on the song

  • Irony, keeping metal alive with.... history

  • Белый флаг-флаг Польши.

  • 👍😏

  • У вас мужчины умирают под мужчинами, а не под пулями, позор вам

  • Я слышал, что поляки не могут постоять за себя.

  • Kiepskie tłumaczenie do napisów w języku polskim.

  • First time hearing this and i know the words wtf 😂, sabaton go ham.. and have made some fuckin wicked music 💯🤟

  • You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

  • Я старше этой песни на 1 год...

  • i listen to this song whenever i crusade in games and i feel like a fucking god whenever so