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Genshin Impact is an open-world action game proudly presented by miHoYo. In the world of Teyvat - where all kinds of elemental powers constantly surge - epic adventures await, fearless travelers!

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47:52Version 1.5 Special Program|Genshin Impact
4:04Genshin Impact EP - A Warrior Far From Home
Genshin Impact EP - A Warrior Far From HomePregleda 1,1 mil.Prije mjesec
25:05Genshin Impact OST Album - Vortex of Legends
5:22Genshin Impact EP - Songs of Melodious Winds
Genshin Impact EP - Songs of Melodious WindsPregleda 953 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
42:05Version 1.4 Special Program|Genshin Impact
Version 1.4 Special Program|Genshin ImpactPregleda 2,4 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
4:16Genshin Impact EP - Where All Ships Dock
Genshin Impact EP - Where All Ships DockPregleda 998 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
1:54Character Demo - "Xiao: Doombane" | Genshin Impact
5:09Genshin Impact EP - Genial Breeze of Hope
Genshin Impact EP - Genial Breeze of HopePregleda 765 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci


  • 吐了,又再勾引老色皮

  • Ok được nha :)))

  • How to play this song in the game

  • POV: ur character died and this starts playing

  • i found Fixed version of this Trailer Eula😂

  • why does he sound like sykuno?

  • Everyone keeps talking about her dance and stuff that they didnt realize she did samba with high heels

  • after this video is the *Collected Miscellany* the final eula version

  • La canción de la demo debería incluirse en el juego de verdad se desperdiciaría es demasiado buena <3

  • Hinokami Kagura ain't got nothing on this


  • me: i dont want this character also me: *sees her dancing* uh

  • В который раз убеждаюсь что Эола прекрасна

  • 新手只有十连抽。。。


  • Ok so for the chat before I even look BONK

  • Eula and Amber in the same video. We all know what they have in common :) Glorious Zettai Ryoiki

  • Why all these dislikes?!

  • 9 year old me drinking grape juice from a wine cup:

  • Coming back here after eula trailer

  • I sstill come back to keep watching because of the songful music

  • im actually crying because mihoyo didnt advertise her with a hydro character even tho she has dragons bane on

  • Amber will finally have a use

  • Yg kesini gra2 bpk smp bilang hadir

  • I have never loved amber so much before

  • Oh man, it still feels unreal that I got him last night - literally less than a day before his banner ends. And at the 75th wish too, when I could only save enough primos to get to 78th at best :')

  • Huehuehuehue

  • waifu,five star and monstadt version of chongyun.

  • aaaaahhhhhhhh it confuses me...

  • Can we talk about the music tho

  • Apparently Eula's and Amber's shipping name is snowbunny? HELP THAT'S CUTE WTF?

  • please bring back hu tao :D

  • xiao rerun when

  • and this explains why I love Dragonspine sooo muuuch!!!


  • Ya'll sure you wanna skip this? im gonna keep this woman for myself then?

  • Какое танго, какая Эола, хатьфу. Дайте мне моего Жонли, суки. 75 роллов, гарант, а они до последнего тянут, я не успеваю... ;(

  • Im not affected by this charm, Im waiting for Xiao Re-run, my primogems was wasted on an Amine-3d Ed Sheeran :/

  • Itadori Yuji : 😍 EULA not Jennifer Lawrence.

  • So he's reciting a poem Interesting

  • Cocogoat

  • Got her C6 *.* i love her

  • So Eula is Spaniard?! 🤣 She’s dancing flamenco within the first 10 seconds.


  • Eula come to papa 🤤🤤🤤

  • I don't need dps.. I don't need dps.. I don't need dps.. NEVERMIND

    • You don't need DPS YOU NEED WAIFU!!

  • Primera vez que un personaje me cautiva tanto uwu, creo que es hora de descargar el juego en PS4 😊

  • wow so good

  • damn she cute


  • The original chinese version of the line "Vengeance will be mine" could be translated as "I shall use my ice ( which is the skill that triggers this line ) to end the chain of hatred "(in chinese: 坚冰,断绝深仇 jiān bīng duàn jüé shēn chóu). This small correction in words might be made to simplify the sentence, as you can see the line become too complicated if i just translate the chinese sentence word by word.

  • Klee: give me 2 songs pls MiHoYo: I'm sorry little girl, we must be fair Also klee: *oh I wasn't asking* Fischl: Thy shall- MiHoYo: *shut up and take 2 songs*

  • This is literally yuri on ice

  • New waifu to add in my har...ohh wait.

  • Me coming back every time when mihoyo release new character demo

  • awesome music and voice acting, Amber showed up, now i feel like pulling for Eula too ^

  • i saw this and and i didn't want to skip it, and now i'm here

  • F2P pulling for Eula...., pray Qiqi doesn't say hello first.... :D

  • Man, I originally played Genshin because it sounded like it has good lore. Don't get me wrong it does have good lore but my god, why do you take so long to release archon quests or any quests at all. The game is starting to become stale at this point lol.

  • Why would you show this ad WHEN I CANT EVEN DOWNLOAD THE GAME

  • Man I sure love to make End User License Agreements as a waifu.

  • This is a dance video choreography.

  • I’ll never forgive myself for not playing during this banner

  • I GOT HIM JUST IN TIME!!!! i love you big zhong😭😭

  • Editor and animator for this deserves a raise

  • C20 XQ lez go!

  • Aether with all 7 elements combine he became the strongest warrior in Teyvat, being not only to wield the elements but combine them, earth+fire = lava, wind+water = tsunami the list goes on. But he has 1 enemy not only wield the same powers but also the closest in his heart.. Lumine They fought day and night until Lumine finally lost.. Aether for his love of Lumine cannot cut her down and reconciles. Paimon had a different plan all along revealing herself and stabs Lumine at the back, to make sure she slashes swiftly and cut Lumine's head off entirely. Aether in rage ask who are you?, Before she can answer Aether put all his might on a never seen ultimate attack that cracked Paimons defenses down like butter, and hit a certain glowing orb. After awhile your vision goes black and you wake up not remembering what happened and where you are.. Hmm it's a beach, feeling hunger you try to catch a fish but get a weird looking girl instead, came afoat Hi my Paimon nice to meet you and you are??? My name is... Ah yes I remember.. *Lumine*

  • I love the music they used on this but Eula is a pass for me Goodluck to those summoning for her!

  • So when the inevitable video of Eula doing specialist comes out, we can consider it canon

  • Dance of Sacrifice, Act 4: Crying Wallet

  • im here for zhongli's theme

  • I thought she would be a cold-hearted character, NEVERMIND

  • يارببب تجينييي😭😭😭

  • shut up and take my primogems

  • this game got boring 😔😔

    • @runmin did you figure it out yourself? wow congratulations you are a genius must live in a lamp 👏👏👏

    • Stop playing if you're bored. It's simple. People have different taste of games.

  • Is it just me or is the last pose she does a bayonetta reference

  • SHE'S TOO GRACEFUL ಥ‿ಥ MY HEART IS FALLING BUT I'm out of primogems, I'm guaranteed but I'm still too far from pity༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  • Da da daa~

  • Never thought Mihoyo would make a Flamenco version of Genshin's main theme but I love it so much.