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  • Still waiting for Nick Fury to pop up at end credits!



  • DSimponi si cambia el color del tavaco

  • Op

  • ok if u watch the full thing its preaty scary.... dont push it ! WE ARE ALL GANNE BE FINE! 😅 7:07 sounds about needs to be a slow proces anyway right? dont worry about it!

  • Loki😁😁

  • The song "Legends never die" would fit me more here... :/ Well, but well But also a strangely familiar layout of scenes...


  • 1:59 unbuckle your seatbelts 2:05 can I still that for you sir alright thanks

  • ×÷%=€£¥₩@#$/&)(";!?.●■□○⊙☆♧◇♡

  • 14:20 Winnie has a case of "Puppy Love"

  • Those trio of witches were so funny when they admired Vlad in his speedo. And they look pretty stylish in their bathing suits.

  • I love this movie I watched it when it came out I love you honesty and I'm literally talking on a microphone is anyone else okay that was just the microphone for few seconds haha I don't like talking my name is Khan songs

  • Raya and the last dragon

  • this is a horror movie showing the making of a true serial killer, a murder of clams

  • ANNV Zasss2

  • Lefty: There’s no bridge Dom: Who needs a bridge, when you got family

  • Fuck, I just realized I am keeping these exact fish in a tank infront of me

  • This is whyyy I hate Furrrrbys!!!

  • I have seen this film It was good But this part was very sad 5:39 This part, I really did like it because she was so mad that she is about to destroy them like demon slayer but robot slayer

  • Did you like the movie words when do you advise how did the building as the one exec

  • When the ps5 is 80% off on Black Friday 7:10 to 7:17

  • A black kid stole the bullys dog plush

  • They goin to alantis and the Bermuda Triangle

  • Where's the laserssssssssssssssss

  • 7:17 Oh God

  • the wors movie ever ajajj

  • I like that people are being recommended this, the youtube algorithm is good sometimes.

  • When is this movie being released

  • 7:06 Holy Sh*t 2:59 F Word

  • piper must be a starseed with Adhd(alloooooooooooot of energy !) 🤣😂🤣😅 .once they break there fears, they keep giving! so... get over ur fears so u can start giving! love from belgium!

  • I'm excited to see my Dad in action

  • I watched the movie an it’s hilarious

  • So beautiful

  • If they update this they should add when they add they should put the dog outside and robot say dog pig dog puck dog pig loaf of bread ah


  • I have seen this movie.

  • She´s Beautiful

  • A Man who don't cheat on his wife but can't sacrifice his life for her is no better lover Then the Man who cheats on his wife but atleast he can sacrifice his life for her.

  • me waking up be like:0:00

  • Mechagodzilla 2018: I AM A GOD!!! Mechagodzilla 2021 be like:CUM EAR BOI IM GON DESTROY YOU IN AN INSTANT!!!

  • 1:55 mechagodzilla abuse

  • O

  • 🥰🤣

  • Why is he grabbing Luca like that at 0:11?

  • 123456778899


  • 2:59 did it just say the f word

  • Hola 👋✋

  • Why does Alister's voice sound so familiar?

  • She has fun playing cruella would be young cruella through

  • I love the cat🐾🐱🤣

  • Furbyies are like tattle tails

  • Would of been nice with lumix monster

  • D A N G I T K A T I E

  • Let’s goooo

  • wonder land be like:

  • Cool

  • هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  • yo its Jack joestar j.j. or jojo hes stand is toy vanished

  • I loke