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35:51ROONEY’S RETROSPECTIVE | Indiana Massara Reacts!
6:10Chicken Girls Season 8 | Cast Premiere
Chicken Girls Season 8 | Cast PremierePregleda 198 tis.Prije mjesec
4:20ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Bloopers!
ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Bloopers!Pregleda 278 tis.Prije mjesec
12:07CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 8 | Ep. 1: ”The Burn”
2:27CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 8 | Official Trailer
CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 8 | Official TrailerPregleda 562 tis.Prije mjesec
7:28CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 8 | Behind The Scenes
11:01ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Ep. 7: ”The New Me”
11:13ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Ep. 5: ”Aftershock”
9:02ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Ep. 4: ”Decisions”
10:52ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Ep. 3: ”Jane Doe”
1:44HEART \u0026 SOUL | Attaway General | Trailer
HEART \u0026 SOUL | Attaway General | TrailerPregleda 205 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
9:21ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Ep. 2: ”Playing God”
10:39ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Ep. 1: ”New Blood”
3:40Brat TV's 2021 Resolutions
Brat TV's 2021 ResolutionsPregleda 87 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci


  • I wish piper rockelle would come back. Return of sky

  • I just came here cause of Quackity

  • How are they dancing on a bowling ally thingy

  • I’m so glad that nobody has gotten dislikes😇

  • 💖💖😜😜🤣🤣😍🥂🍾

  • Please i need a new season im loving all of these and im watching all the old ones bc i started watching these so pls keep making the shows <3

  • i need another season lol

  • 11:34 flashbacks do be amazing i need them together so much. I really hope she regretted that stupid kiss with axel bc i thought she still like sam

  • Aww i feel bad for spencer 7:55 :(

  • this makes riverdale look oscar worthy

  • Tbhh i dont ship Diana with Sam but, i ship sam with cassie <3

  • Literally no one is talking about Brent picking his nose and putting it on the girls food. I AM DIEING OF LAUGHTER.

  • Did Nellie find her murdered mother. How horrific would that be .it's hard enough to loose a parent at such a young age but to have that as a memory would mess with anyone's mind.

  • Spiking his drink with chocolate was stupid. Josh wasn't the one harrassing her . He was one of the better guys. He was only guilty by association. Plus Josh could have become very sick with a dangerous reaction.

  • Spiking his drink with the chocolate was stupid . Josh wasn't the one who was harrassing her. He was one of the more decent guys. Only guilty by association. Plus he could have had a dangerous reactions and become very sick .

  • I love your song 😊


  • If i was cassie i would've went with Sam so i can hear that amazing voiceeee

  • is no one gonna talk about how birdie calls tk “baby bro”.? it’s literally ironically adorable.

  • The poor little guy


  • You need to bring back the old chicken girls

  • That ending was a twist- lol ALSO: Rhyme: I haven't have a lot of boyfriends.. Tk: *coughs* yea ok. Tim: uhm Robbie: *laughs* It was short but happening miss Drake: RUDE Ezra: *rolls eyes* am i a joke-?


  • im watching all of brat tv shows over because i love them

  • It things Like With piper and at Around Her best friend are traded her

  • I is not the poopypants

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!all I want is sassy 😭 I think I might be depressed because of this..

  • I can't stop watching this movie 🐠, it's so good

  • Not sure tk helping pk in his love life is going to be successful. He spent years pinning after rhyme to leave her behind.

  • I looked in the comments and sum I didn’t know was in comments SO I YELL AT MYSELF DONT READ COMMENTS! ITS SOO TEMPTING

  • Her accent 🥺❤ she is a amazing :)

  • It was cute when Brent aka Gli dressed like Lexi

  • 2021 still watching chicken girls 😘😘

  • Bro this boy lifting nothing

  • Why is Birdie so pretty I swear?!

  • I miss the old chicken girls. im sad

  • Everyone is obsessed with tiktok

  • In The first episode of season 4 Brats asked us if we liked Axle well I think I know my answer now.. he’s sucks he’s playing with girls like their toys. Not cool

  • I love you

  • Help me he just Dodge the kiss🥶🥶🥶🤨omg

  • I love attaway general like kio and madi first of all are very cute together

  • Omg I love this series

  • so who else is wondering what they were doing at the end?

  • @Carly Mignogna i sure am lol

  • Why does no one talk about how Mr. G actually stands up for Claire and doesn’t just say “settle down class” and ignore the bullying.

  • Holden has gone through like four girls in two seasons

  • Yes he sue d

  • I love this show and i only started 30 mins ago!!

  • True makes my blood boil

  • des is so good

  • I lovveeeee Casey and Sam!!!

  • ok when leo burped and Harmoney freaked that was so dramatic like everbody burpes-

  • 17:54 i'm not a doctor but i think the heart is on the other side of the chest lol

  • Emma is going well and

  • Plssss give is a season 6 plsssss

  • Emma is the only one who is not on

  • I watched mani Ike 3 times

  • It so weird she keeps calling him Tommy

  • Hi I'm a fan

  • I miss TK he was the life of the party😪😢

  • O love this show🥰🤣

  • Guys I can’t comment on this week’s episode but it’s so goood omg

  • ?123. Aec

  • I did not think it was gonna be this bad... at least put all the hair in the hairnet

  • p.k sucks at acting 😭

  • omg!!! tk is back

  • so

  • Same my favourite one D member is also nial

  • Hiiiiiii

  • Really love harmonys acting and her voice kinda sounds like annie

  • 7:34 left off where i am saving my spot :D

  • Emma is a good

  • Dude is it just me or does everyone else miss the OG cast I’m so sad now that Hayley is the main character on season 8 I miss Annie and Hayden and Brooke and Dylan and mads and Riley, and Indi, and everyone else :(

  • I really wish the continued the show, it’s the type of show I would binge watch 200 times.

  • everyone is connected