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We're Viva La Dirt League. A bunch of nerds who play games and makes comedy sketches about games.

Monday - Epic NPC Man
Wednesday - Wildcard
Friday - PUBG Logic

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1:08Souls Logic 2 Teaser
Souls Logic 2 TeaserPregleda 283 tis.Prije dan
3:10World ending video game spells - Meteor
World ending video game spells - MeteorPregleda 584 tis.Prije dan
36:57Baelin's Route - An Epic NPC Man Adventure
2:12Reloading after every shot - OCD Reloader
2:56Trying to romance an NPC - Romance
Trying to romance an NPC - RomancePregleda 710 tis.Prije 8 dana
4:15Delivering a USB - Overpackaged
Delivering a USB - OverpackagedPregleda 656 tis.Prije 8 dana
2:48Getting drunk in games - Alcohol
Getting drunk in games - AlcoholPregleda 749 tis.Prije 8 dana
2:56When printers malfunction - Printer
When printers malfunction - PrinterPregleda 651 tis.Prije 15 dana
1:16Baelin's Route - Official Trailer
Baelin's Route - Official TrailerPregleda 708 tis.Prije 15 dana
3:27Annoying friend who streams - Twitch Teammate
Annoying friend who streams - Twitch TeammatePregleda 526 tis.Prije 15 dana
3:54Bards are kind of useless in combat - The Bard
3:52Marketing to women - Girl Gamers
Marketing to women - Girl GamersPregleda 874 tis.Prije 22 dana
2:27Cleaning up after PUBG games - Janitor
Cleaning up after PUBG games - JanitorPregleda 633 tis.Prije 22 dana
2:56Accidentally selling your best gear - Markup
Accidentally selling your best gear - MarkupPregleda 720 tis.Prije 22 dana
2:52Splitting the last piece - Etiquette
Splitting the last piece - EtiquettePregleda 456 tis.Prije mjesec
2:09Playing dress up in PUBG - Fashion
Playing dress up in PUBG - FashionPregleda 501 tis.Prije mjesec
2:06Odd things you need for crafting - Ingredients
3:53Paying with coins
Paying with coinsPregleda 944 tis.Prije mjesec
3:56EXCLUSIVE PUBG UPDATE ft. WackyJacky101
EXCLUSIVE PUBG UPDATE ft. WackyJacky101Pregleda 459 tis.Prije mjesec
23:40Epic NPC Man Supercut - Season 27
Epic NPC Man Supercut - Season 27Pregleda 415 tis.Prije mjesec
2:24Being caught in a lie - Busy Excuse
Being caught in a lie - Busy ExcusePregleda 517 tis.Prije mjesec
1:57How to pop a tyre - Tyre Punch
How to pop a tyre - Tyre PunchPregleda 537 tis.Prije mjesec
2:45Lazy adventurers in video games - Bare Minimum
2:29Getting someones name mixed up - Wrong Name
Getting someones name mixed up - Wrong NamePregleda 617 tis.Prije mjesec
2:27Stealing your followers loot - Extortion
Stealing your followers loot - ExtortionPregleda 870 tis.Prije mjesec
2:18Lazy one word therapist - Hard Therapist
Lazy one word therapist - Hard TherapistPregleda 510 tis.Prije mjesec
2:18Trying to save your team mate - Going Rambo
Trying to save your team mate - Going RamboPregleda 677 tis.Prije mjesec


  • Escort quests are the worst.

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  • I have subs to prime video, netflix, and shudder, and this is better than anything new any of them have released lately.....

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  • Amazing...just Amaizing! Thank you VLDL!

  • Plot twist: he's asking cause it seems those are his shoes and he was with this guy's wife.

  • Despite all of the talk of fishing - the only fishing done was for the souls of orcs.

  • perfect analysis :)

  • That was the only appropriate reaction to that crap. Go girl. And yeah, ehg. Good comedy thou, unfortunately, very aptly showing the most annoying problems a girl gamer encounters.

  • I absolutely loved this! Very well done. I would love to see more Baelin in the future. Nice day for fishin

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  • This stuff is better than Red vs Blue, if that can do what it has I bet y'all could too.

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  • Phenomenal acting and superb comedy! Fucking beautiful !!

  • Little did they know

  • Ваши видео как всегда потрясающие

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  • when your more of a shoe person

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  • I will never look the same way at Baelin like before!... Hu ha

  • Hell yeah @Viva La Dirt League. That's spectacular writing and shooting to make a guy with 7 words and 2 interjections into a compelling story. 💯

  • Guys .... F*ing well done bloody loved that ! You guys are awesome !!!!

  • It's sad to think that there are people that would be worse than Rowan

  • How is this free?

  • Majestic. Best dialogue in anything ever.

  • Mornin, nice day for therapising, hu ha

  • also ben: this is outrageous

  • should have ended with a save/quick save "for stress relief". you know.

  • Can we just appreciate the fact that the fight against the orcs does not have any cuts ?

  • We Need Moree, make a moviee

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  • It was such a nice day for fishin' and he didn't even fish once!

  • I was banking on Rowan focusing on Ben leaving work early and giving him a pay cut.

  • Omg, this movie better then warcraft movie. Perfect ❤️

  • Would have been fun if we'd seen Rowan's shoes in the last shot and they were THE ONES.

  • I want this to be a real game so bad.

  • Greg has become very self aware lately. He feels like adventurer and others feel like npc.

  • When the characters and story are better than in Russian films. Честное слово.

  • Clearly his fishing rod is enchanted with an Unbreaking spell.

  • Is there any audio file without voices to make a fandub pretty please? 👀

  • Goddamn casul

  • Rowan has such an expressive face even doing nothing he's funny.

  • Legendary fishing rod of Azerim +1000 all stats + Fisherman's speak - Language Can only be equipped with fisherman's gear.

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  • plot twist they are Rowans.

  • The music queueing in and out totally sells it. 😆

  • amazing short movie, keep going up and never look back, truly bravo on making this one <3

  • The game is Highly populated because of The covid 19 i suppose

  • This video needs a million likes it is so good.

  • This was so good. I have watched this three times now & both Baelin & Willow are excellent characters and the story was heartwarming. I hope we see more of them in the future!

  • When Rowan screamed in Russian I felt a wave of shock

  • This was better than most of the movies I saw recently :-D Good job!

  • Poor Baelin

  • Honestly imagine a mmorpg game that there was no visible difference between real world and virtual. But set in medieval times. A way in which we could basically go back in time and feel like we’re existing in that time. Imagine something like sao. Imagine ur consciousness being transferred to a different world. To escape the real world... actually live a life YOU CHOOSE. A life you can actually make FOR YOURSELF!

  • Omg! Wow! You guys did such an amazing job! I laughed, I cried, and I couldn't stop watching!

  • Brilliant. Just loved the scenery. You have a beautiful country.

  • There for a second when the camera started to pan out, I thought the therapist was going to be wearing the exact shoes that he was describing. Would have been funny.

  • Legit thought Ben was going to sneak attack Rowan and get his revenge right before credits roll.

  • Totally not something I expected on HRwiki, feels like forcibly squeezed out a like from me but here it is. Take it.

  • Great piece of work. Can tell a lot of love went into the movie, and honestly better than most Hollywood movies.