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10:56Why Warzone is UNPLAYABLE right Now!
Why Warzone is UNPLAYABLE right Now!Pregleda 394 tis.Prije dan
4:51:36🔴LIVE - The Lamborghini Sniper - WARZONE
5:06:00🔴LIVE - The Meta Killer - WARZONE SOLOS
🔴LIVE - The Meta Killer - WARZONE SOLOSPregleda 536 tis.Prije 8 dana
11:025ft Nothing Nickmercs ROASTS DrDisrespect
5ft Nothing Nickmercs ROASTS DrDisrespectPregleda 711 tis.Prije mjesec
5:56:36🔴LIVE - Solo Gaming God | !Memoir
🔴LIVE - Solo Gaming God | !MemoirPregleda 410 tis.Prije mjesec
5:23:01🔴LIVE - WARZONE Win Streaks | !Memoir
🔴LIVE - WARZONE Win Streaks | !MemoirPregleda 423 tis.Prije mjesec


  • ive been having the same problem its so bad

  • Doc’s game crashes more than mine. $200 Xbox > $315,000 PC

  • I mean just look at the competition am I right champs.

  • Three really poor tournies in a row. Fair play to Z for persisting though when he could team with most of anyone

  • Wearing sun glasses and can't see a dark player.

  • Play something else

  • Doc is getting better tbh with the extra playtime

  • hey doc you say about the rose skin and you play with it.... LAAAMEEEE

  • 3:26:57 yea throw your mic on the ground loool 🤣🤣

  • 5:38 the Dr starts playing a track in the background i was listening to while working earlier today :D

  • like batman and robin DOC and Z Lets gooo zeeee!

  • These are simple fixes so why were they not fixed before release? Dead silent should be silent unless running when running it should be lower than normal walking but still audible if someone is standing still and a quiet section. Normal foot steps should always be hearable even when applying plates because they are wearing boots and have two weapons on them which would increase weight and make more noise while running. If people want to wear black then hide in darkness then it should turn grey in the dark or something . This is perspective from someone who hasn't even played the game it's just common sense that certain things make noise and black clothes especially when sliding in dust aren't as dark as shadows

  • 315k ? sounds like a joke to me

  • Warzone unplayable? Who woulda thought But why quit it, if it gives clicks am i right?

  • So glad I'm not the only one, lol.

  • What’s the song 4hrs 30 pls?

  • DrDisRespect has brought me closer to my Creator

  • woooow that's some horrendous visibility.

  • Play some Apex Doc 🌚

  • I swear I get everytime the same freeze and error afterwards, and I also complained so many times about the colour/brightness of the game...

  • I downloaded pubg today simply because of rose. Rip cod

  • Man....Doc, you gotta be the biggest crybaby I've ever heard. If it's unplàyable then don't play it😒

  • "He can sprint right up and nibble on your ear!!! "😆

  • this is high

  • as soon as the comp started the energy went. im not sure why that is but its like D and Z start to get nervous or something and quieten up.

  • Yo disrespect thanks for the sick tune. Daniel deluxe - combat ready

  • jjhh

  • 4:00 Wait what!? Doc...isn’t that a $300,000 PC???

  • They need to allow gif comments on HRwiki LOL i got a couple that would be hilarious 🤣🤣

  • Is athlete with chicken legs a half athlete or no athlete at all?

  • Yea bro f*ck the roze skin abusers

  • I love doc but every stream ends up the same. He comes in hot then as soon as he runs into any challenge at all he loses his momentum. Start respecting every player you come across no matter how bad they are and maybe Doc and Z will see better results.

  • Doc playing with sunglasses on complaining about not being able to see in the dark.

  • fantastic video mate I love the editing.

  • Gotta love the Doc. I am gonna make a dynasty that even you will respect!!!!!!!!! RAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lamborghini is such a farmer's car.

  • Now my ringtone doc


  • خرا

  • Will it simulate inertia, too?

  • Tim's deodorant line would be cheeto fingers and mountain dew breath

  • "The BEST there IS, The BEST there Was, The BEST there EVER WILL BE!!!!"

  • Just like tarkov lol.

  • Packet loss is due to high traffic/ distance to main hub?

  • Yippy, he called a nuke🥳🥳🥳🥳😉🥳😉 How fantabulous😬 No give him some money😂😂😂😂

  • 21:11 - Stream Snipers Getting Caught 39:26 - The Doc Makes a Promise 1:05:39 - Z Makes His Appearance 1:22:38 - First Snipe of the Day 1:44:25 - Warmup Duos Win (46 kills) 2:29:16 - BSOD 2:59:35 - Knock Knock TOURNAMENT STARTS 4:23:31 - Game start...

  • Just watching how a Legend grew and became the best streamer❤️

  • It's crazy to me why this is a big deal now. Roze was harder to see and been out for like 6 months now?

  • same problem to me doc

  • This why players should be able to choose whether they want to play against other platforms or not.

  • Idk what you Guys have, got Nvidia Filters on and can perfectly fine see those Roze skins.

  • idk anyone who plays this anymore..... com on dr. get on a real game

  • 1:01 *Best part of the song!!!*

  • Know y'all will appreciate thermal scopes

  • taking off the sunglasses might help...lol

  • @1:29 complains about not seeing the guy, but its because hes using irons that block all his peripheral...

  • Rose was by far the worst thing the developers created since dmr

  • 3:46:43 I got a chuckle out of that

  • 5:08 he need to put more respect on this guy

  • i mena idk i see rosa skins lol, doc just needs to tweak his settings and he will be able to see

  • 3:56:05 VSM!

  • 4:04 I think its doc he needs to turn down some of the OC

  • It looked like destroy had a lil too much aim assist.....🤭

  • ZLANER is basically 3 Dr. disrespects in one

  • Doc should stop playing with Z.

  • maybe youd see em better if you werent playing with sunglasses mate? :p not saying this isnt a legit problem in WZ, but cmon, youre makin your life so much harder

  • How many 100k tournaments have you lost now? Lol

  • The audio stuttered for the Fuze tournament promo when the 3d graphics kicked in.

  • not even 3rd. shame.

  • Doc the kinda guy that loses an argument then brings up his height....

  • Always has been

  • I can just feel the pain😡. This happens so many times🤯...

  • Doc can loose every tournament and I'll still be lining up outside the arena every Monday Wednesday and Friday !!

  • Every solo game I play I start with killing roze skins in parachute

  • It's a free game. What's stopping you not playing it! Social media maoning.

  • Follow me on twitch !!!! I need people to play with

  • People who use these OP Cold War guns and Rose skin should be executed in real life.


  • Yep Call of duty is Trash