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We design, develop and manufacture electric hypercars and high performance EV technology.


21:55Rimac Campus Explained | Mondays with Mate S02E01
3:57Rimac C_Two Extreme Weather Testing
Rimac C_Two Extreme Weather TestingPregleda 32 tis.Prije mjesec
4:47Rimac C_Two Fine-tuned for Road and Track
Rimac C_Two Fine-tuned for Road and TrackPregleda 36 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
3:48Rimac C_Two Final Wind Tunnel Test
Rimac C_Two Final Wind Tunnel TestPregleda 34 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
5:17Rimac C_Two ElectroMagnetic Compatibility Testing
18:24Hypercar Track Testing | Mondays with Mate 15
Hypercar Track Testing | Mondays with Mate 15Pregleda 38 tis.Prije 5 mjeseci
2:02Nico Rosberg Visits Rimac: Behind the Scenes
Nico Rosberg Visits Rimac: Behind the ScenesPregleda 109 tis.Prije 5 mjeseci
5:37Crash-testing Two Hypercars in Two Days
Crash-testing Two Hypercars in Two DaysPregleda 188 tis.Prije 6 mjeseci
13:07Working and Living in Croatia
Working and Living in CroatiaPregleda 282 tis.Prije 6 mjeseci
9:07Ask the Engineers: Automotive UX/UI Design
Ask the Engineers: Automotive UX/UI DesignPregleda 15 tis.Prije 7 mjeseci
12:57Ask the Engineers: Software in Automotive
Ask the Engineers: Software in AutomotivePregleda 20 tis.Prije 9 mjeseci
0:57But Will it Drift?
But Will it Drift?Pregleda 60 tis.Prije 9 mjeseci
12:14Ask the Engineers: Vehicle Dynamics
Ask the Engineers: Vehicle DynamicsPregleda 17 tis.Prije 9 mjeseci
4:54Rimac Driver Coach Development 1/3
Rimac Driver Coach Development 1/3Pregleda 27 tis.Prije 10 mjeseci
11:54We Are Rimac Part 1 | Mondays with Mate E11
We Are Rimac Part 1 | Mondays with Mate E11Pregleda 24 tis.Prije 10 mjeseci
1:11Rimac C_Two Prototype Production Line
Rimac C_Two Prototype Production LinePregleda 40 tis.Prije 10 mjeseci
9:31Rimac 2080 Design Challenge | And the Winner is...
10:28Latest Updates | Mondays with Mate E07
Latest Updates | Mondays with Mate E07Pregleda 18 tis.Prije godine
2:37Rimac C_Two | Race Track Shakedown
Rimac C_Two | Race Track ShakedownPregleda 141 tis.Prije godine


  • Pravi E30 M3 na gepeku I okolo zadnju shajbu ima veliki spoiler I deljue drugacje nego vase obicni 325,318,316 E30 celu zadnju shofershajbnu je preradzena u drugu kosinu na orginalni M3 E30

  • It almost killed Hammond. Is it any better?

  • MATE go to NYSE, I will buy your stock first!

  • Gdje ti je zeleni e30

  • Need to race this Rimac with Tesla Model S ludicrous.

  • I read that Mate is working with Hyundai which is into FCEV.Hyundai already delivering FCEV Semi's to Switerland , and has the nexo which is a FCEV . Will Mate be interested into looking into FCEV in future ???

  • Došlo je na recommendeeeeedddddd aaaa

  • Okretaj podešavanja za auto tog potencijala previše grub.

  • Question is: who cares?

  • This is good for pedestrians... when you're crossing the road.....silence...then BANG! instant death.....Which is good, because I would rather not know. With a Ferrari you get 0.05 seconds of horror as you hear it approaching. With Rimac these moments of anxiety are taken away... I don't mind if you use this concept in your advertising...That idea is on me.

  • This is so inspirational for all hard workers.

  • You should turn the batteries round with your finger to get a but more charge out of them.

  • I wonder how much this car is going to cost. I just watched a tuned 720S do a 0 to 60 mph in 1.8 s and a quarter mile in the 8's.

  • Mate Rimac hrvatski ponos! 🇭🇷

  • Awesome

  • Omg, only tire sound. I am living near a street and god damn I wish cars were more silent...

  • It's the weirdest kind of feeling when you're excited for something that you'll most likely never even see yourself... nonetheless amazing.

  • Bravo legende!

  • go mountains and ask Hammond

  • now imagine this car with some semi or full slick tyres on a prepped track. with full power i think about a 8.5s ish 1/4 mile

  • I cant begin to imagine what could have been achieved with Croatian ingenuity if we were not occupied and suppressed since 1918. Well done Mate.

  • The dials for the modes and power% sound very cheap

  • 6:25: You can't touch this 🎵

  • Kudos to you, you really succeeded to make an incredible EV company by starting in your garage. Greetings from France.

  • A thousand kilowatts. That's a megawatt? Wow. Really?

  • Oh God that interior is so so dated. And what's with those clunky rotating switches. Nasty.

  • You are my inspiration Sir.

  • the screen on the rimac have a translucent type of layer which makes screen smoky, but on the taycan its very clear, im sure rimac can come up with a better piece of plastic overlay

  • For this factory to come to life, I will aspire to build it with the most qualified company in Turkey ... I hope I can impress you 🙏🏿

  • I heard that bugatti is going to be sold to rimac. Is it true ?

  • Those 2 dials are great, but maybe one either side of the steering wheel? More functional either side of the steering wheel and they stick out too much in the middle of the dash. Consider my advice as free 🤫

  • $2-3 million a piece?!!! No wonder he was able to go from garage to that in 8 years!!!

  • Quality interior

  • WoW 🇭🇷💪

  • 1. Dan komentiranja na RIMAC AUTOMOBILI youtube kanalu, na Hrvatskom jeziku, dok mi Mate Rimac ne pruži šansu u razvijanu karijere u njegovoj firmi.

  • Samo naprijed!! Svaka cast!!

  • Rimac, croatian pride! 🇭🇷💪

  • Hi There..How are you doing? Incredible indeed...fantabulous & Priceless. All the Best Rimac.. Conquering the World in no time ...

  • Way to go Rimac! Beat Tesla!

  • Pa dobro mate nemoj krivo shvatiti nisam ljubomoran brate ali daj pricaj na hrvatski a neka sstrani gledalji ukljucuju "cc" titlove i prijevod ..inace svaka pohvala svaki projekt

  • No sound, no emotion!!! Like a vacuum cleaner 😂

  • Sta je ovo jbt 😅😅 Rimac pri kojoj brzini se krila otvaraju !?? 😎

  • Definitively impressive but where are the goose bumps ? It looks like being the stone in the slingshot but is there any interest to reach mach 1 in 4seconds while both traffic and speed control is the actual everyday life ? I mean, with a V6/V8/V10/V12, you can enjoy the sound of the engine from idle to the top revs and hear it giving different notes depending on the throttle load. Here, it's just sitting in a fighter jet seat on an aircraft carrier as a passenger waiting for the 5G launch. After 10 launches and when you realize that you'll only be able to use it at 25% potential, even with torque vectoring bla bla, will it keep any interest ? Maybe for some, probably not for me.

  • Gonna be sweet seeing this against the tesla plaid and their fake claims on >1.99 sec to 60mph.

  • "Our Supercomputer...." *shows 10 year old dell laptop

  • This is the fastest car, pause, in the world.

  • You're comparing apples to oranges here. This Rimac looks and sounds clunky (I appreciate it's not full production though). The dials sound terrible when you turn them, and there are loads of squeaks and rattles as it accelerates. This is just a sales gimmick - pitched right at Bugatti, but I think Bugatti are above this, and I know, if I had a choice, which car I'd go for. The Chiron has more refinement than the Rimac will ever have - this Rimac just just looks like a cheap banger in comparison.

    • It’s stone chipping from the road, not squeaks and rattles.

  • New test driver hamster

  • Kakav auto

  • Bravo Mate

  • In the 8's, cold tyres on a dirty road, battery/powertrain lifespan of let's say 200,000 + km. Welcome to the future.

  • Rimac ❤️❤️

  • Till we used to electric motor’s sound and definitly we’ll, is there an option for exhaust sound 😁😁

  • Love the video. Best thing about Mate is how honest and open he is. Truly a rare quality of a leader of a large company. Respect!

  • Hope I get to see a Rimac once. Who allready has?

  • 3:02 Does the state of charge affect the cars performance here?

  • Engine sound😬nothing... Hear the Bugati

  • Mislim da c2 vrijedi 2 miliona eura

  • very cheap interior ! those rings are loud asf when you rotate them . did you made the car to be recycled or what ?!

  • Hrvatska Bogami napreduje. Ne znam ima li u Hrvatskoj bogatih ljudi koji ulazu u interesantne projekte kao u Americi, ili ovde u Kanadi. U Kanadi verovatno i drzava pomaze, i to nije beznačajno. Mozda zbog evropske unije postoji finansiranje. Početak je uvek kritičan. Mislim da Mate, pored kompanije Elona, čini čast Tesli kad fabrikuje verovatno najbolje električne automobile, i snabdeva high tech sistemima čuvene kompanije koje imaju sretsva da kupe sta treba i kliente koji zahtevaju najbolje. Ako bude bilo vise kompanija u Hrvatskoj kao Rimac, ta zemlja je predodredjena da bude razvijena. Daj Boze da i u Srbiji krene high tech industrija. Ako se za vreme tupavih komunista pravilo sve i svasta, sigurno moze daleko bolje sada.

  • I'm happy to see Joran VanderSloot doing better these days

  • i’ve become more a porsche fanboy since they dropped the taycan but when you guys lined it up against the rimac i already knew what to expect🔥😂

  • Idiot

  • This was the most quiet dragrace I have ever seen and probably the fastest aswell

  • i want 2 cars :))

  • Waiting for the kampas

  • I kaze balkanci glup narod

  • Just be careful about which journalists you are giving it to.

  • PreOrders?

  • Hi I am Croatian

  • napravi solarni auto

  • Mate - big brother on the engineers and owners (1984)! :)))) Amazing performance and amazing car! congrats!

  • Crazy to see the huge voltage drop in such launches. Makes me wonder how many could be done without damaging the battery too much. At 50% SoC, the drop would be even higher, and would bring the cells voltage below safety parameters, most likely. I'm also curious about the field weakening control in such crytical scenarios.

    • @Mate Rimac Yes sure, we have similar problems with our FS car, even though with 10x less current of course. Kills me every time I see such drops. It would be nice to see the C_Two at the FS Alpe Adria, maybe you can drive us around on it :D

    • Of course we have very advanced algorithms that predict available power (State of Power - SoP) based on battery temperature, SoC, SoH and other factors. Even if there is an error in SoP calculation (very unlikely), the power is ramped down once a cell reaches critical cell voltage. The voltage can never get in a range that is critical. Yes, there is lots of voltage drop but still very much within the safe zone.

  • This is just like Open source e-vehicle engineer things that really cool af. Thank you for the updates Mate!

  • Zasto na takvim autima svjetla trepere?

    • To samo tako izgleda na snimci, dolazi do interferencije frekvencije svjetla i senzora kamere. U realnosti toga naravno nema zbog tromosti oka, a i oči nam nisu digitalne da bi radile na određenoj frekvenciji.

  • omg what toy car sound from those power selectors. Didnt impress...

  • Man you are gonna destroy my road to Plešivica

  • I would love to see Doug Demuro do a review on this car

  • I really really hope Rimac makes cars for normal people one day. they're probably the only company who've developed a completely new ecosystem for such a niche market. Seems to me that unlike most big car manufacturers, these guys actually love cars

  • 8.95 1/4 mile?! That is crazy and on the first practise run. Cannot wait for the production model when it launches. it’s gonna absolutely destroy almost every car in the acceleration department. Nice one mate!!!!👍🏼