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SHE'S COMING.Pregleda 124 tis.Prije 23 sati
15:23So they made a scary game about... lunch.
So they made a scary game about... lunch.Pregleda 274 tis.Prije 23 sati
I JOINED A CULT.Pregleda 448 tis.Prije 7 dana
17:50So I Became a Best-Selling Author...
So I Became a Best-Selling Author...Pregleda 537 tis.Prije 14 dana
10:05MY NEW CAR.
MY NEW CAR.Pregleda 505 tis.Prije 21 dan
15:09I Went SUBATOMIC in Minecraft.
I Went SUBATOMIC in Minecraft.Pregleda 1,6 mil.Prije 21 dan
18:36We Made This Horror Game So Funny...
We Made This Horror Game So Funny...Pregleda 419 tis.Prije 28 dana
I BECAME THE ULTIMATE WIZARDPregleda 432 tis.Prije mjesec
23:02DreamSMP but we are Minecraft Mob Hybrids
DreamSMP but we are Minecraft Mob HybridsPregleda 1,6 mil.Prije mjesec
21:43We Made the New Among Us Airship Map Very Funny...
22:16mario finally dies.
mario finally dies.Pregleda 577 tis.Prije mjesec
googiPregleda 637 tis.Prije mjesec
17:47I Am a Hilariously Bad Babysitter...
I Am a Hilariously Bad Babysitter...Pregleda 759 tis.Prije mjesec
24:57I Became a Furry in Bowser's Fury
I Became a Furry in Bowser's FuryPregleda 651 tis.Prije mjesec
22:55wait... WHAT?! | Little Nightmares 2 Ending
wait... WHAT?! | Little Nightmares 2 EndingPregleda 455 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
29:31HE Makes This Game 1000% Scarier
HE Makes This Game 1000% ScarierPregleda 643 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
IF YOU LOOK AWAY... THEY CAN MOVE.Pregleda 750 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
26:41Little Nightmares 2 Is Actually a VERY BIG Nightmare
25:03The NEWEST Minecraft Update
The NEWEST Minecraft UpdatePregleda 563 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
22:07We Became Hilarious Mob Hybrids in Minecraft
We Became Hilarious Mob Hybrids in MinecraftPregleda 2,6 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
26:38I Made the Hole Too Big
I Made the Hole Too BigPregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
21:46The Greatest Among Us Talent Show Ever
The Greatest Among Us Talent Show EverPregleda 539 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
I BECAME A DODGEBALL.Pregleda 442 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
21:41We made this game so painful...
We made this game so painful...Pregleda 679 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
25:03Hitting on Men
Hitting on MenPregleda 705 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
1:28:17I became their unpaid intern in Minecraft
I became their unpaid intern in MinecraftPregleda 1,3 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
1:12:04I’M IN.
I’M IN.Pregleda 2,3 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
57:09what is he doing here
what is he doing herePregleda 1 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
15:47Saving Lives in Hitman 3 VR
Saving Lives in Hitman 3 VRPregleda 654 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci


  • Charlie

  • "what's gunkin my girls and goblins" i feel represented and an enby

  • I swear these intros get more and more chaotic everytime

  • I wonder if Charlie will finish this game? I’m legitimately curious how he will do

  • oh my god i love those popsicles

  • Only OG:s remember why charlie named the channel slmccl

  • *what button to drop*

  • more

  • Nice

  • This is just a normal day in Romania

  • more

  • Moar

  • my thoughts: noooo mia (lol f in da chat) who is chris ?-? no da bebe ethan is a dumb name :D repunzle in this this is were i end... charlie got the rest pretty good ;)

  • I cannot tell you the joy I felt when I saw Charlie and Lady Dimitrescu in the same thumbnail

  • i was expecting you to go humina humina when you saw mrs dimatrescu

  • Mark: RESPECTABLE POWER Charlie: castle big booba :)

  • Is the guy with the giant sledgehammer Kamski’s voice actor?

  • I actually really like that he didn't over-talk about tall booba lady. It was a funny gimmick, but now all the HRwikirs are doing it, and it's getting tiring.

  • I will gladly wait for the next gameplay

  • in the thumbnail theres a ghost in the red circle and i dont know why they have a hunter in shot because shes not a ghost someone plase help me with this

  • It's funny how slimes camera always goes out before shit gets crazy

  • ahaha i want more videos

  • ciorba de legume is a romanian dish lol

  • Wooooooo play through

  • Don't wanna spoil it so uh bye

  • Why that is big tiddy vampire


  • I didn't realize watching Slime play Resident Evil Village would be something I needed to do but man is it something I need to do now

  • More

  • Unsubscribing so I can grow hair in weird places and go beast

  • And so am I

  • "Get goop" with who? That's sus

  • cu m

  • “Someone right now is on five gum and a lot of cocaine” I LOST IT

  • Hestonpia merch please

  • Magneto Undertaker with Ledo's greathammer sends Winter on a wild ride

  • 8:11 the most gamer scream i’ve ever heard

  • Let’s goop on in

  • MORE

  • The way he pronounce Slmccl "Slum-cuh-cle" 💀

  • i need more

  • Us males are now goblins

  • I’m literally the one who recommended this gane

  • You know you did good when you have 17k likes and only 15 dislikes

  • Same


  • is dat tall mama?


  • God the ad at 12:00 was timed so perfectly, it scared the shit outta me

  • Booba

  • I want to at least see Chrl encounter the big booba woman once.


  • Slmccl is actually such a great let's play channel i really love this come back to this kind of content on yt

  • I didn't know Charlie owned a sword?

  • more more more more more

  • im so excited for this playthrough :)

  • This game reminds me of the walking dead

  • hgddf

  • I wanna see more >~<

  • Hello Charlie slimclesle, I'm here to inform you that I did in fact enjoy the video. I hope that this information in comprehendible and that you can thence forth use this in your decision to create another likewise video of the same caliber.

  • Resident evil really out here making high quality games like this in a considerably short amount of time while gta is just

  • Why does everything bad in games happen in Louisiana its not thaaat bad down here

  • when his camera went off near the start and then got jump scared + his fingers ripped off had me dying 😂😂

  • If ur alright with suggestions, you should play Friday Night Funkin. Its my favorite game and it would be absolutely hiLaRiOus if u played lol

  • I wanna see more

  • Petition to get Condi on Origin SMP.

  • "Someone right now is on 5 gum and a lot of cocaine"

  • AYo slimecicle plays subnautica below zero?

  • As am I

  • The 19 people who disliked this, are now growing hair in weird places. And they are going bestie threw the streets.

  • Correction: I'm a gremlin not a goblin.

  • More

  • pls make this a series slime

  • Please this needs to be a series I beg of you Charles

  • I think slime has forgotten his main channel

  • Comment.

  • Please do more! That was gold

  • i love how charlie tenses up when the subtitles end with -

  • im romanian and when i saw he got a 100 lei and then pronaounced (I think) lEi

  • I swear slime is the reason I love puns and play Minecraft like he is so funny literally best pun master ever And shout out to the vent goblin