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thots n prayers thots n prayers

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This is a parody channel that incorporates music, sound effects, and editing to create new content with comedic value.
Sound effects are heavily used to exaggerate actions. My videos are manipulated with editing software to provide new context, meaning, and value.


0:54addison rae trying to be the next Kardashian
addison rae trying to be the next KardashianPregleda 2,1 mil.Prije 28 dana
2:19the grammys 2021 most AWKWARD moments..
the grammys 2021 most AWKWARD moments..Pregleda 202 tis.Prije mjesec
4:05david's apology video was embarrassing..
david's apology video was embarrassing..Pregleda 14 tis.Prije mjesec
3:45trisha paytas throw up to glow up ✨
trisha paytas throw up to glow up ✨Pregleda 11 tis.Prije mjesec


  • Austin is ANNOYING I can't stand him

  • Ladies and gentlemen thats what we call homophobic,also a very good example of homophobic

  • 1:23 - 1:28 asmr

  • Candy Ken and his girlfriend are cringe on another level 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • The face that Asian lady made ……like she was about to punch that plastic looking lady in the FACE!! Lol

  • It’s hard to starve your kids and body shame them and stereotype them :(

  • I don’t remember Yolanda being a top model, maybe jc penny

  • Why is Mohamed look like a 50 years old flashy car salesman that sells low quality and cheap cars in a shady car sales and have plastic surgery in the 1970s

  • Fun fact : Men from Tunis often go after women from America for money:) don’t try arguing I’m Tunisian

  • He's as sorry as ever

  • Girl be batting her eyes like "I don't get paid enough for this bull💩"

  • He wants a 10 but hes a -9000

  • What show is this? I want to see it now. Someone please let me know as soon as you can. It will be most appreciated thank you

  • I love your edits can you say hi

  • If humans needed a licence to reproduce, Gigi would have never been born. Hope she doesn't let her kinds close to this self obsessed failed model/woman of a grandma

  • Happy smothers day

  • She's cute but too old for me got me HAHAHAH

  • A lot of nutrients in lEmOn WaTeR

  • No no not true I played volleyball back in school I was tall and slender with good leg and arm muscle we are not big and bulky whatsoever

  • Kid burns millions of calories a day. I’d eat whatever the hell i want-

  • Beyond disgusting

  • y’all cannot tell me ed doesn’t look like addison rae lowkey


  • The fact that she thinks that if she eats a bit of cake SE GON BLOW

  • 😐😐😐😐😐 I could never a she's an obedient girl cause I would just eat all that cake to spite her

  • PLSSSS “i like the view”

  • Remember when rose and him where a thing

  • Now we know where Gigi got her anti-Asian racism from.

  • "i think i look good for my age" dude have you seen George Clooney

  • 1:16 same girl 🥺

  • She wants to eat the baby! Get in her belly! I want my baby back baby back baby back ribs CHILI'S baby back ribs!

  • Imagine if she actually spent those years away from him getting herself in better shape and at least trying to look reasonably attractive. He sees her as the pig she always was. Maybe next time Danielle!

  • How many times is TLC going to run this “apology” bs into the ground??.

  • how can gigi mom say like that about asian people eyes she is racist woman

  • My wish is to be Gigi Hadid’s best friend. We share the same love. foOd..

  • “Don’t worry I came prepared” 👩🏼👉🏻🕶 *Dead silence*

  • Eating unhealthy for one meal in one day is bad? Lemon water is lunch? Eating an eighth of a slice of cake? Girl that’s not a healthy diet, that’s an ED.

  • This is sooooo funny

  • 1:01 IS KILLING ME

  • Lol I love this editing😂

  • Don't be coming for dua she ate that out of all of them

  • I can’t even watch this. Disgusting.

  • This is my Mother. My entire life. I’m 65 and she still judges me and calls me fat. Ugh. I feel so much sorrow for these young women. They should never have to feel less than they truly are as a woman. So sorry ladies 💔

  • We all know this girl is doing it for the money! She knows!🤣😅

  • She’s so 😐 old.

  • Tammy grow up and take responsibility for yourself. Amy, you go girl, you can do this whether Tammy doe's or not!!!!

  • What I’m wondering is how she has her mom not been canceled after those “Chinese eyes” comments???🤦🏻‍♀️


  • The audacity of this women to say these things like WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!?!

  • Is this my mom? I think so


  • Wtf this women is racist and homophobic

  • Lawdy

  • The racist rant was completely unnecessary. Js. Sick of the double standards!

  • Mohamed is so fine 🔥🔥🔥

  • 0:20 that’s dula peep

  • So he's still going after young girls who all give the same disgusted face when he says or does something weird 😂😂

  • All these comments about how horrible he is and how people feel sick and how he clearly turns people's stomachs I'm glad yall said it I stand by the nothing nice to say don't say it But just know, I 100% agree 😂🤮

  • You look good at being ugly

  • Weews asian again hahaha ❌ i hope the sister did not inherit her attitude.

  • Why most of the kids follow, watch and idolize these bunch of talentless and no brain tiktokers who acts like they're so famous ? The world is really going to end.

  • Lol haha it's so funny.

  • The mayonaise LMAOOOO

  • Look pretty GOOD!?!? You look like a swollen Lemon with that yellow shirt on grfoh!😂😂😂 you're joking right????

  • Lmao the ending anyways..

  • Yolanda is trash 🙃 sorry not sorry

  • The girl that was saying ok boomer looked annoying asf

  • The thumbnail. The middle. That thing. Yes that. What is that. Tell me. What the fuck is that.

  • Constitutional rights doesn't quality for libs if it's about not wanting to wear a cloth diaper on there face that is supposly suppose to help keep ppl from getting a virus bofl . What happen to freedom. We're not really free if it doesn't fit the libs narriatves were only free to roam

  • He has no neck but is self confident as people with full neck

  • WHY is she laughing so luch like fr

  • Tell me your mother is dutch without telling me you mother is dutch...