Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast Disguised Toast

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Informative and entertaining Among Us / Teamfight Tactic videos from a piece of toast.

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28:04why you can't fool the DREAM TOAST big brain duo...
20:18solving the MINECRAFT MANHUNT mystery on Airship...
11:00I got DRUNK with valkyrae...
I got DRUNK with valkyrae...Pregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 21 dan
27:09LURKING with the NEW ENGINEER role (custom mod)
18:58Among Us but with the NEW SPY role... (custom mod)
10:49i infiltrated an ALL-GIRLS Minecraft base...
25:28becoming a 19,200 IQ KILLER CYBORG in Among Us...?
17:31NEW 19,100 IQ impostor LADDER strats on Airship...


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  • The dramatic music in the end hyping the atmosphere to the nth degree oh my gosh- I couldn't stop grinning ✨

  • I really like that Moe acknowledges his mistakes. He might sometimes come off as rude..but he really does play well and always apologizes for his mistakes!

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  • Percent

  • Ahhhh i miss this era

  • Toast singing lover was highlight of my day and something I never knew I needed

  • Pick me

  • Train : "Its ok Toast , its just a part of the game.... but I still love you " Okay this is enough to call this lobby wholesome :)

  • I love how this turned out as a horror movie 😂


  • I miss your among us bro.


  • ha this guys toast

  • Early day of big brain toast..

  • I feel bad for you toast ur content is supposed to be a little edgy and we’ve all made mistakes were human I hope everyone forgives u and gets over it get better toast

  • Toast is one of the all time greatest HRwiki Legends.

  • That robo dog would be a good bomber asset ngl

  • Lmaooo

  • holyshit yassuo used to be good

  • one of the only players that accurately pronounced xin zhao

  • Toast eating knowing he got the W

  • They voted the genius..

  • Can someone tell me whats the song in the background??

  • Can yuo play mincraft mods

  • @2:32 Fuslie 😂

  • Kris: this is your conscience speaking, fvck you

  • lily: *no one calls you that*

  • I should have known that last game was dumbdog and train. Dumbdog was standing on a vent in security after dancing in front of the camera by admin. Toast walked away from him around to upper engine. Dumbdog wouldn't have had enough time to go from admin to medbay or electical and vent to security and then run up to upper engine and back to the vent before Toast got to upper engine. Also Train was walking down from the body.

  • Jimmy Fallon meltdown has made lose respect for him

  • Always remember the Jimmy Fallon meltdown

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  • If xqc had a Mexican accent his rage would be funny

  • You know what I hate the most. Those damn snitches

  • Toast!!! Please comeback to the Among Us lobby!!! 😭😭😭 I really missed you!!

  • toast knows about adventure time!!!

  • camera gun nutty


  • Sherif Toast is aggressive😂

  • Toast was pimpin tf out of John lmaoooo

  • I'd much rather watch your guyss games instead of like sundaes because theirs is like over the top fake excitement nd doing to much....toasts games are actually genuinely enjoyable

  • Hope you come back soon!!! Miss your content.

  • Its been two weeks since his last post. Omg toast huhuhu

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  • They should’ve voted bretman lmao. Toast could’ve told them but he wanted to let the game play out.

  • Grease: i feel like its t-

  • where has toast gone?

  • Are you faking the death of the channel?

  • Where are you?🥺

  • It has only been 2 weeks since his last upload but it feels like forever. I'm still waiting on that 20,000 IQ vid. I need closure. Lmao.

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  • Y'know what toast sideways you look like sykkuno are you both brothers?

  • Poki:good job everyone Toast:its......yeahhhh.... Says it all about how that game turned out lol

  • Anyone knows the song playing at 4:00?

  • im glad that this happened

  • Anyone knows the song playing at 4.20

  • Anyone knows the song playing at 4.20 ???

  • I miss you Toast 💕

  • 20:26 too good

  • who here misses toast's updates? 😭🥺

  • Toast I was watching the episode where you went on dr k, let me tell ya, I was not there to get entertained, I was there to get to know you!! Share whatever you feel comfortable with, talk about any shit you want to, you do not HAVE to entertain us. My sister and I are obsessed with your content and we love you as a person. toast I would have loved to get to know Jeremy from 9th grade. Okay, those were my unasked thoughts and I apologize if those hurt you in any way.

  • Toast… please contact Tom Davies (HRwikir: GeoWizard) to play, come up, and make new content with. It looks like your new thing is GeoGuesser.

  • gweek: no, you cant you accusse a random color! toast: haha 50℅toast go brrr gweek: you know you're way smarter than me I'm voting pokimane

  • Its how Bretman walked pass 2 bodies

  • toast is glowing! 😳

  • 2 weeks of boredom

  • Ternyata lebih seru cucurutut

  • Thank you Toast for sharing your story. Very relatable and heartfelt!

  • I felt like Jaiden felt left out :(

  • I still can't pronounce "th"

  • Sydeon and Toast actually getting along, I never thought I'd see the day.

  • Imagine if he was Jester

  • i love you poki

  • Those animations are so cute.

  • Watching this lobby got me through quarantine and my final year of university. Sad to see it go