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This channel focuses on gaming (specifically minecraft) content aimed at a general audience. I build minecraft houses and make minecraft house tutorials along with everything else minecraft. If you want to learn how to build minecraft houses, or like hermitcraft, check out my videos. If you want to learn how to build in minecraft this is the place for you!

Safety Disclaimer: I never add viewers on any personal accounts, such as Discord. Please be wary who you add on Discord, Skype or other instant messaging programs! Also never comment your personal contact information such as Skype, discord or e-mail address on my videos. Please be safe online! If you think you have me added on skype or another platform IT IS NOT ME. I don't use alt accounts, I only use my main, linked accounts.


30:093rd Life: Episode 3 - DESERT DEFENSES
3rd Life: Episode 3 - DESERT DEFENSESPregleda 1,5 mil.Prije 12 sati
12:57One trick to change the way you build in Minecraft
23:353rd Life: Episode 2 - WELCOME TO SANDLAND
3rd Life: Episode 2 - WELCOME TO SANDLANDPregleda 2,2 mil.Prije 7 dana
23:40Hermitcraft 7: Episode 75 - BIG BARGE SWEEP!
11:56Things in Minecraft that make NO sense!
Things in Minecraft that make NO sense!Pregleda 2,9 mil.Prije 21 dan
20:49Hermitcraft 7: Episode 74 - THE FINAL BARGE BUILD
22:54Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - C.E.O of BARGE Co.
21:18Hermitcraft 7: Episode 72 - BIG BARGE HQ!
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 72 - BIG BARGE HQ!Pregleda 2,2 mil.Prije mjesec
21:22Hermitcraft 7: Episode 71 - BACK TO THE MANSION!
21:41How to Complete a MEGA BASE in Minecraft
How to Complete a MEGA BASE in MinecraftPregleda 1,1 mil.Prije mjesec
25:02Hermitcraft 7: Episode 70 - SWAPPING BACK
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 70 - SWAPPING BACKPregleda 2,3 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
18:21How to Build MEGA BASES in Minecraft
How to Build MEGA BASES in MinecraftPregleda 2 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
22:25Hermitcraft 7: Episode 69 - CAVE BASE UPGRADES!
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 69 - CAVE BASE UPGRADES!Pregleda 2,3 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
21:42Hermitcraft 7: Episode 68 - MY NEW BASE
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 68 - MY NEW BASEPregleda 2,4 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
21:21Hermitcraft 7: Episode 67 - THE HERMITCRAFT SEWER
22:30Hermitcraft 7: Episode 66 - MORE MANSION MAKING!
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 66 - MORE MANSION MAKING!Pregleda 2,3 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
21:19Hermitcraft 7: Episode 65 - THE DIAMOND CHANDELIER
22:09Hermitcraft 7: Episode 64  - SECRET BASE FOUND
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 64 - SECRET BASE FOUNDPregleda 2,4 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
24:26Hermitcraft 7: Episode 63 - THE MANSION INTERIOR
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 63 - THE MANSION INTERIORPregleda 2,9 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
27:26Hermitcraft 7: Episode 62 - MY SECRET BASE
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 62 - MY SECRET BASEPregleda 3 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
10:15Mumbo \u0026 Grian's Minecraft EARTH Roadtrip - Part 1
53:53Hermitcraft 7: Episode 61 - HERMITCRAFT WORLD TOUR!
29:34Hermitcraft 7: Episode 60 - WHO WON THE TURF WAR?
20:39Hermitcraft 7: Episode 59 - LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 59 - LET THE GAMES BEGIN!Pregleda 2,5 mil.Prije 4 mjeseci
23:27Hermitcraft 7: Episode 58 - MINING, ON CAMERA!
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 58 - MINING, ON CAMERA!Pregleda 3,6 mil.Prije 4 mjeseci
21:57Hermitcraft 7: Episode 57 - THE NEW BARGE
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 57 - THE NEW BARGEPregleda 2,8 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci
22:56Hermitcraft 7: Episode 56 - THE ENDGAME
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 56 - THE ENDGAMEPregleda 2,4 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci
20:20Hermitcraft 7: Episode 55 - SPOT THE DIFFERENCE
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 55 - SPOT THE DIFFERENCEPregleda 2,6 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci
33:41Hermitcraft 7: Episode 54 - THE BARGE QUEST
Hermitcraft 7: Episode 54 - THE BARGE QUESTPregleda 2,9 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci


  • Grian: Makes a new map every 20-30 episodes Grian: Makes a new map this episode Grian: "And I'll make another map at the end of the season" DOES THAT MEAN SEASON SEVEN IS ENDING IN THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE WHAT

  • İ just watched ep 1 again and noticed grian kept "Prof Beak AKA PESSSSSKYYYY BİİİRRRDD"

  • not gonna lie, my voice is becoming a British accent because of how much I watch grian

  • Honestly, i hated scar in hermitcraft but here he is amazing

  • Grian: “cows are a monopoly in this server!” Boffy: *im about to end this man’s whole career* If you dont get it just go watch a youtuber named Boffy he just likes killing animals especially cows- Edit: MINECRAFT COWS I MEANT MINECRAFT ONES

  • Scar: Grian is a hitman FBI: FBI! Open up!

  • My Fan Is Handsome

  • Why did the guy cookie so much?

  • 🍍

  • StOnKs!!!

  • 🍍

  • 4:20 pewdiepie would have loved that

  • No....

  • grian: makes the barge. grian in ep 65: literally makes a DIAMOND CHANDELIER

  • ngl this kinda looks like a hogwarts castke thing

  • Grian: “why are they smoking the beehive this doesn’t do anything” Xisuma: 😐

  • “There are no cows” Me: u don’t need cows for leather. U can use llamas

  • who is watching in 2021 and is feeling that grian is sooooo much slower than this year

  • “We r the science brooooaaahhhhhhhh” ‘Scar 2021

  • PeskY BiRd!!!!

  • Well this was certainly a roller coaster.

  • Can the name is sandy sell

  • 5:28 yeah I’ll do this-

  • 🍍🍍🍍 who lives in a pineapple under the sea? GRIAN

  • We can all agree grain deserves way more subs than he already has

  • 21:34 laughing enderman

  • 1st red!!

  • feed pizza

  • It is possible for entities to go over the border. You can explore the land beyond using a boat.

  • Take monopoly on nether

  • hi youtube

  • Scar is the best part of this series so far. I'm going to miss him three weeks from now...

  • Mojang whatching this part 3:10: ur so nice grian hey your going to be the only one that can play servers with no accont and no proplems

  • I like the third life and i wait for new one every day

  • Pesky birds

  • SMOKING BEEHIVES NEUTRALIZES THE BEES YOU [email protected]#$%$#$%$%$^&%[email protected]$(*#^&@#^*

  • Pineapple is my favorite fruit

  • Get a bunch of slimeballs because there is no swamp and its hard to farm them !!

  • 13:46 Grian called Jimmy, Timmy

  • O-O-how

  • I’m pretty scared it’s night and I watched a creepy video and I had to go outside cuz of my dog... but grian is one of the only yters that make me less scared and I just started watching him

  • Scar out here starting a Ponzi scheme

  • This series is so good, please keep making more. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while

  • Leave it to scar to get to red first

  • Scar + grian Scarrian

  • I love your videos

  • Grain Trying to use a spawner simple soulution. SLIKTOUCH

  • Number five without a cauldron looks like torture to me

  • Joel sounds different!

  • pineapple

  • This is honestly the best series and I want it to NEVER end

  • 🌲🍎

  • I actually know the what goes up trick. I would be fine if it was done to me.

  • *Goes up behind someone* "I've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty"

  • pinapple

  • The actual name of the ocean monument's shape is a ziggurat

  • Scar:dies Also scar: *INFINITE POWER*

  • 😅😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🤦😂😂

  • Quick bonus tip: If you replace the andesite in between each crenel (the dip in each of the the crenelations) and get machicolations, which were used in medieval castles to defend against attackers getting right up against the wall to avoid getting shot.

  • Underground tunnel griannnn

  • really angry

  • Big B needs more episodes

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Episode 3 and they still didnt go to the nether.

  • What minecrafters see: bow and theather What weebs see: 3D Menuvier gear Edit: *SASAGEYO, SASAGEYO, SHINZOU WO SASAGEYO*

  • Grian you are awesome Love from India 🇮🇳 to America

  • 1:50 *nostalgia intensifies*

  • The cat told me to subscribe And i love cats so i sub,d

  • grian is cool

  • you held out an apple and u thought u had a shield -_-

  • 1:38 this sentence was the biggest mistake grian ever made

  • The science bros Famous last words

  • Grianate😂

  • okk okko k oko ko k ok ok okk okk k okk okk o kk okko kko kk okk ko k ok

  • 6:33 “I started using the cyan concrete”. *uses gray concrete*

  • Dosen't make sense Me: true

  • Im lazy so 🍍 lol

  • Anyone notice how when Grian “wizard fruits” it takes multiple fruits?

  • Cleo: I can solve that problem for you real quick Grian: nah I’m good 😂

  • To the point- *randomly cuts to mascara ad