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Hi! My name is Levy Rozman, I'm an International Master from New York City. I make lots of different playlists of chess videos: openings, strategy, rating climb, tactics guides, and recaps of big tournaments. I also stream every day on Twitch. Check out some of the links on my page or the video descriptions for more.


1:53The GothamChess Anime: Trailer
The GothamChess Anime: TrailerPregleda 95 tis.Prije 12 sati
Retiring.Pregleda 214 tis.Prije dan
32:40How I Coached A World Champion
How I Coached A World ChampionPregleda 313 tis.Prije 12 sati
GUESS THE ELO IS BACK!Pregleda 355 tis.Prije 12 sati
30:41Did Magnus Eliminate Hikaru?
Did Magnus Eliminate Hikaru?Pregleda 423 tis.Prije 12 sati
33:54Magnus vs. Hikaru: The Final Duel
Magnus vs. Hikaru: The Final DuelPregleda 458 tis.Prije dan
28:36My Microphone Broke.
My Microphone Broke.Pregleda 320 tis.Prije dan
34:00Do You Like Violent Chess?
Do You Like Violent Chess?Pregleda 380 tis.Prije 7 dana
30:25Bye Bye!
Bye Bye!Pregleda 449 tis.Prije 7 dana
29:30Magnus Carlsen's Next Challenger...
Magnus Carlsen's Next Challenger...Pregleda 285 tis.Prije 7 dana
30:49QUARTERFINAL | New In Chess Classic Recap
QUARTERFINAL | New In Chess Classic RecapPregleda 227 tis.Prije 7 dana
28:18DAY 3 New In Chess Classic Recap
DAY 3 New In Chess Classic RecapPregleda 263 tis.Prije 7 dana
17:55NEPO OR GIRI? | Round 13 FIDE Candidates 2021
34:11DAY 2 New In Chess Classic Recap
DAY 2 New In Chess Classic RecapPregleda 302 tis.Prije 7 dana
30:15DAY 1 New In Chess Classic Recap
DAY 1 New In Chess Classic RecapPregleda 299 tis.Prije 7 dana
24:12INSANE 12TH ROUND | Fide Candidates 2021
INSANE 12TH ROUND | Fide Candidates 2021Pregleda 333 tis.Prije 7 dana
29:58ROUND 11 Fide Candidates 2021 Recap
ROUND 11 Fide Candidates 2021 RecapPregleda 280 tis.Prije 7 dana
30:28Gotham (2400) vs. Rosen (2400): Who Wins?
Gotham (2400) vs. Rosen (2400): Who Wins?Pregleda 347 tis.Prije 14 dana
29:41ROUND 10 FIDE Candidates 2021 Recap
ROUND 10 FIDE Candidates 2021 RecapPregleda 309 tis.Prije 14 dana
29:38The Best Chess Interview on YouTube
The Best Chess Interview on YouTubePregleda 259 tis.Prije 14 dana
29:532021 FIDE Candidates Round 9 Recap
2021 FIDE Candidates Round 9 RecapPregleda 274 tis.Prije 14 dana
35:18FIDE Candidates 2021 RECAPS BEGIN!
FIDE Candidates 2021 RECAPS BEGIN!Pregleda 319 tis.Prije 14 dana
1:26:18How To Win At Chess (Ep 12)
How To Win At Chess (Ep 12)Pregleda 336 tis.Prije 14 dana
33:51I Slap Myself In This Video
I Slap Myself In This VideoPregleda 349 tis.Prije 14 dana
1:56The GothamChess Diss Track (1600)
The GothamChess Diss Track (1600)Pregleda 398 tis.Prije 14 dana
15:45The Most Famous Chess Game Of All Time
The Most Famous Chess Game Of All TimePregleda 283 tis.Prije 21 dan
19:04Secret Grandmaster SHOCKS Garry Kasparov...
Secret Grandmaster SHOCKS Garry Kasparov...Pregleda 243 tis.Prije 21 dan
WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.Pregleda 377 tis.Prije 21 dan
26:487 BEST Queen Sacrifices In Chess History!
7 BEST Queen Sacrifices In Chess History!Pregleda 345 tis.Prije 21 dan
37:262300 WGM vs. BLINDFOLDED 2400 IM
2300 WGM vs. BLINDFOLDED 2400 IMPregleda 436 tis.Prije 21 dan


  • "If you have more ads on a video, the more HRwiki pushes it out. That's common se-" *AD APPEARS*

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  • This is what it feels like to take something en pessant while hanging your queen

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  • I just realized 0:15 was dewa kipas lol

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  • I plan on making this a series with its own YT channel soon. Thanks for the support guys

  • It's not "in passing" it's "EN PASSANT"

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  • nobody speaks about hikaru in the end ??

  • The 161660 had a move to prevent that en passant, he just didn't like it

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  • Again , good luck wang hao !!

  • 19:09 Instead of c takes d5, ROOK takes d5 would be instantly winning, either she loses the queen or get smothered in the next move.

  • NICE FLEX YOU HAVE A GF SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The 1800s who found Qd7 (18:29)

  • Animation was great. But as native Japanese speaker I found the soundtrack... peculiar. At least it was from Street Fighter, so it kinda fit. I was too busy listening and didn't read subtititles, so have no idea what went on from just one time watching. I wonder if anyone would be willing to do va? I could provide proper dialogue, as in translate it. Or even voice some random villain too.

  • Man Levi you always kill me lol. "I've got the horses in the back. In the words of philosopher Lil Nas X"

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  • I'm probably just stupid but this is the 10th video where you've just completely lost me after 4 minutes. I'm seeing loads of people saying you're a great teacher, so it's most likely my fault, but your lessons are just *not* coming across to me

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  • Fantastic. Would love to watch you and Eric Rosen battle on a stormy bridge Afro Samurai style.

  • Now just imagine Levy is the main character in the Chess anime, then the following episodes would be meeting other masters to play with.

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  • Fun watch! Even funnier that it will no sense for people outside our community.

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  • "En passant a motherfucker straight into the endtimes." It appears that wasn't a rap at all, but a death poem.

  • thats how i feel each time i can do en passant

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  • at 14:46, what's wrong with black going Ba6+ and then Rxc8? you lose the bishop pair, but destroy the connected passed pawn and possibly even win it soon? (I'm only 1150, but very curious :)) )

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  • Why does levy look like walter white from Breaking Bad?

  • Why does all streamers pronounce move as moof

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