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Welcome to my channel which is mainly focused on older BMWs. The place where we do repairs, revivals, restorations and go on car buying road trips across Europe.
My name is Sreten. I am not a professional mechanic, just a normal IT guy whose hobby and passion for cars have gotten out of hand.

My current fleet consists of:

2001 BMW E39 M5
2000 BMW E38 750iL - project Dubai
2007 BMW E60 M5 6-speed - project Raleigh
2002 BMW E46 325i Touring - project Cologne
1989 BMW E32 750iL - project Karlsruhe
1991 BMW E31 850i 6-speed - project Marseille

I've owned 25+ BMWs over the years and hopefully that number will continue to go up.




  • Falken awesome episode

  • You cannot get that exhaust into your papers - period. Also it is enough to have your car put off of the streets. It doesn't matter, if it is "not too loud", the authorities go by objective facts, not subjective assumptions. Also your constant bitching about Germany is more and more upsetting. If everything is so bad here, well, why don't you move to Serbia and get you stuff painted there?

  • i hope you dont say "they" when you are referring to previous mechanic. because sometime, it was the owner who did the job. maybe he wanted a permanent LAST fix, who knows.

  • Looks like they didn't use adhesion promoter on the bumper before painting

  • The reason he has gotten a lot of support is because he does really good work. No clickbait, no stupid stuff, just really good work and documentation

  • it goes from Japan to Dubai and and finally to German. long lives!

  • I don't know why KONI shocks are so expensive, but their quality does not match the price.

  • Tire installation is pretty straight forward in terms of no scratch mounting, But i am curious about how you'd remove sticky weight adhesive material without damaging the rim, would it just be a plastic chisel? Let me know what you guys use!

  • my car lll

  • If the paint listed that easily, I’d question all the parts painted.. they forgot to use adhesion promoter and scuff it down

  • JASMA - Japanese Sports Muffler Association

  • Aye, same tyres I have on my 500hp Jag. Great tyre to hold the road in both sun and rain.

  • Those zhp wheels look so much nicer. What was it style 135?

  • That paint on the bumpers is the same as the paint the day the car left the factory. It doesn't take into account the fading the car has gone through over the years.

  • honestly 10 cylinders is better than 8

  • first of all the bumpers are plastic - even fresh out of the factory you will get a different shade of color, then you have your old faded paint to compare it to which is not fair. do a detail on the rest of the car, polish it then add some wax or sealant that brings out the color and you will see the difference it's not so much

  • This is my favorite channel, I look forward to every new post. The before and after are so amazing!

  • Nice job like always but a Nissan??? Won't sleep thinking why and which??? 😀😀

  • The variation in colour has a lot of variables to take into account! The age of original paint, whether it’s been exposed to high UV damage. The paint mixer+machine, the make of paint, then there’s the type of gun tip, the pressure and distance the gun was from the job!!! Even the best painter is in a hard spot with metallic paint! Especially that colour! You should have given them a part from your car to use as a paint swatch!! That way the match could be adjusted! This is not s case of you get what you pay for! It’s lack of communication on both parties!! A real bummer though! You were well exited to get them on then it turned crap!! G O O D. L U C K. !

  • Oh Man, I would like you to help me with my front bumper because I need to change parking sensor and I don't have the garage or proper tools or knowledge, but I know that you are very busy guy. Pozdrav i samo tako nastavi, najjači si definitivno. 👍🏻

  • Awesome guy. Awesome channel. Awesome content.

  • Yeah man go with Japanese car. Can't wait to see it especially if you go with Hondas

  • in my best german.........man bist du eine gute mechaniker........

  • You’ve restored my faith in YOUR humanity. I was scratching my head, thinking you couldn’t be mortal as everything always goes to plan. Even with the German efficiency you inherited at birth, surely even Germans screw up from time to time? Thankfully you’ve made me feel a little less useless, as every task I perform on a car has as much success as you did in this video. Zero! 😂😂

  • Vamos amigo. Lo haces muy bien. Esperando tu nueva adquisición 👍🏻take my like

  • Excellent, thanks

  • awesome!

  • Totally brilliant, thank you :)

  • I've got the same Falken FK 510 tyres on my car here in Australia, they do quite well but a bit unsettled in the wet

  • Great job

  • I have to say, when you speed up video of the installation of plastics, the noise clacka, clacka, clacka, clack. Tacka, tacka, tacka, tack is a very satisfying sound.

  • Very disappointing about the rear bumper. The colour is wrong too. It's way too green. They should've taken the time to colour match it correctly, not just "assume" it would match. Looks like the extra money you paid for the painting didn't pay off. This is the problem with some so-called "painters" where they are suppose to have an eye for detail AND ensure ALL surfaces are scuffed correctly and coated with the correct adhesion primer so the paint will actually stick. The person who did that bumper should be ashamed of himself because that is NOT a quality job. Now they have to do it again at their own expense when they could've done it right the first time. I hope they learn.

    • He told them to do a test piece and they decided not to. That's probably the first clue they focus on money not doing the job right.

  • About the exhaust: The Jasma Member number is unique to a brand. In your case the company that made it is Akiyure Inc. I haven't found much about the company, but if you have Japanese friends or Japanese watchers, maybe they could push it a bit further.

  • Is it usual to have chrome kidney grills but black panels around the car? And is that front bumper original for that car? I have same colour e46 with same parts.

  • The exhaust sounds amazing!

  • Good video!

  • Bummer about the steering rack, shock, and paint colour. I hope they get a better paint match this time, and do a better prep job. Always entertaining and educational!

  • When he said his girlfriend is waiting for dinner, my breath stopped in my lungs. A perfect day spent repairing your car, totally ruined by a grumpy girlfriend giving you a lecture about relationships during dinner. Story of my life bro.... story of my life.

  • Loved every second of it! Cologne came a long way and looks awesome.

  • hey, please, Dacia has 1.4 and 1.2, but no 1.3.... 😜😜

  • Great great episode! You were so right. That color wasn’t even close!


  • Where do you buy OEM parts?

  • You're not keeping the OEM exhaust. So, no classy on that, I suppose.

  • real person, making real vidoes, about real things...... simple idea but hard to perfect.......therefore may i introduce Sreten of M539......

  • I have no idea how some one can let their car ..especially a modern classic get that dirty

  • Another cracking episode 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Please be an E30 BMW I mean Nissan......

  • great video on e46 helped me loads thank you i wish this guy could service my 328i

  • Again, hates after market wheels when oem wheels are made by aftermarket companies

    • @M539 Restorations im genuinely not educated on the topic so explain why you hate aftermarket wheels if you dont mind

    • Are you ok? What are you on about?

    • @M539 Restorations the only difference is law suits isnt that so?

    • Seems you don't understand the difference between OE and aftermarket wheels

  • why not buy the plastic piece at a junkyard?

  • i like people who take pride in their work. great job!

  • 23:35 me everytime i hit my knuckles while wrenching

  • Is it a Datsun 510 or an old skyline?

  • A german saying aftermarket wheels are stupid is kinda wild, considering bbs is german

    • @M539 Restorations why you dont like aftermarket, is it quality, looks preference thats what im asking you to shed light on

    • I'm not German and again, original vs aftermarket. What's not to understand.

  • Do anyone know the name of the outro song?

  • "If Germans don't over-complicate the transport, no one will!"

  • Legend !!!

  • Haha Sreten, your videos ste great! The moment you put the front bumper on and realize the colour is off, we feel you bro! Its great to see your OCD, many who watch this are also obsessed with details... Keep them coming!

  • When I tried to restore my accord coupe, 80% of things I tried to do - was a failure. My mistakes, wrong parts, quality parts straight from China, missing deliveries, broken stuff etc. I gave up finally. Please never don't give up. Keep calm and carry on!

  • Ask the paint shop not to use rattle cans next time

  • me: ohh m539 have a new video 🤩 i m free for 1 hour... my wife: cmooon

  • It’s that a NISSAN LAUREL ?

  • 5:20

  • 24:35 lift the rear axle and you can accelerate to as much as you like)))

  • You can polish the parts around the bumpers so that they match better

  • I love carbon fibre towels too.

  • Hey, I love your videos, so please keep them coming, however, 18" wheels on the e46 seems too big. If I recall correctly, 17" was the max that the non-M (not M package, see the placard on the door) came with. Did it affect acceleration?

  • The winter rims are still my favorit in combination with the M style bumpers. Time is your biggest enemy as always :)

  • Ate, its better than febest)))

  • I had the Style 60s on my E46 330Ci over twenty years ago. I bought it from the main dealer in Frankfurt. That car is Imola Red II, a beautiful colour. I sold it to a friend in Frankfurt when I left Germany. He later sold it to a mutual friend in Italy, who later sold it to another friend in Italy. A wonderful car. It still runs perfectly, but needed a new coat of paint last time I saw it.