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Are you an automotive history buff? Do you enjoy watching cars being built? Are you infinitely curious about engines? Do you want to know the stories behind some of the coolest cars, all while having a laugh?

Donut Media is a channel for all types of car people, from JDM diehards to American muscle car enthusiasts and everything in between. Every week, we give you new episodes of our most popular shows. Whether your favorite car is the Skyline GT-R, the Dodge Challenger, VW GTI, BMW M3, WRX STi, 4Runner, Miata or Supra - we've got you covered. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy our videos, we have something for everyone.

Before you buy your next car, before you work on your junk car, before you go bumper 2 bumper, no matter what your wheelhouse is, we'll get you up to speed at Donut.

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15:18Trucks are getting out of hand
Trucks are getting out of handPregleda 1 mil.Prije 22 sati
21:04DIY Curbed Wheel Fix - Was It Worth It?
DIY Curbed Wheel Fix - Was It Worth It?Pregleda 754 tis.Prije dan
12:15Why NASCAR Is Getting Kinda Weird
Why NASCAR Is Getting Kinda WeirdPregleda 1,6 mil.Prije dan
12:49Is this $3,400,000 Hypercar a Scam?
Is this $3,400,000 Hypercar a Scam?Pregleda 1,3 mil.Prije dan
15:16The Best And Worst Taste in Hip Hop
The Best And Worst Taste in Hip HopPregleda 873 tis.Prije 7 dana
20:03Digital Dash Upgrade - Was it Worth It?
Digital Dash Upgrade - Was it Worth It?Pregleda 1,2 mil.Prije 7 dana
11:07Why Synthetic Fuel Could Replace Electric Cars
13:20We Bought the Most Futuristic Car Products on Amazon
18:32Engine Swapping James’ AE86 - Was it Worth It?
11:11Why F1 Banned This Genius Device
Why F1 Banned This Genius DevicePregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 14 dana
16:15Your Next Project Car Could Come in the Mail
Your Next Project Car Could Come in the MailPregleda 780 tis.Prije 14 dana
19:55Sound Designer Breaks Down V8 Engine Sounds
Sound Designer Breaks Down V8 Engine SoundsPregleda 995 tis.Prije 21 dan
16:03Anti-Lag - Is It Worth Installing?
Anti-Lag - Is It Worth Installing?Pregleda 1,2 mil.Prije 21 dan
10:36Are Electric Turbos a SCAM?
Are Electric Turbos a SCAM?Pregleda 790 tis.Prije 21 dan
16:31Why Hydrogen Cars Flopped
Why Hydrogen Cars FloppedPregleda 1,7 mil.Prije 21 dan
20:33Every Lamborghini Ranked
Every Lamborghini RankedPregleda 982 tis.Prije 28 dana
22:35IS IT DEAD?! - RB25 Engine Teardown
IS IT DEAD?! - RB25 Engine TeardownPregleda 1,1 mil.Prije mjesec
12:30Why F1 Engines are Built with Sand
Why F1 Engines are Built with SandPregleda 1,2 mil.Prije mjesec
11:59Why Ford Hid One of Their Coolest Cars
Why Ford Hid One of Their Coolest CarsPregleda 1,3 mil.Prije mjesec
19:06Why these died (but came back)
Why these died (but came back)Pregleda 966 tis.Prije mjesec
16:34Is a Cat Delete Worth It?
Is a Cat Delete Worth It?Pregleda 1,7 mil.Prije mjesec
10:25Why a 2000HP Altima Needed to be Made
Why a 2000HP Altima Needed to be MadePregleda 901 tis.Prije mjesec
18:53Who can find the cheapest Supra (Challenge)
Who can find the cheapest Supra (Challenge)Pregleda 1,6 mil.Prije mjesec
19:42The Engine Sound You Never Want to Hear
The Engine Sound You Never Want to HearPregleda 1,3 mil.Prije mjesec
11:25Eye Tracking Pro vs. Amateur Driver
Eye Tracking Pro vs. Amateur DriverPregleda 1,4 mil.Prije mjesec
16:37What if Dodge Entered Formula 1?
What if Dodge Entered Formula 1?Pregleda 1 mil.Prije mjesec


  • How many people are going to look for a Syclone now? I loved them since I was a kid and the GMC Typhoon as well!

  • Screw manscape. Dont tune in for the damn commercials!

  • 7.4l V8 with as many horse powers as my 1.8 all motor miata. LOL America.

  • I was a huge nascar fan as a kid and a huge fan of Earnhardt. He was the only sports figure that effected me. It was a huge loss for everyone

  • Do you sell the camo hat. I need dis.

  • 9:31 Ben Shapiro

  • What a waste of money and time😵

  • I think my 67 mustang would rank in the top 4

  • Chevy should have built the Blazer on the Colorado full frame chassis, Instead its just another Traverse, Equinox, etc.

  • AWESOME presentation. We love when guys show their passion instead of simply reading from a script. I was disappointed that you didn't mention more of how Dale was specifically blocking for M. Waltrip, his good friend who had gone something like 300 races without a win that Feb. Daytona 500 (2001) and was determined to get HIM that win: and was watching as we lost Dale and kept asking :"why is the ambulance going so slow ??? faster, faster" and then for the next seven races stood in my livingroom with my three fingers in the air (like the fans at the racetrack) at the beginning of each race,; just one fan showing tribute.

  • Been waiting for this video

  • Holden Maloo. Nothing more need said.

  • Would just like to point out that a 'covid mask' for painting anything is a really bad idea. The chemicals will stay in the mask and you'll be breathing them in all day. I'm not sure how good a standard washing cycle for the mask will remove those chemicals as well and some can vent for a long time

  • As a resident of Winston Salem North Carolina, I just wanna say frick yeah do it for dale babyyyyyyy

  • For 20 more dollars you might as well have it powder coated in last for a very long time lmao

  • You mean Boomhauer got to meet Dale

  • the jeep track hawk and the durango hellcat are the fastest trucks

  • Hey when can we get that definitive list of every pick up truck video?

  • You missed the Silverado reaper

  • Electric suks ...glad u dropped umm....should not mentioned, jus to piss the propeller heads Offf

  • Where can we get those camo donut hats???

  • the petro masculinity in this video is making my chest hair curl

  • What about the dei days

  • Id support the idea of a full nascar team but what about being a sponsored wrap on a car👀

  • #1 way to not get pulled over: */ban officer*

  • when the hell was 3.70 a gallon cheap

  • YOU are exactly right, it's sick when you can get a DIESEL pickup now that out performs 20 year old muscle cars from the big 3!

  • I've made jokes about him before now...never again.

  • shold watch jbg travles

  • James slammed desk

  • Just wanted him to mention my Trail Boss RST 🥲

  • The off-road red and black old school charger is a badass ride I though that should be in the top twenty for real, amd I'm writing this just 2.5 minutes in also in the comments I already have seen what's number one ( bummer) and also idk where it is yet but the old school escort deserves top 20 imo

  • I have an SC300 very few were manual factory

  • The SSR or el camino have more place on a truck list than a damn e truck

  • Straight pipe the mammoth

  • I honestly want to see you guys do a 01 durango rt vs the new durango off-road

  • Who doesn’t like Foxbody Mustangs lol

  • Who doesn’t like Foxbody Mustangs lol

  • This is like an actual 30 minute documentary on Netflix but better. I love this channel so much 😂

  • Thanks for the tips, see you in Spain lads

  • I never stopped being amazed by how often aftermarket parts don't fit right.

  • I have a velocity yellow c6 it’s gorgeous!!

  • A few bald eagles escaped me this video... well done James, well done.

  • i always thought holly was a lotus smh

  • Times have changed. When I was a young man a truck was a tool. 49-53 Chevy were just plain beasts as far as a work truck. I can remember putting 2,000 pounds of broken concrete on our truck and it would go 0-60 in three days. 🤣 great video. I learned a lot from it.

  • That was freaking beautiful ❤

  • You should do this with trucks

  • Engagement engagement engagement

  • Just curious what the Jeep Comanche 4.0 did 0-60? BTW love the channel!!

  • The one car i’ve always regretted not getting is the toyota fj cruiser

  • 3

  • Mannnnnn, you guys rock... I just gotta say Casey Putsch's beef with you guys over this video is CHILDISH. Period. Keep on keepin on you damn dirty Donuts!!!

  • Mohhhhhrrrr pahhhhwahhhhh bahbay

  • Maybe if he did not fight the HANS so much he would still be alive.

  • Def gonna be referencing this when touching up my Regas and Tom's C7R. Quality vid

  • The Syclone and Typhoon were insane. Still are if you were able to keep yours running. I watched a Typhoon race a Mustang 5.0 and beat it. I am not a Ford fan but I would have thought the 5.0 would have taken the Typhoon but nope. General Motors for the win that race.

  • Dammit James, I never thought a car story could ever make me cry. Nascar has never been the same since that terribly tragic day.

  • Nice video dude but you forgot his cameo on matt stone and trey parker BASEketball

  • He had Brain damage. He should of retired when he could. And his son Jr looking to do the same. He already has recorded extreme brain injuries.

  • This is the moment where real men cried.

  • Engagement engagement engagement

  • I have a quick question I have a 2007 Mitsubishi eclipse Spyder and I'm trying to buy performance parts actually by like upgrades for it does anyone know a website that actually has parts for my car cuz the ones that I search for that have parts for the older model but not mine

  • I'm not really a big fan of nascar, but watching this video pointed out one thing for sure. These are not "stock" cars. They share absolutely nothing with regular cars except the number of tires... And now they don't even shift with a standard pattern. Weird.

  • Si anyone got a syclone fs?

  • i can’t believe y’all forgot xavier wulf :(

  • The lykan is obviously a scam

  • Why would I want to buy a Tesla again? Performance what?

  • The time board reminds me of top gear, it’s top gear neck beard edition

  • I really like James’s

  • Do a video on hypercar vazrani shul

  • The 2003 Chevy Silverado SS was the most practical sport truck and handled very well.

  • Dale earnhardt seems like the cool uncle to smoke a cig and make some bomb hotdogs

  • Dang it James, now I’m crying too 😭

  • It's called capitalism. It's not good.

  • I can't NOT see Tobias Funke....

  • Soooo... it's a better Supra

  • Brz frs 86 rari

  • #FARF

  • Hey I Saw A Actually Real Nissan GT R Before At North America