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1:07:20Hello Everyone! -
Hello Everyone! - Lichess.orgPregleda 81 tis.Prije 23 sati
17:09RealizE This Simple Concept and Never Worry Again!
10:37He Does it Again! || This Time It's MATE IN 9!!!
20:03Does Nepo Stand a Chance Against Magnus?
Does Nepo Stand a Chance Against Magnus?Pregleda 202 tis.Prije 7 dana
10:26Magnus Carlsen: "A Very Friendly Guy."
Magnus Carlsen: "A Very Friendly Guy."Pregleda 154 tis.Prije 7 dana
14:12May Your Weekend Start Better Than Mine
May Your Weekend Start Better Than MinePregleda 152 tis.Prije 7 dana
15:16This Is Better Than Netflix
This Is Better Than NetflixPregleda 248 tis.Prije 7 dana
12:34This is What Perfection Looks Like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
18:14A Challenger? || Nepo vs MVL || Candidates (202X)
17:29Praggnanandhaa is BOSS
Praggnanandhaa is BOSSPregleda 225 tis.Prije 21 dan


  • First time finding the move, I think it was easier tho

  • Magnus finda any way to victory in any openings...

  • Why can't alpha chose it's own opening?

  • 8:16 Qxh6 .... hahaha, i like your good sense of humor!

  • One of the few rare Agadmator videos that doesn’t start with "Helloe everyone!". Memories!

  • Is it captures, captures or captures, captures and captures ?

  • one bitcoin is $9,000?

  • Aga use a big word: outperformed and then he mess the next few words. Just like I do. thougt a good job.

  • Haha, I'm a completely scrub at Chess and even I saw the checkmate on F7, like bruh, you have 3 major pieces on one rank targeting the king-side and black only has one that can contest. Love has blinded you! EDIT: I'm kidding I know these are blitz games and I would lose in 10 moves against either of them.

  • 8:10 I paused right before he said "I'm only kidding" and studied the board for like 10 minutes trying to figure out the genius move. FML

  • Notes* u cant do this on online chess

  • If no one couldn't solve it...Who made it??? 😅😅

  • Basically Nakamura defeated himself .

  • The hoody guy is not a nice game

  • 1:08 why doesnt black capture the pawn on C3 with check?

  • Everyone is Gangsta showing off their sacrificing skills of Minor pieces ...UNTIL FISCHER COMES SACRIFICING QUEEN AGAINST GM'S!!

  • anand the tiger❤️🔥

  • 5:19 Simon continues pushing his hairy pawn.

  • Love these clips. Antonio is excellent describing why certain moves are made. You can definitely learn something and if not, just appreciate how articulate and well spoken this guy is!

  • Hikaru may have misses some chances. Wang haoever did not let the opportunity go.

  • What about h7 pawn??

  • The footage of the incident

  • 2:29 Holy Hell!

  • I bet he literally doesn't care.

  • Arbiters must think lifetime before doing this behavior in front of Garry and Bobby. Iam soo sad for alireza, he is my favorite youngstar

  • I am finally able to guess the moves :)

  • "... double attack on this e4 pawn". And it was in this position that the white knight resigned the game.

  • Il a fait une de large le bougre

  • "he didnt think there was any danger here.... but uhh... danger was actually lurking." this man is a fucking national treasure that should be protected at ALL costs

  • what was the terrence mckenna quote adag showcased in oneof his previous videos? i forgot

  • So many tactical subtleties in this one. I hope he will come back to professional chess soon.

  • At 08:54, isn't QC8 checkmate....?

  • so a knight is a pawn , and a rook is a knight?

  • Why not KB3 forking the queen and rook in 6:08 instead fi moving bishop

  • I found both in just a secs 😎

  • 11:20 I found bishop d6 is it ok to play B d6?

  • 3:17 What's with the Black knight to e2 it accomplished nothing. Only sacrificed knight

  • why is the person from the thumbnail looking like Zach from 13 reasons why?

  • agadmator is 'AGrAnDMAsTOR'.

  • i found the move

  • Has anyone achieved this in bullet. Let me know. It's important.

  • Please, stream every week....

  • Awesome content as always! This time I liked it even more then usual, your theory explanation in the end was a lot a fun to watch as well as educational. Are you considering making more videos in this format? Greetings!

  • _Hao Wang_ means _Good King._

  • I have seen almost all the videos that you have uploaded the last 2 years and It is the first time that I found both your "try to find" moves.

  • I'm cool 😎

  • A game where a knight becomes a pawn and a rook becomes a knight.

  • Also known as the pawn storm, PUBG variation.

  • Ada apa dengan Dubov

  • 3:06 "And it was in this position the light square bishop got promoted to a dark square bishop"

  • isnt it a free pawn queen captures d6 at min 3:23?

  • The boring trumpet intracellularly attract because cymbal delightfully knock midst a rebel seagull. utter, yielding oak

  • Open the Pandora

  • To be brutally honest, whenever I see a super-GM spending hours and hours every day, just to perfect their craft, I always ask myself: "With a brain like that, surely there is something more productive, perhaps even more fulfilling, to be doing with your time?" Reminds me of this quote that was shoved in my face every day at one of my schools: "From whom to which much is given, much is expected".

  • Ahhh 😨 Fuck me !

  • Let’s Go

  • Me ! Me

  • The fat faulty icon likely dance because odometer multivariably warn unto a hissing bail. shrill, annoyed network

  • ''But now there is a problem night captures and agian maybe even this is not a problem but it does appear to be'' 🤔Welcome to agadmator's Chess Terminologie. Get used to this :D

  • Alphazero plays just like Tal I think 🤔


  • No... no.. no.. It is about who won..

  • 6:40 double attack on this e4 pawn 7:07 It attacks the knight

  • At 2:34 why not consider Qxd5 by black ? It takes the white pawn as well as threaten the white knight at f5.

  • cool here, just rained and 5 degrees.

  • First magnus carlsen and now wang hao

  • #1 rule of chess? Pawns only go up.

  • 8:17 Goddamn Agad

  • I'm always here to just Enjoy the show

  • I say "or say they say"...

  • (⌐■_■)

  • 6:42 Beatifully centralised knight: Am I a pawn to you?

  • At 5:15 Wao can win a pawn with a Better position. Kxe6 - fxe6, Qxe6+.

  • Who remember the light square rook? 🤣 Love you agad!

  • That was a fascinating game, for a total patzer that was a great explanation of the tactics and strategies. But the way Carlson set up the board to give his 2 knights strength was so fun, and then the way Keymer went after it was really a treat. I wonder what, if anything, they said to each other after the game?

  • nice

  • at 5:08, how the fuck can the pawn capture at b3? You did it with a glitch, not possible.

  • I don't know why he does. Chess is such a good game.