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5:31Jupiter's Legacy: Season 1 Ending Explained
2:44:01D\u0026D Red Slaad Paint Night Kit Live Stream
0:34Resident Evil Village - Official Launch Trailer
5:12Lost Judgment - Official Release Date Trailer
Lost Judgment - Official Release Date TrailerPregleda 311 tis.Prije 15 sati
8:13Every Unlockable Weapon In Resident Evil Village
2:45Returnal - Secret Ending 4K 60FPS
Returnal - Secret Ending 4K 60FPSPregleda 27 tis.Prije 15 sati
3:31Jupiter's Legacy: Season 1 Review
Jupiter's Legacy: Season 1 ReviewPregleda 159 tis.Prije 15 sati
0:54Rocket League - Official NASCAR 2021 Trailer
1:41Scarlet Nexus - Official Opening Cinematic
Scarlet Nexus - Official Opening CinematicPregleda 42 tis.Prije 15 sati


  • Why they make sub zero a bad guy?

  • Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is my current favorite developer.

  • Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage - Corrected it for you.

  • IGN is this truly a legitimate question. I'm not going to even watch the video because literally anyone who's a fan of star wars automatically knows the answer. For Shame

  • PlayStation Home VR... make it happen Sony!

  • Just imagine playing any other RE game with a lightsaber.....

  • Why do they always have an insufferable childrens TV personality style presenter in gaming media?

  • 1:14 Duke Got Scared reading a Books ?

  • Is this a rhetorical question? Haha, Clones, of course!

  • Really? This is a question? Must be a slow day in the office

  • So we can get this game on Xbox1x in Sept but can't get judgment right now😡

  • So cyberpunk a bug game has 9 And this watch dog game which has nothing wrong things has 8 waah

  • Enmu was the best character 👌

    • @Otaku Dork Forever ♾👌

    • Enmu Supremacy

  • Remember when nobody wanted to see "Solo"? Who is in charge of Greenlighting projects over there ffs? smfh..

  • It's best

  • How is this even a question?

  • ...enhanced?

  • oh, and of course the voice of the Clones for Clone Wars is going to say he would rather have a clone

  • Shitty aim the one behind the controls..

  • U can tell they were saving some key features for a sequel. Too bad that's happening anytime soon

  • is that post malone lol..

  • Wowwwwww

  • زي فالهالا 😣

  • this deserved a 10/10

  • TBH it is much more freaky than actual zombies


  • Unksippable ads, cheers ign 🖕

  • Haha he actually looked smaller too! Thats so dope yo 😅

  • Was any one playing

  • Finally!! people see that IGN is terrible with their reviews.

  • The look back

  • If only these "journalists" could put a little more effort into learning how to pronounce Japanese names before they pass their own judgment on every game they touch...

  • Literally not "made for theatres" lol. Saw the 1st in in theatres and all you hear is people crunching on popcorn. So much better to watch this at home.

  • Great, they ported a ps2 game and are charging almost 50 australian dollars for it. Definitely going to wait till the price goes down.


  • ng+ speedruns are always worth less than regular ones

  • did a glitch for 2.1billion, so nah dont need this

  • That’s amazing he’s still alive & able to experience this . Happy for him

  • Waiting for Jonathan Ferguson making round for these...

  • So like when does elden ring come out?

  • Press X to Doubt this is a playable game.

  • Mmmm, encerio paso tanto tiempo?

  • So many games need to hire a graphic designer and a proof reader. UI looks so bad and typos.

  • "Kenobi." Maul gently whispered.

  • Divine beast va vroom

  • The thing is, you have to watch these videos very carefully because Gamefreak was definitely teasing Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee at the end of this trailer. They always leave very subtle hints at what’s to come soon.

  • What’s with all the new characters? Just stick to the original story.....

  • Has anyone played yet?

  • Seph: "Don't deny me... Embrace me..." *All this time, Sepphy just wanted a hug.*

  • This is not a debate at all

  • Day one buy!

  • Cool walking simulator.

  • So poggrs

  • Shout out to the gamer controlling the character for surviving a childhood television character implemented into a scary action game

  • I’m so glad they did this. Hope the kids in this generation try this and appreciate this masterpiece!

  • Keep in mind that this game previously had crossovers with Reincarnated as a Slime, Attack on Titan, and King of Fighters. So if you still had characters from those collabs, you could have the most random team lineup of characters.

  • talk about a lazy they should've just done a remake

  • Doom inspiration is patent

  • Didn't Koei just do this story in Nioh 2?

  • Cmon, when is this happening!

  • 😂 that's awesome

  • Curious why 1:43 and 1:51 was cut

  • Looks kind of mediocre, still going to buy it

  • Looks awesome, just like all the other r & c games.

  • Cloud.... I'm your father... join me and rule the galaxy as Father and son

  • This was hilarious usually not into these types of games but this looks fun as hell

  • We need a cooper legend

  • slayer demon top 1