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CNCO Teach You Latin Slang | Vanity FairPregleda 308 tis.Prije 6 mjeseci
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  • Who's 0:47? The one who said Blackadder?

  • 4:21 Emma: Pleasure Young Hermione: P L E A S U R E

  • Today right?

  • Omg!! It’s so similar to Arabic ❤️❤️❤️

  • What happens when the queen dies????????. The woman is alive and kicking and people are planning her demise. Her mother lived to 101 so she has life in her yet...doesn't matter what age we are we are all on borrowed time make the most of every day ❤️

  • do you have any idea you're with THE EMMA WATSON

  • Destroyed life...misusage of a little kid

  • Do women actually open with the "I’m so bored" line? Weak

  • Considering everyone but Ana & the cops played some level of crappy personality, not sure Apple should've let any of Harlan's relatives have iPhones


  • im literally so obsess with her no kidding

  • They’re rlly milking this aren’t they?

  • #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

  • Let’s be honest we all needed this

  • I find Ross and Rachel's dysfunctional relationship the most frustrating thing through all the seasons. I know it's fictional, but it's so unnecessarily heartbreaking that they can't just figure out how to communicate gracefully, and that the triumph of them finally getting together is so short-lived. :(

  • she will never die

  • The amount of stuff you need to know to have anything to do with the monarchy is madness. I can imagine that Diana was highly overwhelmed trying to learn that, and the etiquette

  • It's no surprise she uses "I'm Sorry" a lot. I'm sorry i cut your finger off, I'm sorry I hit you, I'm sorry i'm taking you for a ride with my friends, I'm sorry i'm throwing you under the bus

  • R I P 😢😢😢😞😞

  • What do you mean teaser 2??

  • A bowl of tea 😂

  • Y'all thinking that she'll die before Charles HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Is he on drug??

  • charsi gang on fire kya bolti public

  • A crime that there's no mention of The Thin Red Line, his masterpiece.

  • Please confirm if Walter white jr. Was really Walter white's son or not.

  • who tf made this stock footage montage and what is their problem

  • Gonna tell my kids this is Serena and Blair

  • october 18 th is my birthdayyyyyyyyyy

  • Girl where is it at

  • Do the Youth Of Today really not know what elevenses is? That’s not a royal thing, that’s just a normal word for a mid-morning snack. Because you have it at or around 11am. (So clearly not the same as afternoon tea.) I guess the word has been superseded by the American ‘brunch’ but it doesn’t quite mean the same thing. You can have elevenses and still have lunch an hour later!

  • She is toxic

  • Just really don't see this as funny . Should I laugh when someone gets tackled in football?

  • Don't worry Mark you're probably used to this by now

  • Ummmmm, why hasn't MERYL STREEP done one yet!!!!????

  • FILP

  • Imagine this happens this year....

  • "Oooh its a cuddle chicken?"

  • 2:14 Ariana is so done with Emma

  • Jesus Mary and Joseph I haven't heard these slang words. For 35 years😂 yeah he's right on the money on what they mean

  • Princess Diana would be delighted to hear the good news can she bring Camilla and Charles with her.

  • #MXRplays

  • Cate the best actress!!!!love all her movies


  • With tinder u have to becareful. Julia is beautiful

  • i want his knee screw

  • i love how this has become a yearly tradition

  • Wish she talked about "Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her." - 2000. 😊😊

  • I don't have sensitivity too 😁😁

  • Y’all really dragging this

  • Me: *waiting to watch the vid* The vid: *Ends* B R U H

  • Why is Em also texting with Eric🤔

  • Public what is that? Can we eat it?

  • Please don't die!

  • Cab we just talk about how talent this girl is? O.O

  • Born and spent 37 years in the UK... not heard of half of these. Balloon is a rubber air sack and bins are for rubbish.

  • 4 more days

  • Your milking it at this point 😂

  • Long live the Queen!

  • How could you hook up with a pasty herpes riddled pommy 🤢😢

  • What will happen if Charles will be king ang Camilla becomes queen-ish and he dies before Camilla? Will Camilla become the queen until she dies or will William become King just right after Charles death and Kate will replace Camilla as queen? What will happen to Camilla if Kate will replace her?

  • Lmao Lincoln actually racist

  • She speaks truly

  • Literally a queen. 💕🙏👑

  • @VanityFair You are going to sleep with the Fishes....You called someone Psycho whose eyes are more terrifying than Voldemort...

  • Those who are waiting for 2020 edition......yeah not gonna happen 😭

  • Gal gadot is ores

  • Is this gonna end with teasers!! Drop the whole vid fast

  • omg how many more teasers r u gonna make until u post the actual video

  • She's wise👌🏼

  • The West Wing is such an incredible show. I hate to focus on one part of his amazing career, but God dammit if I don't simply love that show. I swear to god I watch that show everyday until finish it again and then a little time passes and then I watch it again.

  • 330 years ago that was when the first president was selected jesus christ thats long

  • love this movie

  • This man’s voice give me chills

  • How playing Pokemon go game

  • Scotland Ireland England should be one country

  • I feel like 2019 and 2018 Billie we’re just tag teaming and ganging up on 2017 billie

  • His range of emotions are so written clearly on his face. He is so genuine. Def not meant to be a lawyer.

  • Hate her political affiliation , love her voice.

  • he is 56 years old.