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NF - CLOUDSPregleda 11 mil.
3:02NF - Chasing_(Demo) ft. Mikayla Sippel
NF - Chasing_(Demo) ft. Mikayla SippelPregleda 10 mil.Prije 4 mjeseci
NF - PAID MY DUESPregleda 38 mil.Prije godine
3:56NF - Change (Audio)
NF - Change (Audio)Pregleda 18 mil.Prije godine
3:28NF - Options (Audio)
NF - Options (Audio)Pregleda 8 mil.Prije godine
4:31NF - I Miss The Days (Audio)
NF - I Miss The Days (Audio)Pregleda 14 mil.Prije godine
5:13NF - Leave Me Alone
NF - Leave Me AlonePregleda 68 mil.Prije godine
5:04NF - Nate (Audio)
NF - Nate (Audio)Pregleda 13 mil.Prije godine
3:54NF - Returns (Audio)
NF - Returns (Audio)Pregleda 10 mil.Prije godine
3:23NF - No Excuses (Audio)
NF - No Excuses (Audio)Pregleda 6 mil.Prije godine
4:09NF - Trauma (Audio)
NF - Trauma (Audio)Pregleda 7 mil.Prije godine
4:22NF - Hate Myself (Audio)
NF - Hate Myself (Audio)Pregleda 18 mil.Prije godine
4:39NF - Let Me Go (Audio)
NF - Let Me Go (Audio)Pregleda 12 mil.Prije godine
4:14NF - My Stress (Audio)
NF - My Stress (Audio)Pregleda 26 mil.Prije godine
3:14NF - Thinking (Audio)
NF - Thinking (Audio)Pregleda 3,3 mil.Prije godine
0:50NF - -Interlude- (Audio)
NF - -Interlude- (Audio)Pregleda 615 tis.Prije godine
3:47NF, Sasha Sloan - Only (Audio)
NF, Sasha Sloan - Only (Audio)Pregleda 16 mil.Prije godine
3:29NF - Like This (Audio)
NF - Like This (Audio)Pregleda 6 mil.Prije godine
4:04NF - Time
NF - TimePregleda 57 mil.Prije godine
4:01NF - When I Grow Up
NF - When I Grow UpPregleda 137 mil.Prije godine
4:52NF - The Search
NF - The SearchPregleda 96 mil.Prije godine
3:25NF - If You Want Love
NF - If You Want LovePregleda 48 mil.Prije 2 godina
3:12NF - WHY
NF - WHYPregleda 69 mil.Prije 2 godina
3:04NF - NO NAME
NF - NO NAMEPregleda 54 mil.Prije 3 godina
3:36NF - Let You Down
NF - Let You DownPregleda 167 mil.Prije 3 godina
5:13NF - You're Special (Audio)
NF - You're Special (Audio)Pregleda 46 mil.Prije 3 godina
3:39NF - 3 A.M. (Audio)
NF - 3 A.M. (Audio)Pregleda 18 mil.Prije 3 godina
4:00NF - Destiny (Audio)
NF - Destiny (Audio)Pregleda 8 mil.Prije 3 godina
3:13NF - One Hundred (Audio)
NF - One Hundred (Audio)Pregleda 4,6 mil.Prije 3 godina
3:36NF - My Life (Audio)
NF - My Life (Audio)Pregleda 18 mil.Prije 3 godina


  • НЭФ - Поменяй мне жертву на промах.

  • Another masterpiece

  • 1:11 that one anime kid in walmart

  • 3:17 my favorite part

  • Hold up my balloons and cover up my face I can feel them weighin' on me every day I should let 'em go and watch 'em float away But I'm scared if I do, then I'll be more afraid Tell them how I feel, but they don't wanna change (Don't wanna change) Tell them how I feel, but they remain the same Loosen up my grip, they say that's not okay Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, ayy, leave me alone! This hit close to home! NF, man you are doing great things with your music.

  • Love nf

  • fuck this guys good

  • I talk to god like what’s next for me” even tho that’s the first line it’s amazing

  • Eyo hold up wait there's a new album coming?!

  • From the last part I would have thought his next project would be “lost”...maybe that’s for the future 😌

  • Im always crying when i hear this song because my dad passed away 2 years ago and i didnt talk to him so much and now im really miss him and im so angry at myself

  • cheater in gta 5 be like :

  • Lyrics from web¬ Clicks, clicks, clicks, they'll do anything to get a few Tick, tick, tick, that's the sound before my head explodes Quit, quit, quit, look at you up on your pedestals Quick, quick, quick, here the critics come it's time to go I read your article it kinda hurt me I don't know who hired you or what your friends say in your circle But the fact that you released it, tells me two things are for certain They get paid for trashin' people, I get paid cause I stay workin' Drop the search and they emerge up out of nowhere to the surface Just to peek behind the curtain, throwin' salt at all my burdens I'm aware I shouldn't give this my attention, life's a journey I should just stay on my path and learn to laugh You think they heard me? Ears are burning put 'em out, quiet quiet look around Why don't they find someone way more interesting to write about? Us we're kinda boring, aren't we? All we do is whine and pout It's confusing so amusing how I argue with myself (hello) I spit it with ease, so leave it to me You doubt it but you better believe I'm on a rampage hit 'em with the record release Dependin' the week, I'm prolly gonna have to achieve another goal Let me go when I'm over the beat I go into beast mode like I'm ready to feast I'm fed up with these thieves tryna get me to bleed They wanna see me take an L? (yup, see what I mean) How many records I gotta give you to get with the program? Taken for granted I'm 'bout to give you the whole plan Open your mind up and take a look at the blueprint Debate if you gotta, but gotta hold it with both hands To pick up the bars you gotta be smart You really gotta dig in your heart if you wanna get to the root of an issue Pursuin' the mental can be dark and be difficult But the payoff at the end of it, can help you to get through it, hey Paid my dues, made it through (whoo, whoo, whoo) Spread the news, I'm on the loose (whoo, whoo, whoo) Makin' moves, I need some room (whoo, whoo, whoo) Thought we's cool Well don't assume, don't assume hey! I'm the truth, oh they want some proof Here don't be rude, somethin' new Even when I lose I make it look cool Do the show, then we hit the room Wife is lookin' ooh, what to do? I don't need the shades up to like the view It's time to get back in the swing of things When my life crashes, I'm not the guy that'll flee the scene I'll take ownership and own it and raise my hand if it's me Just remember though, I'm only a man, I'm a human being Don't they see? Shoot the breeze I'd rather just stay discrete People claim they're in your corner but leave you in times of need They don't listen, do they? (what?) They don't listen to anything I'll accept advice if it's not presented ignorantly Look, costs are high they multiply Then cause divides I'm forced to fight The poison I been sippin' on has quite the bite It killed me twice, they rigged the lights So y'all can see the parts of mine that aren't so bright See, often I apologize then authorize the awful times To pop up (Nate) like I'm right behind you I'd advise you not to try to climb inside the mind like I do Keep the rhyme book, expedite it, overnight it Hold it tight an' hope that time is on my side 'Cause if it's not then I'll decide to override my own demise I toe the line too close and I could improvise, I'd empathize But recognize the fact that I could jeopardize and wreck our lives You better give me your attention the undivided Paid my dues, made it through (whoo, whoo, whoo) Spread the news, I'm on the loose (whoo, whoo, whoo) Makin' moves, I need some room (whoo, whoo, whoo) Thought we's cool Well don't assume, don't assume hey! Paid my dues, made it through (whoo, whoo, whoo) Spread the news, I'm on the loose (whoo, whoo, whoo) Makin' moves, I need some room (whoo, whoo, whoo) Thought we's cool Well don't assume, don't assume hey!

  • Plot twist: it’s actually Eminem’s son

  • There's 11 million views,why in the heck ain't there 11 million likes

  • "Top of the charts, I am setting up camp" NF is the realest

  • whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • I love NF, BUt everyone is praising him. but remember guy's. There are many more people like him. people who rap just as good as him. mabye even better, but they dont get the spotlight or get trended :/ love to all the people

  • Eminem better watch out for NF

  • The moment he punch the wall😂

  • He's back

  • teleportation is the new power

  • random person comments waiting for NF to notice you ): <3

  • Showing a photo of rebel Wilson who I always likened to Geico Sam and they’re trying to show it with NF therapy session to say she lied that I raped her in her therapy session which is obviously trying to silence me. I don’t give a fuck what happened, I reached out to this girl simply bc I felt bad for making fat jokes and not driving her home. She denied even having sex but bragged to her office. Good fucking luck using it against me

  • MADDEN 16 WYA?

  • No bad words thats good

  • ok no joke this is kinda funny. i was doing school while listening to this song and it helped me pass a test. XD

  • That transition tho, 2:51 for that replay

  • richtiger scheiß lollolololol

  • Eminem?

  • where is the trumpet version? about the seven trumpets?

  • Gg NF love you from morroco ❤ ❤ ❤

  • R.I.P For the people that havent found this song

  • I wanna rap with you. Imma say it A billion times till I die💯💥⚡

  • Bro, This Man Is A Great Artist..Lyrical an His Visuals Are Out This World..Very UnderRated..💯🍻💪👑🙏🇺🇸

  • yes, yes you are a rap god.

  • This man is gonna be one of the greats

  • yo he sounds so different

  • Nf lit asf

  • Atomic bomb; split an atom and explode NF; hold my microphone

  • NF is so underrated

  • nf makes me predict the future with his music


  • Straight Up Relatable

  • *me when I'm taking a online class and my little brother walks in*

  • 11th million view lol

  • Relationships suck 😪 💔


  • I love that he's a little crazy

  • Are Those like flashbacks of his Lost ones?🥺🥺

  • This is lit

  • *I just wanna be happy,i just wanna love myself😭💔!!*

  • Everybody knows me, well they know the man they see. They know me like you know the man you watch on your TV. People say "that Trenton kid is crazy, that's for sure! Taking too much acid like he thinks that it's the cure." The cure to what? My broken mind? My fragile mental state? I can't keep track of anything, i think I lost the date. What day is it? What time is it? I think I'm on my own. Surrounded by friends all day, and yet, I feel alone. I haven't smoked in three long weeks, no nicotine or weed. But I'm back on the adderall, I think it fills a need. I've always liked the highest highs but all things have a cost. When I came down I faced the lows of everything I lost. But now that I'm on adderall, I do not feel the pain. In fact I don't feel anything, not even Mary jane. I don't feel joy, I don't feel sad, emotions never come. The only constant that I have is always feeling numb. Now you might say that happiness requires feeling down. You have to live in poverty to appreciate the crown. You have to know the darkness if you really want the light. But here's the thing, I disagree, that doesn't sound quite right. Id rather just feel nothing than to live on high alert. A little bit of happiness can't justify the hurt. Is love so worth the heartache that can tear your soul in two? All the lies that people tell don't make the facts more true. Light does not need darkness and true love does not need hate. Joy does not need sadness. Answers don't need a debate. The truth is that we justify the sadness with the joy. Claiming that it's worth it to create once we destroy. When depression just becomes too much and we cannot move on. We think about the happiness, the darkness before dawn. But for some of us the darkness lasts much longer than the light. We rarely get to see the day, we mainly live at night. So saying that it's worth it, just to feel a little love. Is like living every day in hell, for seconds up above. Instead of this depression with infrequent drops of bliss. I'd rather just feel nothing, So I don't have to feel like this. So I'll take another adderall, and pass up on the weed. Because the men without emotions are the men that will succeed.

  • A

  • Fr he is so go

  • Damn......the song helps me.......but so do the comments....thank you guys and NF for that.....

  • You are a genious, discovered ya randomly but i'm lovin ya. Keep it up, you are also giving me the charge

  • I'm not gonna lie NF's music went from God tier and now he just collabs with singers and I just feel like it doesn't fit him he barely raps anymore

    • @Felipe Skotarek his music improves with every album. So you are wrong if you mean technical abilities. Yeah your opinion. that is fine but his music by rapping ability standards is better then the past. Every song he improves. Every album. Man i love everything he puts out. I dont understand your side of it at all. Everyone has their own tastes but I love all his music honestly. Only artist in my 42 years i can say that about

    • @Nikki I don't hate his music I quite like clouds it's just that some of them are just not as good as they used to be imo and I know he puts a lot of effort into the song and I understand why people like it it's just not the type for me

    • Wth? 😂 His song clouds was god tier rhyming. Four syllable rhyme scheme and kept it going. Among other amazing rhyme patterns and some word play too. He has a whole mixtape coming out. He took one year and eight months between perception album and the search album. He is exactly at that point now from search album to this mixtape. Nothing has even changed. He always had a feature on albums. They might not be big artists but he did have features. Tech 9 was supposed to be on the search album i heard. Doesnt fit him? Hopsin and him sound a lot alike and stand for the same thing in their music. This collab is perfect! Tech 9 is amazing and an OG with a lot of respect from the hip hop community and it is time Nate does work with someone like that. I hope to see more collabs in the future like this.

  • The wind made it a little better

  • Jesus loves you and he is coming back ❤️

  • chernobyl

  • dude his kid will never have to fear pennywise, lol NF will just kill him with his raps

  • Wtf 😒 Would People Dislike This And This Is Based Of a True Thing That Happened Like Give Some Respect For NF Please! •

  • The best song in 2021 guys

  • Lyricism on point🔥

    • Favorite verse is his discreet way of saying I'm unbreakable

  • Wait does he actually have OCD :o

  • Song was lit 🔥, can't wait for more NF songs 😍

  • The search continues 1:04

  • When I Grow Up Im Gonna Be A Pro Soccer PLAYER!!!

  • 11,000,000th view

  • Yeah man🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I've been on the NF train for a while... Who else is a passenger?

  • Why don't yuh make more lyk this one ?

  • gettum Nate

  • The king 🖤💣💥

  • *this track has 67 mil views mm crazy*

  • I like the edits it’s like the movie looper

  • soo nice..🖤

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sounds like a Resident Evil soundtrack