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My name is James or JGOD.

I make videos based on helping people improve at Call of Duty. I typically focus my content on the newest Call of Duty.

The types of videos topics include, but are not limited to:
-weapon guides
-best class setups
-spawn guides
-subscriber game play breakdowns
-weekly live streams

Since Warzone is the main Call of Duty I will be posting tons of content related to the Battle Royale.

Thank you for any support on the channel.



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  • Spectate a game with faze jev please

  • New vid to go with my breakfast!!

  • fun fact:no one cares that your first lmfao

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  • You are, quite literally, the man

  • Check out my warzone clips

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  • I would have been first but my wifi is more jacked up than a Milano off the floor

  • So new the videos still sparkling

  • JGOD is the khan academy of warzone

  • I love you jgod

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  • Daddy j god😩

  • In JGOD we trust

  • If u wanna reach 1 million subs post 2 more off these kind off vids

  • Please break down joewo's tourney gameplays. I'd love to hear your opinion on his play style.

  • Where did that video with the xm4 setup go?

  • Sucks that I’m at the bottom of the barrel and can’t get through the first 10 minutes of the match

  • professional video 👍👍 thank you

  • jgod got the good info ive won more games after hearing his information on how to rotate but not using meta guns i use what i want lol

  • Nice haircut JGod!

  • What’s your current sensitivity?

  • Cailee eyes look creepy

  • Great video JGOD!!! One request.... Can you tell us the percentages of users in the tourneys who are on Xbox, PC, Playstation? I play (Xbox) warzone on the regular (nearly 400wins) and I know PC is a superior operating system but was just curious to know?

  • 9:26 “little bit of glare from the sun” hahaha the sun glare is out of this world

  • That Kalei team viewpoint, nothing but recon and go camp in buildings with a streetsweeper, amazing gameplay 👏🏼

  • I love how these clowns are doing every single thing they cry about when they’re streaming 🤣🤣🤣

  • I'm asking myself for how many seconds I can survive in these kind a lobby?

  • My view is that there should be 2/3 weekly games like this. Like a premier League but in Warzone. Same teams for the season. Seeing what teams change throughout as they learn to take on people at their own level. That would be some Hella good viewing 🙏😎

  • Was this the game Aydan got assinated?🤪

  • @JGOD Huskerrs is good but have you ever seen Ninext from Brazil?

  • Ver nice to share your voice over on those matches. Great insight on how top players are thinking & doing stuff

  • Somewhat ironic to see these pro's struggle the way regular people struggle 99 out of 100 games.

  • PC PC PC

  • all i see is: Rose skin and meta slaves

  • When I was young we had cs1.5 then cs1.6 and we used mouse and keyboard then cs.go came out we still used mouse and keyboard and I used my consoles only for fighting games and story driven stuff. But then I realized i was spending too much money on upgrading my pc constantly every year I would buy the new Nvidia or Ryzen just to run the same old games like csgo, dota and league of legends. I decided to delete those games and stop using PC for gaming and was looking for a semi competitive shooter where I could express skill and precision like in csgo and there was call of duty, apex, rainbow, fortnite the only problem was i wasn't used to aim with a controller and it took me a few good years to become decent at it. Nowdays I dont wanna use keyboard and mouse it feels like im at work at the office... I wanna come home and play on a 65inch tv on the sofa with a controller. For me Controller is the winner. And in terms of performance it doesnt really matter which one you choose its what u get used to. You can play like an aim bot with both controller or a mouse. It all comes down to practice and muscle memory.

  • Redownloading the game after this video, finally i get to use a different weapons

  • Make sure you mention how good everyone in the lobby is and reiterate why these players aren't pushing everything every 45 seconds. I don't think every 60 seconds is sufficient.

  • This is SO much better. Bored of seeing these streamers killing these bot lobbies and claiming huge skill. Putting all streamers together. Perfection

  • Just drop into plunder at the same time with a friend and take turns to do point blanks easiest way

  • Hey @JGOD what are your thoughts on the big streamers using scripts for 0 recoil. The game is absolutely destroyed with cheaters and hackers these days

  • Half of these players would be doodoo on console or at least a level playing field with console specs. Change my mind 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • (Anyone literally moves 2 metres forward) “HE ROTATED”

  • Im come from console and now new in pc What dpi x sens is the best to play?

  • Aydan is the best Warzone player not Huskkers

  • Warzone: 150 Pros: Gamer Girl: .....Bet

  • I only got this one and I got diamond for AR

  • 7:16 he shoots even before the guy even ran, he could not know that. Obviously cheating. Stop promoting these guys, many “pro” / streamers cheat to have their content as the best.

  • This same thing has been happening in cold war from the start ...your guy flexes his wrist and it makes your aim go off

  • Maybe the other guy was AFK during Fire Sale, and Thought it was pointless to Buy him back and waited till he came back!

  • besides explaining guns and providing super helpful info, this kind of videos its my 2nd fav. excellent job JGOD

  • This game's competitive scene is embarrassingly bad. Skillcap is just way too low to allow for any amazing spectacle.

  • anyone know when the next twitch rivals is?

  • what a play of kalei wow

  • Really liking the Fara with the 2x Scope on it.

  • they should honestly nerf the streetsweaper considering whole lotta people are camping in buildings ready to demolish you with it

  • J please do a analysis on streamers that might use cronus. I am seeing a lot of them claiming "crazy gameplay" and i look at the gameplay and there are 2 things i have to say about that: 1.Somehow they get the gameplays on a insanely easy lobby 2.I cannot believe that all shots taken are pin point accurate. I am playing with a 4.7 KD friend (I am 2.2) on EU servers and there is no chance streamers would get that kind of content on EU servers. It's starting to get annoying how they claim that they are good, but given the circumstances probably any above decent player could get that kind of result

  • To those of you having the issue with your aim assist failing: If you’re one of the last players in a match or being spectated by multiple players and unsure why? What you’ll need to do is check your settings and make sure the aim assist is set to disabled. Then you back out to save the settings and shutdown the console (ps4 I’m assuming). Next you will unplug the console, clean it vigorously, clean the controllers or change the analogs out with fresh ones, and dust the inners - It helps, it’s extra, but it helps. Download the app “OfferUp.” List your console for whatever price your little heart desires. Hopefully, you sell it to a trustworthy person. Snag a quick 150-250 depending on your newly ditched collection. Who knows? You could have a lot of unnecessary accessories for it. You’ll then use that money to save towards your newly acquired construction job: gaming PC. Practice makes Perfect! Whatever peripherals you decide to buy, Like a simple Corsair or an eccentric Huntsman elite, a runmus mouse, or even a Logitech G series. You’ll get used to it, and the aim assist issue will eventually just vanish. Just like the point of my comment.

  • If i played with HusKerrs sensitivity, everything on my desk would get knocked onto the ground including the mouse.

  • hey jgod. the only thing i noticed was. Warzone is my first FPS game ever, started last march 2020. I was a .44kd player for monthes. As i got better and start getting 1.5kd+ on my weekly stats. I noticed even with a overall kd of .85 now, I get all diamond and platinum lobbies. I think thats the missing piece from all your videos. Its weekly kd that determines the trend of your sbmm.

  • I feel like the video would be much better hearing the comms and only minimal commentary where relevant (like 10 to 15% of the video tbh)

  • 8k more to 1 mil lets do it boyyssss

  • This makes so much sense. I felt my hdr shots have been completely off recently and this would be why!

  • jgod doing the buzz cut trend

  • Jgod best commentator NA. Keep it going man!

  • It depends on your objective. I play for snipe clips. KbM is better for that. However actually getting good at controller is going to do more for you if you actually get good and intend to play aggro. Aim assist for 2-3kd+ players is just ridiculous. I play with a lot of high tier players consistently and would say players who I would rate at the same skill level the controller player is usually .5-1kd higher because of aim assist and how forgiving it is in close to mid range fights.

  • hi guys can someone tell me what is better at close range the ak 47 or the bullfrog and there best attachments and if you (jgod) can do a video to show the stats

  • so... i was thinking they nerfed the kar... but it was dlss on quality

  • The way he handled the project showed resilience, experience, knowledge, and critical thinking. Saying thank you is not enough to show my gratitude to SEENOHACK on Instagram, it is an honor to work with you

  • The way he handled the project showed resilience, experience, knowledge, and critical thinking. Saying thank you is not enough to show my gratitude to SEENOHACK on Instagram, it is an honor to work with you

  • The way he handled the project showed resilience, experience, knowledge, and critical thinking. Saying thank you is not enough to show my gratitude to SEENOHACK on Instagram, it is an honor to work with you

  • The way he handled the project showed resilience, experience, knowledge, and critical thinking. Saying thank you is not enough to show my gratitude to SEENOHACK on Instagram, it is an honor to work with you