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I tell scary stories, mostly true ones, and you get scared. And I guess some people like that

► If you have any personal horror stories that you want read please email it to [email protected] and include what kind of story it is.
For example, a stalker story, a camping story, etc

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27:20My 666 IQ Imposter Play Made the NEWS
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18:003 True SCARY And INTENSE Stranger Encounter Stories
13:383 True Scary Subscriber Submitted Horror Stories
17:584 TRUE Scary Stories That Will CREEP YOU OUT
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  • 7:56 - scared the absolute shit out of me

  • Corpse’s voice mMmMmMmMm

  • Dude your voices getting worse you good dude?

  • Its too bad that Corpse sold out and is just doing videogame livestreams now. His subs literally went up 6 million in like 2 months

  • "Brooke don't do that this round when I'm imposter" *gets imposter with Brooke* Corpse: *dying of laughter* Brooke: I want to die XD

  • Hearing this with his voice is like-

  • not the simps in the comments

  • Can someone tell me the video where he talks about his childhood?

  • Im dying after poki acted like a child after deing as jester

  • So what does the missing kid have to do with the guy in the white van that killed the chick!!!!!

  • His voice sounds so much like my ex it’s weiiiird lol. It’s like I’m listening to him talk again 😅

  • Bro I feel like if I watch Corpse In front of my parents I feel like they gonna be like "Who are u watching and why does he sound like that?? No stop watching him" idk I have that feeling

  • Fuck my name is zakk

  • Fly high, Sonya.

  • Damn. I’ve watched this entire video in segments of 30 minutes right before I went to bed. This guy is an amazing story teller and this really changed my perspective of the wilderness and what can be truly out there. Thousands of miles of uncharted and unsurveilled land that god knows what is happening out there. People go missing everyday and you never know or could fathom what went down unless you were there watching it take place. Heavy stuff...

  • Did anyone ever notice that on one of the pictures something is in back round

  • Im allergic to pineapples

  • His Adam's apple probably look like a pumpkin

  • Corpse show your face for one day

  • He sounds like lil baby

  • Love your among us face

  • P.s. I am a boy this is not my account

  • Has he ever replied to a comment?

  • Wtf is with the calm-ass music?!?!

  • I miss old among us

  • À

  • Stop playing sussy sus sussus amogus

  • 13:27 I’d grab the dog and run for it

  • Okee where the heck are you?

  • valkyrae and corpse: an amazing imposter duo

  • Sir, may I kindly ask you to collaborate with Kitty Spalla?

  • am i the only one who thinks lily sounds like "destiny" iykyk

  • ouija boards are a real thing, my aunt used it and now she see´s stuff you dont want to see

  • I like niggas

  • is ur name randall?

  • this was uploaded on my birthday how wonderful

  • I thought his voice was a short radio sound waves

  • Not scary

  • Lud: i voted for you cause you're a bit flat *Makes lightskin face* 🤣🤣

  • Gotta love this guys voice

  • We like horror until we see it with our own eyes

  • Anyone else get an webtoon advertisement

  • This dude hit puberty twice

  • I just wanna play among us with corpse bc I wonder what it would be like to talk with another deep voices person lmao

  • "Also, we were drinking. ...Enjoy the video."

  • Why are they not muted??? AaaAAAaaA

  • Petition to bring back the horor stories

  • I really like the background music in this one

  • Why aren't sex offenders screened out off of dating sites?

  • amogus

  • 🖤

  • The girl at the door could be just pranking, I mean I do knock at peoples door late at night and once they are close to the door I run away so I don’t get caught of course I do this without any bad intentions

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I love you , I want to see your face

    • I don't mean to like start a fight, but if you love him you should respect his anonymity.

  • yeah good bro

  • Hope he does a face reveal i really wanted to see

  • ur voice got deeper then ur voice in this video anyways ur amazing keep being u and don't let anyone tell u different

  • halfway through, if this is a red room, I'm calling Bs Edit: Yeah, this is pure BS. It's impossible to have a live video feed on the darknet as the connection would be way too slow after all the rerouting. In fact, I don't think you could have a coordinated timer either. And besides, red rooms are just an urban legend. No recorded evidence has been found regarding them.

  • 🖤

  • 🖤

  • This guy is so cute

  • It's crazy that the scariest stories can't be heard...

  • Something similar to story 2 happens to me when something really bad is about to happen to me or someone I know. I don’t usually remember my dreams and idk if it’s just because I usually don’t have them or I just forget them when I wake up. But for a few days before something bad happens I’ll have really bad nightmares that’ll make me wake up multiple times a night and after the incident happens they stop and I can’t remember what happened during those nightmares. The last time this happened was in December when my cousin was murdered.

  • 🖤

  • Camping always

  • Lmfao my friends say I sound like Corpse's son and I'm frikin twelve my voice is so deep

  • Personally (please don’t take offence) I HATE Lilly and Tinaaa

  • ILOVEYOU and TANGINAMO WITH ♡ ( its a dare from my friend )

  • Guy Writing a scary story: I had sex, campfire sex, it was hot, i finished. I also spooned her. Tf? Theres so many scary stories where people feel the need to share that stuff

  • i feel bad for corpse that so many thinghs has happend to him