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9:362021 F1 Drivers - My First \u0026 Last | Part 1
6:322021 F1 Drivers - My Earliest F1 Memories
2021 F1 Drivers - My Earliest F1 MemoriesPregleda 702 tis.Prije 8 dana
3:25Top 5 Formula 2 Moments | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix


  • Looool. 00 27 it's a Ligier

  • Watch my first video for EFFECTIVE STUDYING!! 😃

  • Watch my first video for EFFECTIVE STUDYING!! 😃

  • 2 times Australia canceld

  • Watch my first video for EFFECTIVE STUDYING!! 😃

  • Watch my first video for EFFECTIVE STUDYING!! 😃

  • Ué não sei pq marquei com ela que eu não sei pq marquei com ela que eu não sei pq marquei com a mulher vai ser a Race

  • 1:04 what an hideous car

  • Race

  • race

  • rac

  • He's just giving the answers the people want to here whether they're true or not.

  • F1

  • 0:20 wait... does that mean fully electric powered F1 cars?

  • Why is this guy screaming all the time?

  • 2020

  • 2020

  • Was ein geiles Video!👌 Ich schaue es mir quasi regelmäßig an. 😊

  • WTY de dg

  • Using my gran turismo driving tactics

  • Whoever made this song really tried to make the most annoying song of all time didn't he.

  • I still get angry after seeing this but the reaction of both drivers are amazing

  • Glad this track is back instead of china

  • We need mote stefa Vlogs

  • What a way Michael Schumacher overtook Montoya on the Emilio Romagno circuit in Italy

  • The announcer is stressing me out

  • Some say Bottas is the most boring guy on the grid as he doesn't show any evidence of a personality. Not even being able to narrow it down to a specific year when answering a simple question like this doesn't help. The theory that he was built in a factory a few years before becoming Williams' third driver stands.

  • whats the point in the spare if you cant use it😐

  • I was at this race. It was absolutely incredible.

  • How I miss the golden years of F1!.....and my hair!...😊✌

  • Turn 3 + Looks Like A HAAS = Fear

  • that looked like a soccer flop

  • Can we scrap Q&As and just have a 10-15 minute podium discussion?

  • Perez in the thumbnail

  • Rapaz, não é porque sou brasileiro, mas deixar de fora a Vitória com V maiúsculo do "maior de todos os pilotos", em Interlagos(Brasil) no ano de 1991, na chuva e somente com 1 marcha de alta velocidade funcionando pra colocar Jackie Stewart como número 1 é ser parcial demais. A vitória em Estoril foi a primeira da carreira de Ayrton, mas deixar de fora a corrida de 1991 e colocar a corrida do Stewart como sendo a Top 1 é muita forçação de barra. Discordo totalmente deste ranking. Boy, it's not because I'm Brazilian, but leave out Vitória with a capital V of the "greatest of all pilots", in Interlagos (Brazil) in 1991, in the rain and only with a high speed gear working to put Jackie Stewart as number 1 is being too partial. The victory in Estoril was the first of Ayrton's career, but leaving out the 1991 race and placing Stewart's race as the Top 1 is a lot of forcing. I totally disagree with this ranking.

  • Ex soccer player works in F1

  • A great guy, welcome back Stefano.

  • What happens when the tyres get thrown away

  • No one: Sergio Perez in every race in this video: S🅱️IN

  • SaUBER

  • Great driver Undeniable! Heart of a champion

  • We all know what the intent was on Schumacher wrecking Damon Hill .. He knew he could get away w it and he did. We all think of our favorites moving on w life after racing. But catastrophic things occur on occassion..

  • Whose here from the Mclaren lunch break size pit stop?

  • Amazing!

  • The only one Michael respected. Not even Senna can have that distinction...

  • Why don't they just call it San Marino again? It's supposed to be an International championship isn't it?

  • Seb: 🤪 Kimi: 😐

  • Hahahahaha formula one your so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🇺🇸🇲🇩 o zone dragostea den dei


  • Grosjean be like 🔥

  • this man is profesionally in love with Alonso,thats why alonso got back i think

  • 0:27 Sophia Flörsch to F1 😍

  • 0:27 iconic !!! steadyahhhh pilot F1 naik kapchai ja hahahaha

  • Norris: are we boxing? How’s my pace? Engineer: Lando you are talking too much

  • Gestolen van Jack en Olav..

  • OOOOOWWWAAAAA 2021. ♥️

  • Number 1 1994 weekend

  • Montoya 💙💪🏻

  • Great guy, he is a great asset for f1

  • The greatest of all time??? You can’t make that statement, lewis Hamilton would have go head to head with Ayrton Senna with the same car to determine that. Lewis Hamilton has had a way bigger advantage car wise then the other drivers over the last years, only now things are getting more even

  • Sobre o Montoya: Galvão? Fala, Tino! Sentiu.

  • I'd rather F1 return to Indinapolis than another street circuit somewhere

  • if you want female drivers they have to ban the 107% rule lololololol

  • Forte Stefano!

  • Never make jokes like Toto Wolf that means he is worry, these year will be wonderful sorprise in F1 a lot of people will cry

  • Strolls excuse was that the brakes were still cold, like just say sorry, don't make some lame excuse😒

  • Montoya the savage!

  • zhou is legandery

  • It sounds like roblox theme Park 2 at the start

  • They can hold one single lap in a lobby with MrKiTE989?

  • Kimi once killed the guy who was changing his tyres