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  • I will be the first to sign up for the nuera link or whatever brain chip comes up 💪🏾

  • bro you're very good at your job, but goddamn you are scared to give out a strong opinion

  • Apple is definitely running out of innovation . This is little dumb and in the market we already have similar technology

  • It’s funny because those people that hate Apple for repairing still somehow keep buying iPhones

  • That phone is lookin kinda sus

  • I’m so glad you brought more attention to this. Linus definitely got a lot of his audience to learn about this. Companies are acting like big brothers with products we own.

  • Technology will advance witch also means durability will improve significantly so you will have to repair less and less so there is a good side to it. I understand that when you do get to that point it’s difficult but my point is the more the tech advances the more rare it will be for your screen to break or other components and batteries will last longer, so there is a good side to it.

  • We will support your channel such that companies would send you the products to review; we would make them feel that not letting you review is a loss (and it certainly is

  • Batterys are far safer than petrol! Would you be happy putting a bottle petrol in your pocket and up to your ear.

  • “I’m just using Apple as an example here” Liar. No other company in the world is a bad as Apple. They are the absolutely worst. And you know that but don’t want to say so because you’re doing their bidding. (You’re just doing a bit of generalised “criticism” in order to keep some “cred” & to keep/gain subscribers.) Personally, I never have and never would buy any Apple product. All their products are a total rip off, their Lego-phones - with its ugly, square design for simple minded toddlers, are totally overpriced. Apple are modern day robber barons. They spent many millions of dollars on advertising and it's working. People are just so easily fooled and brainwashed.

  • Who dislikes this video? Like why???

  • Marques,outstanding video thanks for shining the light on this.

  • I was gonna put it on items incase they're stolen... Glad to know that Apple will tell people there is an Air tag following them.

  • Great job calling out all of the bullshite coming from Apple and Tesla Marques

  • This guy literally made a video that can potential hurt him from getting early access on new products. Instead of thinking of himself and his channel, he chose to talk about a topic that has to do with the people. Massive amount of respect.

  • Awesome! So glad to have your voice on this.

  • Me: I want to scan this document in my all in one printer Printer: Sorry you can't "low ink" Me: But I'm not going to print... Printer:nope sorry

  • Thank you! I’m so glad that a person that gives their money to apple is explaining the importance of “right to repair”

  • Louis Rossman is the realest dude in America.

  • I replaced my wife’s iPhone SE screen by myself for like 20$.

  • Honestly I don't blame tech companies for not selling repair parts. If we have a contract and its worth 20 million then damn right I ain't selling it to the small repair people. Unless the contract is over and I can resell it individually but by then another big tech will over 40 mill. It's not personal, it's business

  • Thanks for bringing light to this situation, much respect 🙌🏾

  • Only in America... as a way to show how far behind it is as a society and culture, these laws are already being passed in Europe because... they’re almost common sense in the real “free world”.

  • search for open source ecology tractor as an awesome alternative to john deere

  • Companies don't care about safety. Companies care about brand loyalty and brand recognition. But brand recognition it is a double-edged sword, because when some random repair guy starts making systematic errors in his repairs, eg. accidentally scratching the board to create a little short, causing some part to run a little hotter than it was designed to. No one is going to know/remember that 6 months later, when the part gives out and suddenly the phone bursts into flames. The company, however, will suddenly be known as the maker of phones that burst into flames. And with the current social media news cycles, a story like that however rare, can cut a company's sales in half. High profile companies therefore care A LOT about their reputation.. because basically it is the ONLY thing they have of value. Tesla doesn't care that you might blow up. They care that if you blow up, and it isn't obvious that it wasn't their fault, no one else is ever going to buy a Tesla.

  • Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc are all monopolies and they have all these corrupt politicians in their pockets so nothing will change until people just stop buying their products due to malicious business practices.

  • That pickup truck does not look good I’m sorry

  • Very important topic. Glad you covered it. Subbed.

  • How about samsung. I bought a camera. It was working perfect for 1 year till all of a sudden the lens is out of wack. not only can no company repair them because they do not sell their extra parts(bs) but they also said that because it has a uk serial number that there is nothing that samsung of america can do for any amount of money to fix my camera(as it has a MINOR issue with a ribbon in the lens). They told me to get in contact with samsung uk. I did and they said there is nothing they can do unless I know someone in the uk that I can send it to and they take it into the samsung shop. WHAT!? I cannot send it directly to samsung uk, i need to find a resident in the uk that I trust enough to take it in and eventually pick it up and ship it back to me. This is a $400 camera with full parts that seem to be working outside of the 25cent ribbons being misaligned. Sadly now it is more tech garbage that has been ruined by manufacturers being dicks.

  • John Deere is sweating the title of this video

  • I hate that you had to hate them

  • I have an LG v40, the battery life sucks and it's barely lasts me the school day of just listening to music

  • Any possibility on a "The Best Apple Productivity Duo" video??? showing what two Mac/iPad devices are the best duo like a MacBook Pro and an iPad or an iMac and a MacBook Pro etc. etc. outlining productivity power and portability for at home and on the go?????

  • I had this idea 4 or 5 years ago unfortunatly i found no investor to do it with me. And now apple fucking did it fuck my life and fuck my contry

  • Wow I didn’t realize how crazy this is. I dropped my ThinkPad the other day and a hinge came loose. I looked up the Lenovo service manual that walked me through tearing the entire thing down to get the hinges out and then I gorilla glued the mounting nuts back onto casing and screwed the hinges back in. It’s not rocket science and yeah I had to take my time and be pretty meticulous but I didn’t think it should be something that’s regulated...I didn’t realize how accessible the info on Thinkpads are compared to other devices.

  • When I buy a product.... IT'S MINE! Companies, stop penalizing me for using MY property the way I want!

  • Thanks for speaking on this.

  • In a nutshell, just like an OS or Software Manufacturer do not allow you to make modifications to code in case you break, similar is the case with companies!

  • I mean, I know it's kinda shitty not having the right to repair your iPhone, but who are you to fucking obligue a company or a person to not sell or not buy a phone that has problems with repairability? Being good or bad to the customer, the best way to make companys stopping doing something you don't like is to simply not buying it and making bad advertisement about it to your friends and family. Putting government in the middle of all this will always make things worse. Believe me.

  • There was so much underlying Tesla bias here

  • *me, an Android / windows user:* But guys, if Right to repair existed, Apple won't make more money by forcing me to buy a new Apple phone and they won't be able to sell me *$400* wheels for my Mac & Cheese grater :(

  • Thank you for for bringing this to the attention of a lot of people. More people need to know how badly companies are screwing people over in the name of profits and pure control.

  • Tens of millions of loyal subscribers isn’t enough for Marques Brownlee. Now he wants to get into politics. Good luck with that.

  • Thank you!!!!!!!

  • Tesla is one of the worst companies ever...

  • Its nothing to do with “safety” ... its pure corporate greed and on the govt level its about “ control”..... that why govt will not jump in ...guess what both are playing the card of “safety”.... 😁....

  • The environmental effects are too crucial to ignore and all the big name companies are trying to make their fanbase look one direction with the omission of a wall wart "for the environment" while tossing perfectly good products with singular broken, but repairable, parts in some random 3rd world country to sit on it for decades before tossing it to the next country to try to recycle what parts are left over. Completely irresponsible.

  • 💪🏼

  • Appreciate you highlighting this so much. It's ridiculous how repairing seems to be the most disadvantageous choice as a consumer now WITH tech advancements So backwards

  • Do you guys remember Blocks or something like that? Like one panel with attachable screen, battery, camera and stuff. Saw a video on Facebook ages ago. That project died down huh?

  • This video was so good that when I finished it and moved to another content i had to come back and hit the like button cuz I forgot swear .

  • Why the hell there is 1k unlikes!? Like why??

  • Finally! More HRwikirs are speaking out about this!

  • It's simple, if you want to repair your product, buy repairable products then.

  • Theres no coming back for me on this gadget videos addiction loophole

  • About time. Great review of the situation and please do a follow up. One of the most useful vids I’ve watched in a while. Thank you.

  • The S21 Ultra is shit, I bought one yesterday and its been crashing 5 to 9 time in a day, the screen becomes unresponsive and then it shuts down, honsetly I regret switching and with Iphones, this never happened.

  • Thanks for using your platform for this

  • I don't know why people keep buying Apple. I left in 2018 and switched to Android and back to Windows

  • WHY DID IT TAKE YOU SO MANY YEARS TO START TALKING ABOUT THIS? I PERSONALLY TRIED TO GET YOU TALKING ABOUT BATTERY REPLACEMENT FOR YEARS, AND YOU NEVER ONCE RESPONDED. I honestly stopped watching you because I thought you were so much of a tool, ignoring the eWaste and Right to Repair matters. I'm really glad you're talking about this, BUT THIS SHOULD HAVE STARTED YEARS AGO!!! >:|

  • I have watched this video five times. I like the analogy being used here. The one section of this video that I kept watching over and over again is the how Apple benefits regardless whether the consumer purchases an airtag, or an alternative, mainly Tile and/or Chipolo. That section mentions that even if a consumer were to purchase an alternative, due to the fact that the alternative can be used on the 'Find My' network, that the alternative's native network could very well diminish. I agree with that specific point. Why use the native network when 'Find My' is much more popular in the sense that more people will most likely use 'Find My'' due to the sheer numbers of iPhone users, myself included? However, the other trackers being Tile, Chipolo, or any other option, would still benefit in my opinion because even though the alternative's native network might not get used, but the actual tangible product will still be sold and that is still money being made by the other non-Apple companies. Am I missing something here? Maybe I over looked an aspect of this specific 'shark/remora' relationship? Also, there are two features that I myself would prefer either Tile or Chipolo over airtags. The first being that both have an integrated keychain hole. That means that I would not have to buy an additional accessory to attach it to my keys, like I would have with airtags. It seems that all three, (airtag, tile, and chipolo one), are competitively priced. With tile and chipolo, that is all I would have to buy. With purchasing an airtag, I would then also have to purchase a keyring pouch, unless I would just throw it either in a backpack or in a glove compartment in my car. Some of those accessories are just about as much as the airtag itself. In essence, I end up paying about twice; once for the airtag and twice for the matching accessory. I myself, have already spent a lot of money on Apple products, entirely voluntary of course. We, my family, have four iPhones, one iPad, a MacBook pro, and an iMac. We do enjoy our Apple products and will continue to purchase more in the future. However, with these airtags, I can see that in my opinion, it seems like the alternative is the better way to go, as long as the alternative can 'play well' in the walled garden that is the Apple eco-system, as you put it. The second feature is that I like how the non-Apple trackers can used to find the phone, if one has the keys, but cannot find the phone. In other words, the tracking in reverse, I think? I understand that is something that Apple can easily implement on future versions of their trackers and these two points that I made become moot. I do not know if anybody else has made this particular comment. This has been my first comment that I have ever made on youtube. I haven't felt the need to comment about anything in the past. Good thing, because I just found out that my one and only comment looks like a thesis from a pHD candidate. I do watch your videos quite often, but never felt the need to comment. I doubt that this comment will ever be replied to. That's ok. I felt inclined to comment on this section of your video. If you did see my comment Mr. Brownlee, then I thank you for your time in reading it.

  • yeah if you want m1 get the macbook, ipad or the mac mini.... that imac has every color no one asked for lmfao

  • Even more relevant in ‘developing’ countries like India that, while being huge markets for these companies, rely on quick fixes to be able to continue to invest in their products.

  • I agree with that. I know people who are good, and they would like the freedom of fixing their stuff at home, They basically enjoy that. But to me, I would want Apple to fix my Apple device. In my country, there is no official Apple store but when I contacted Apple, they directed me to their authorized apple repair shops. They fixe anything, not just iphone batteries and screens, and I fixed my Macbook there. We also have 2 year warranty on anything Apple so if it cannot be fixed, I know I will get a new one.

  • Everybody/everything wants to control the world

  • When you have have portable nuclear reactor to power your car in the future.....But until then...

  • people need to look into this the smartphone industry is starting to look like a Ponzi scheme it operates very similar

  • Apple was a big fat punching bag in this video. Thank you

  • 1. Companies must not prevent the sale of any component or hardware. If they make that component themselves, they must make it available for sale. 2. Companies may not withhold documentation. The documentation available to their own service reps must be available to anybody. 3. Companies may not prevent the repair of any component, or prevent modification of software. They may only warn the customer and disclaim liability of consequences directly related to the modification.

  • This video kind of opened my mind.

  • FINALLY!!! You said something. Thank you. I had a problem with you for not saying anything and supporting Tesla and Chinese phones probably made by Uighurs.

  • The thing is, we as customers are the ones to blame cuz we keep getting Apple products no matter what ridiculous idea they came with, getting to the point where memes are becoming real (the headphone jack for example). We keep talking about Apple being so shit to customers but we're no backfiring with actions. Boycot Apple for their next new products and things will change for sure, but that would be somewhat impossible cuz not everybody thinks the same. Apple has created sheep customers over the years with senseless necessities. I've been boycotting Apple products for 8 years now and I don't think I'll be back any time sooner.

  • Why not mention the fact that these companies are trying to protect their reputation with these strategies? If you have peoples' iPhones blowing up all over the place because of aftermarket batteries doesn't Apple's reputation get tarnished?

  • I think you missed a side. It’s not just about safety but also the company being dragged through the mud. A perfect example is nikes recent lawsuit against lil nas for making his satan shoes.

  • Thank you for speaking about this, and standing up for consumers.

  • 3:15 Phanrom or Phantom Black!?

  • This is awesome, respect for keeping it real!

  • marques brownlee but y2k