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I explore the world using science. That's pretty much all there is to it. Watch 2 videos. If you learn something AWESOME, please subscribe if you feel like I earned it.

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36:40Navy SEAL Astronauts - Smarter Every Day 243
Navy SEAL Astronauts - Smarter Every Day 243Pregleda 1,7 mil.Prije 5 mjeseci
54:33Everything about Sea Turtles  - Smarter Every Day 239
13:30Modeling Murmuration - Smarter Every Day 234
Modeling Murmuration - Smarter Every Day 234Pregleda 888 tis.Prije 10 mjeseci
12:56The Gun Detector - Smarter Every Day 225
The Gun Detector - Smarter Every Day 225Pregleda 1,8 mil.Prije godine


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  • Sturtled Chicken

  • This channel makes me smarter...every day!

  • would it be possible to make this into a liveable house

  • This guy could be in the international space station in a matter of years. Love the videos

  • Dude's a wizard!

  • nice

  • but for us who played vice city we know how hard it is

  • 15:07 "so you're also doing...." Xray? infrared? Microwave? Electromagnetic? It could be any of these or something else. I personally like the last one. Maybe worth a FOIA request?

    • So, I made a huge error. xray, infrared and microwave are all electromagnetic energy. Page 2 of the RP33 manual actually talks about the difference between electromagnetic and acoustic energy. Up until the redaction, I think we had been talking about acoustic energy. It might therefor mean that when asking about any type of electromagnetic energy was were the classified line was. Just a hunch.

  • I came into this video thinking for sure it was electrolysis from the seawater, but you completely blew my mind when I learned chlorine gas would've also been produced from this reaction. Now I'm *very* interested to hear how they do it. Perhaps by somehow removing the carbon from the CO² to produce O²? Guess I'll find out... **Presses play again**

    • Oxygen producing candles... ... ... ... Nope, I got nothing. I'm speechless.

    • Oh, so it *is* still electrolysis, just after filtration... Well that's a little disappointing, oh well :/

  • I'm just here for the Cripple Creek.

  • So cool. - Thank you.

  • so college makes us dumb...i agree. we cant study like that anymore

  • Why did NASA take these big moon buggies and no telescope? The pictures you could get from the moon through a telescope. Huge mistake. A faulty lense on the Hubble telescope? When does NASA start giving money back to the tax payers?

  • Toroidal vortex, hmmm. I'm assuming it's the same thing when blowing smoke rings and even bubble rings under water.

  • *WOW!!!*

  • Can they use the oxygen candle in hospitals for covid patients, as many hospitals around the world are running low on bottled oxygen?

  • Благодарность! :)

  • So................. When are you going to combine your super-swinger Homerun Machine with the super sonic baseball cannon? You live in the south.....I live in the south. We both (as with many others here) crave a steady diet if "hold my beer" moments 🙂

  • use the oxygen candle for deep diving!

  • Devin keeps using all the oxygen!

  • This was amazing though. I’m so glad you convinced me to get into this. I miss exploring science

  • For some reason this reminds me of black holes (when you first started rotating) and how when something travels too close and undergoes spaghetification (I think that’s what it’s called).

  • I find people like the astronaut God like since I'm dumb asf. Like the kinda people that write an A grade essay on why a door is blue in a novel while I could only see it as a red door.

  • No windows? Not a job for me!!!

  • Electrolysis would be my guess. Tons of surrounding water, tons of electricity because you have a reactor, and you're already using some for desalinization.

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  • 3:20 nice tracking Destin!

  • you need new tires. :D

  • You can say it used up all the O2 Or alternatively that he over-fueled the gun.

  • knowledge is really tricky. i knew all of this and how it worked and calculate this on my physic clases when i was 13 14. now i know nothing.... so here i am again to learn.

  • If you could track down a trick shot guy like Zac Bell that would be interesting. I’ve always wanted to see the physics of puck manipulation.

  • That's awesome

  • The thing is, that smart home tech is pretty useful and easy to use, if it wouldnt be so bad...

  • Can I download all this submarine series content and compile it into single file? so I could watch like a movie.

  • *controlled burn* not explosion lol

  • Russian scientists: "write that down, write it down"

  • I think we are more in a chip (graphics card...) shortage than bikes xD

  • It’s easy . So it’s the brains that are trying. You have to sit there , and turn the handles over and over left and right . For 30 mins. Period if you can’t do that then pull back on handle bars , and lean your butt in the direction you turn

  • Sorry, but I'm not buying it. If they went to another planet today it would still hard to believe.

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  • You had all my respect until I saw your running outfit. Dude... :) lol

  • Am I the only one that opens my eyes underwater and can quite obviously differentiation where the exit would be...

  • Probably how they built the Pyramids.

  • sure, sniff away.

  • Rogue legacy theme? Sweet Also can a jelly fish sting itself?


  • Blue Angels still cooler but this was still fire

  • Why do they add "Sir" frequently?

  • I need a 2021 update on how much capacity is left or when you ran out of space

  • Welcome 2021

  • It was reported that the guy that took a popper 12:29 received a Dishonorable Discharge once the Chief’s saw this video.

  • I always wonder when the airplanes takeoff, why it doesn't have some temporal wings like the flying squirrels gain the lift. Somehow, if the new design of them would have, it could push some amount of max takeoff payloads and fuel efficiency. F-111/14 or B-1B and any other delta-ish wings are already existing and why not a semi pentagon wing? Also retractable wing-ladders like the origami works are technically difficult?

  • i feel like every crew is a scientist lol

  • Best intro ever: walks onto lawn barefoot* “today we’re gonna ruin the beach and milk a fish”

  • A mullet counts as a helmet....i will never forget that quote :)

  • Now do *Brown Widows*

  • 4:03 YOO

  • NEVER just casually walk into the Chief’s Mess without permission if you are not a Chief. Even the Captain knows that.

  • Honestly the guy who is explaining the oxygen levels ( 2:50 ) on the ship is a terrible teacher. Why couldn’t an officer or even a nco explain this? Anyways, awesome video.

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  • this might be a weird question but do subs have procedures for bed bug infestations and also what preventative measures do they have in place?

  • Plot twist: This is actually a military ad for a super sonic AA gun

  • The finger on the trigger makes my hair on the back of my neck stand up. Booger hook off the bang switch please.

  • I call them weed whackers, but I respect weed eater.

  • Elon Musk has been really good at doing the exact opposite of this recently.

  • now get David Blaine to blow everyone's minds with black magic hahahaha

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  • - It can monitor our atmosphere, oxygen... - So it is in the middle of the boat? - y..yes *taking notes in russian*

  • There’s also the variable of water tension where the drop behind is being pulled in the direction of the drop in front

  • Hayden Dummy Thick Ode Deadass

  • We also have human eye watching fluro-tube illuminated electric fan blades in motion, while classic Hollywood movies often featured the reverse-spinning wagon wheels - visual effects.

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