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My name is James and I love supercars! My dream car is a 2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale, hence the screen name "Strad"man.

I own a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo in Arancio Borealis and I live in Park City, Utah.

Check out on Facebook and Instagram @thestradman for pictures as well:


12:43Taking Delivery of my NEWEST CAR!
Taking Delivery of my NEWEST CAR!Pregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 7 dana
13:20My Story of Buying a McLaren P1....
My Story of Buying a McLaren P1....Pregleda 927 tis.Prije 7 dana
BUGATTI IS BROKEN.Pregleda 930 tis.Prije 14 dana
13:08Painting my Lamborghini Aventador Pink!
Painting my Lamborghini Aventador Pink!Pregleda 932 tis.Prije 14 dana
11:28Aventador Widebody Arrives for PAINT!!
Aventador Widebody Arrives for PAINT!!Pregleda 1000 tis.Prije 21 dan
13:09I Installed Lambo Doors on my Former Boss' Mustang!
NEW HOUSE TOUR!!Pregleda 1,4 mil.Prije mjesec
12:02Supercar Shopping for my Next Car.
Supercar Shopping for my Next Car.Pregleda 980 tis.Prije mjesec
11:37Introducing my Widebody Lamborghini Aventador!!!
13:49Another Car is For Sale.
Another Car is For Sale.Pregleda 1 mil.Prije mjesec
11:59Racing the Lamborghini Sian and Centenario.
Racing the Lamborghini Sian and Centenario.Pregleda 2,1 mil.Prije mjesec
11:46Cutting up my Lamborghini Aventador!
Cutting up my Lamborghini Aventador!Pregleda 983 tis.Prije mjesec
11:01Not Driving my Bugatti Anymore.
Not Driving my Bugatti Anymore.Pregleda 1,3 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
13:16Picking up my Friend from High School
Picking up my Friend from High SchoolPregleda 2,6 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
14:33Test Driving the Koenigsegg and Bugatti.
Test Driving the Koenigsegg and Bugatti.Pregleda 1,2 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
12:46Buying a SALVAGE Tesla Model 3 Performance.
Buying a SALVAGE Tesla Model 3 Performance.Pregleda 1,2 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
10:52Introducing v3.0 Lamborghini Aventador.
Introducing v3.0 Lamborghini Aventador.Pregleda 1 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
12:03Sad News on my Lamborghini.
Sad News on my Lamborghini.Pregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
13:41My Neighbors Are BUYING CRAZY CARS now!!
My Neighbors Are BUYING CRAZY CARS now!!Pregleda 1,1 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
TANK TRACKS ON MY LAMBORGHINIPregleda 1,6 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
12:39Building My $200,000 Jeep Gladiator 6x6
Building My $200,000 Jeep Gladiator 6x6Pregleda 986 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci


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  • My most expensive purchases where a 65 inch TV £1400. Secondly if I included hotel and flights plus gift money was a Pattaya Prostitute.5 days and nights for about £1200.Both worth every penny.

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  • 2:18 The speedometer doesn’t determine how fast your car can go, it’s just a gauge. For example, your cars governor could very well be 100 mph which means you would never be able to access 300 mph. In short it’s inaccurate.

  • Hey are you interested in selling that orange Lamborghini? That is my favorite car right there...If given the choice between the Bugatti and that I would take the Bugatti in order to sell it so I can but that car and have money left over...I have $3,000, will you take it?

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