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21:2864 Year Old Man Loved Balloons... Too Much
3:55:18Biomutant - New Game LIVE
Biomutant - New Game LIVEPregleda 2,1 mil.Prije 23 sati
13:29Tik Tok But Please Make it Stop
Tik Tok But Please Make it StopPregleda 3,3 mil.Prije dan
11:03Unluckiest People Caught in 4K
Unluckiest People Caught in 4KPregleda 3,3 mil.Prije dan
2:28:41Resident Evil 8 Village #4 - The First Scare So Far!
1:53:23Resident Evil 8 Village #3 - I HATE BABIES
Resident Evil 8 Village #3 - I HATE BABIESPregleda 2,5 mil.Prije 7 dana
1:58:41Resident Evil 8 Village #2 - Sorry Mom
Resident Evil 8 Village #2 - Sorry MomPregleda 2,8 mil.Prije 7 dana
19:28I've Become Enlisted..
I've Become Enlisted..Pregleda 2 mil.Prije 7 dana
26:52How Rare Is Your DNA?
How Rare Is Your DNA?Pregleda 3,4 mil.Prije 7 dana
9:52I am Knife Flipp Master 2021
I am Knife Flipp Master 2021Pregleda 2,4 mil.Prije 7 dana
12:32I made a promise..
I made a promise..Pregleda 3,6 mil.Prije 7 dana
25:23Going Through Your Partners Phone...
Going Through Your Partners Phone...Pregleda 4,2 mil.Prije 14 dana
15:28I Found The Greatest Tik Tok
I Found The Greatest Tik TokPregleda 3,9 mil.Prije 14 dana
12:03Man's In Love With His Car.. (gone bananas)
Man's In Love With His Car.. (gone bananas)Pregleda 3,6 mil.Prije 21 dan
CANCEL BREADPregleda 4,2 mil.Prije 21 dan
12:11Tik Tok Is Cringe, but some are good
Tik Tok Is Cringe, but some are goodPregleda 4 mil.Prije 21 dan
15:33Rick Astley Hosts Meme Review 👏👏
Rick Astley Hosts Meme Review 👏👏Pregleda 4,1 mil.Prije 28 dana
11:33Getting Cancelled Speedrun Any%
Getting Cancelled Speedrun Any%Pregleda 3,2 mil.Prije 28 dana
30:18Being Shy is a Superpower..
Being Shy is a Superpower..Pregleda 3,9 mil.Prije mjesec
17:49Tik Tok is Cringe
Tik Tok is CringePregleda 6 mil.Prije mjesec
12:50I Get RickRolled = The Video Ends.
I Get RickRolled = The Video Ends.Pregleda 4,6 mil.Prije mjesec


  • I have a whole new perspective of the movie Up

  • جيد محد يفهم عربي .•°``°•..•°``°•. ( ) `•. .•` `•.♡.•`

  • How long is five decades? My little brother choked. 😂

  • For some reason, it's 2021 now and, "i'm in Italy"

  • Imagine this guy at a carnival, I can see it now.... I can see this man running off with an entire balloon arch, THE WORST PART IS HE PROBABLY TAKES BALLOONS FROM WEDDINGS AND HIS GRANDSON'S BIRTHDAY PARTY LOL.

  • Beats at last was sick.

  • Hey, it looks like 100000 people missed the like button

  • i dont wanna play adventure story games he said, im not playing little nightmares he said, JUST PLAY LITTLE NIGHTMARES 2


  • /\/\

  • How long is 5 decades both of em confused. nice... Big brain 🦧

  • ok no lie that kitty video made me cry... i just had to put my kitty down a couple weeks ago and my other kitty meows constantly and looks for him... they were best buddies...

  • 37:58 but wait there’s more

  • Tiny Pewdiepie

  • People with globophobia rn are panicking

  • Can you believe he got this 4 years ago?!?

  • Retired Reddit mod spotted.

  • Did you guys see the among us

  • Seeing this makes me sad for the kid

  • These 2 really like to roleplay hahah

  • Rich HRwiki pewdiepie makes fun of some rich guy with big house

  • Why does the balloon guy look like the one manager in kitchen nightmares

  • .

  • Everyone’s talking about Balloon Lover Boi but let’s talk about that freakin sick ass outro mannn

  • this is where legends cry with tears of joy

  • 13:24 unrealistic. it always takes at least 3 pulls with these stupid things

  • Ok done

  • Cheddar point

  • 8 hours

  • the fact that there are no hidden rooms or secret doorways in this house is depressing

  • Mia: you dont know Ethan is special check Ethan status : Passive ( Plot Armor )

  • Was he serious when he asked how long 5 Decades was?

  • See yall in 2030


  • I'm digging the poopdie song

  • I remember the old days

  • Five decades is 50 years

  • Do not sleep on the frog legs they slap hard

  • Thanks for 100 guys Plz do 200 plz🙏🙏

  • _ᴵ ᵃᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ᴸᶦᵏᵉ._

  • He looks like Hayden Christensen in the thumbnail

  • Up

  • Pewds is 30. Ken has children. They just roll played a balloon intervention on the internet

  • millions of balloons suffer everyday. together, we can stop this.

  • I approve kens box

  • Now t series have 18.3 crores sub mean while this guy😂

  • 🎈🎈

  • 50 years 5 decades

  • The man lived a stack of years

  • The man who's not invited in childrens parties for a completely different reason.

  • That man is a menace to balloons

  • The moment when pewd read your comment on reddit

  • Up !

  • i can see the jealousness in the pewds eye

  • ✨balloons balloons balloons✨

  • Watching this episode felt like I was edging myself for 2 hours straight. Was pretty satisfying to finally see him clear up pretty much the last of the loot though ngl

  • This guy would not approve Bloons Tower Defense games

  • 4% charge, in middle of strom, in light out, and i choose to watch this video over saving Power for imergency, good decision thought!😁

  • Can you imagine the dude screwing the balloon, it pops and just what ken said, it wraps around his "finger" Gosh there's something wrong with me

  • I like how he makes fun of Moreau but he has legit died to him the most so far.

  • Is it just me, or is this guy the pastor from the video "rapping for jesus"?

  • 🇧🇷

  • So “UP” is porn film now 😟

  • Best outro ever

  • 12:28 I don’t think pewds got the joke ken was trying to make lol

  • Why they use real knife 😂

  • I am an indian but still this kind of serious makes me laugh😂😂😂😂😂

  • he looks like the old man from up too

  • ?

  • Video: *About a man who is sexually attracted to balloons* Felix: "WHY ARE THE CORDS SOO MESSY?!?"

  • Makes me mad when he still in shit on America

  • Probably not the best video to say this on but craniac is a scam lol 😂.

  • Him- your dumb Me: starts playing bloons td 6

  • Pewdiepie has 5.7 M likes

  • AYYYYYYYY Ken got his own border color!

  • Until I buy new computer that can Run Resident evil 8, the 12 will come 😅😂

  • Bruh humans are horny monsters, they're fucking anything wtf.. Just wanted to point out that he don't have any black or brown balloons 👀

  • Hm.

  • Still, I am trying to Install Resident Evil 5 😂