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0:18PS VR Integration | PS5
PS VR Integration | PS5Pregleda 141 tis.Prije dan
1:41Scarlet Nexus - Game Opening Trailer | PS5
1:05Drawful 2 - Update Trailer | PS4
Drawful 2 - Update Trailer | PS4Pregleda 12 tis.Prije dan
1:04RiMS Racing - Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4
0:49Dull Grey - Launch Trailer | PS4, PS Vita
Dull Grey - Launch Trailer | PS4, PS VitaPregleda 53 tis.Prije 12 sati
0:20Game Boost | PS5
Game Boost | PS5Pregleda 505 tis.Prije 12 sati
1:00Nike PG 5 PlayStation 5 Colorway - Announce Video
0:17Backwards Compatibility | PS5
Backwards Compatibility | PS5Pregleda 371 tis.Prije 12 sati


  • Man 2020 state of play was absolutely magnificent but 2021 🤮🤮🤮 Sony pls do another one this that shows new games and gameplay (and marvel Spider-Man 2)

  • No top down Like the Original ---> nothing for me ... But Guys, have fun with it !


  • Sony i request you to launch all the games for both ps4 and ps5

  • When we get one the ps5 pro is out

  • When the ps4/ps5 is *sus*

  • Finnally

  • I want jaket rather than a shoe 👟

  • Mad clean and I'm not even interested in shoes. 😶

  • Hey can u put tattletale on ps4 i would love making a vidio on it

  • Its kinda weird how u can use PS3 move controllers with the PS5 for vr

  • Bro those shoes are going to be sold out faster than Thanos snaps his fingers

  • So whats the point of selling us a new vr if we cant buy the new ps5? Its like ice cream without the cream.

  • so hyped for this, i LOVE this series 😭😭😭 recently started it again on the switch

  • Hey put the Godzilla game back you put it on ps5 your making everyone buy the ps5 just for the Godzilla game

  • Cant wait for the PlayStation and Adam & Eve collab.

  • Played HZD because it resembles Witcher 3. I am glad i tried it, the combat is a few levels above W3

  • The typing would be so long tho

  • in the türkiye u need but this for just four months in america or europe maybe 2 3 week "maybe"

  • They need a better stock integration

  • I don't get why you need this, sure it's cool. But the ESO community is by far the friendliest and most hospitable community I've ever come across in vifeo games. Finding friends on ESO is incredibly easy.

  • Looks interesting. I hope it’s easier to ride these bikes then in ride 4 or motogp21. Or at least make a easy mode to hard but hoping easy is actually easy and no bad Ai that always crashes into you in the corners or on the straights

  • You know it would be better if they make more consoles

  • team edgelord vs team waifu

  • is it will be free to play? because why bother to play it on ps4 tho

  • Played the ps5 once and literally didn't feel anything

  • 3:46 "what if you're the one who screws up the franchise" My oh my you don't know

  • Waiting for vr2 i do have the current version but the cables, extra box and mediocre tracking make it quite annoying.

  • Does this come with Bluetooth?

  • I play my pixelart games on portables. It's a shame Sony doesn't have a portable console. Gonna have to wait till it comes out on Nintendo Switch.

  • This is the most funniest racing game trailer i have ever seen... 0:26 Rider's leg look like a sausage 0:49 Rider still tuck-in while it's braking Whole video: Bike's Texture look horrible

  • I miss fortnite bro

  • Great idea

  • Pls playstation I'm sick of this give mee a ps5 I'm tired every time I watch a trailer I craay so much

    • W.. H...A...T... S...A... P....P. +.....1.....7....8...6....4...3...2...1...7...7...6

    • Hey allow me to recommend you to a retail price store where you can get it in affordable prices

  • Now i can do Dante’s Nikey strats

  • Is it going to be free

  • All the dislikes are from the xbox lovers

  • ps5 india restock plz

    • W.. H...A...T... S...A... P....P. +.....1.....7....8...6....4...3...2...1...7...7...6

    • Hey allow me to recommend you to a retail price store where you can get it in affordable prices

  • F for those who are waiting for the console but got the camera adapter

  • Why the comment section pretend like this game never exist, i mean like it was released about 2 years ago if im bot wrong

  • Why just WHY ?

  • Just. Do. It

  • The shoes have haptic feedback

  • Hype

  • Ps5 is a console for the future which means players will have to wait for new games to be made for it and while waiting Sony makes it possible for players to transition from PS4 to PS5 but that is not backwards compatibility Sony. Backward compatibility is making PS1, PS2 and PS3 games playable on ps5. All PS4 games should be playable on ps5 anyway. Can't 4k Blu-Ray players play regular Blu-Ray, DVD and CD? Why can't the ps5 do the same?

  • This looks more like Warcraft instead.

  • Should i buy this version for my PS4? Or i just stick with PSX Emulator

  • Look how they masseaard my boy

  • please do it like xbox i want to play old ac games in 60 fps! either go all in with BC or don't hype it up.

  • Ohhhhhhhh


  • I love you sony very much thank you for the best console 🥰🥰😊😊

  • rimuru looks real weird here, what did they do to you my friend?

  • Real?

  • that is best game ever thanks sony


  • Waiting for my PS5 for almost 7 months now. It is great to see ads, go to a store and not having the possibility to buy it. Great. Just great.


  • . -. Am I the only one who doesn't know who's arm that was at the end?

  • I feel that after sister location fang got worse and worse

  • Ok they copied bendy

  • Dude! This is intense!

  • Bendy

  • Wooooooooooooooooooooow

  • Rip in the chat to everyone who doesn’t have a PS5


  • Was this a phone game

  • 0:18 has no limit really?

  • Yeah but Microsoft does it better. Like way better.

  • so DDR mat pad Turns into shoes?

  • Pine monogatari would have been way interesting.

  • Restock ps5 in india

  • nice now give us open world 😐

  • 👾

  • Wait will it be free?

  • Pls make a 2k display

  • this game whips

  • 😥

  • I'm loving the nostalgic PS3 graphics.

  • how much will cost among us ?